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Beard Bros Pharms 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Find something for every cannabis fan on your list with our handy gift guide. Featuring fun products and accessories for any type of toker, our list of the best gifts for stoners is certain to get you in the spirit of giving. And don’t forget — everyone loves Beard Bros apparel so make sure to scope out our online store before placing those presents under the tree!

2021 Holiday Gift Guide For the Flower Fans

The best bud for elevating the holiday season

Moon made reserve
Moon Made Reserve by Moon Made Farms

Moon Made Reserve

Considered one of Humboldt’s best, Moon Made Farms cultivates sustainable, sun-grown flower that packs a punch. Led by industry favorite Tina Gordon, Moon Made provides high-quality cannabis to a number of California’s top brands. However, the Moon Made Reserve line is sure to impress any smoker on your holiday gift list. This year’s Reserve strains include the uplifting Cherry Moon, relaxing Ice Cream Cake, and “perspective-shifting” Solar Gold, offering something for everyone. Available in 3-pack pre-roll tubes, 4-gram tins, and 14-gram pouches.

Available in California


House of Cultivar

With a wide range of genetics propagated in-house through tissue culture, House of Cultivar is a top-shelf brand in every sense of the word. The company groups strains into different families based on terpene profile and lineage, making it easy to pick the best product for your favorite tokers. Categories include Purps & Pie, Floral & Haze, Citrus & Sap, Fruit Trees, and Gas Pack. Eighth jars, pre-rolls, and high octane-infused pre-rolls are available (House of Cultivar also crafts a variety of concentrates and extracts to round out their catalog).

Available in Washington and Massachusetts (coming soon to California)


Good Chemistry

Much like a diamond in the rough or a needle in a haystack, you’d be hard-pressed to find a dispensary with a great in-house brand. Good Chemistry Nurseries defies the odds, offering insanely dank products at their retail locations across Colorado and Massachusetts. Their Banana Mac and LSD strains are particularly captivating. The company offers eighths, pre-rolls, and hash as well as a wide variety of SKUs from other top brands.

Available in Colorado and Massachusetts (coming soon to Nevada)

Chill Pipe

Who doesn’t love a good bong rip — especially with ice cubes in the neck? The Chill Pipe is all kinds of awesome thanks to its ability to maintain a cool temperature once the ice is added. The body is made from food-grade stainless steel and features patented double-wall vacuum insulation, enabling the Chill Pipe to stay cold. A borosilicate glass piece is included with every base, but quartz bangers can also be used for those who want the occasional dab. Interchangeable neckpieces come in a range of designs, allowing you to pick one (or a few) to match any personality.

Available nationwide


2021 Holiday Gift Guide For the Daily Dabbers

Fine concentrates destined to delight 

Goji Live Resin by Moxie


Driven by a passion for sustainability, Moxie is a multi-state operator on a mission. The vertically-integrated company has committed to using eco-friendly packaging without passing the extra costs to consumers, a move that sees the brand eating the costs in an effort to set the bar high. Their product catalog is vast, including flower, edibles, and vape carts, but their concentrates stood out most for this gift guide. Moxie’s award-winning live resin is sure to be a hit (no pun intended), with terpy varieties including Goji, Sweet Tooth, and Blackberry Jam.

Available in Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania



Offering impressive quality at extremely affordable prices, Globs is truly a people’s brand. Providing an expansive catalog of strains for anyone on your list, the company is dedicated to delivering the heat without breaking the bank. Fan favorites include Jet Fuel OG, Lazy Sunday, and the uber-popular drop Viva La Runtz. Globs is a great option for any concentrate consumer on your list and at such reasonable prices, you could easily gift the entire line.

Available in California



Another MSO with a wide range of product offerings, Binske has proven itself to be a consistent purveyor of best-in-class cannabis regardless of which state you’re in. While their gummies are indeed legendary, the live resin makes our list thanks to the chorus of acclaim from consumers across the country. Available in a variety of cultivars and consistencies (the terp sauce is a clear stand out), Binske is sure to please any dabber on your gift list.

Available in California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, and Rhode Island 


daab by Ispire E-Rig

Ispire is well known in the cannabis industry for its stellar hardware, powering many of the vape pens on the market today. But the introduction of their first portable electronic dab rig was a true game-changer. Dubbed the daab, the handheld unit features customizable digital temperature settings, induction heating, and incredible battery life. It also hits like a dream. Initial comments by Beard Bros staff include “I haven’t had a dab like that since 2017” and “Damn, that s*** slaps.” Pick up one of these babies for your bestie for a guaranteed giddy reaction.

Available nationwide


2021 Holiday Gift Guide For the Edible Eaters

Tasty treats to tickle the holiday senses

space gems
Sour Gummy Spacedrops by Space Gem

Space Gems

Beloved by industry insiders, Space Gems is an insanely fun brand run by a fabulous female-led team. Their vegan Spacedrops gummies, Mind Expanding belts, Gem Juice beverage enhancer, and Cosmic tincture are among the most potent edibles on the market, thanks in part to the ice water hash within. Handcrafted in the heart of Humboldt County, Space Gems are sure to make the holiday season even more festive.

Available in California



One of the most recognizable edible brands in the cannabis industry, Kiva offers a smorgasbord of snacks and treats under several unique brands. However, it’s their flagship line of decadent chocolate bars that will impress anyone on your gift list. There are several tantalizing varieties to choose from including raspberries & cream white chocolate, munchies milk chocolate (which features crushed potato chips, pretzels, and cookies on top), and toffee crunch dark chocolate (plain milk and dark chocolate bars are also available). The peppermint bark dark chocolate is the perfect Christmas-time treat for your favorite sweet-toothed stoner.

Available in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, and Nevada



Handcrafted by James Beard award-winning chef Mindy Segal, Mindy’s offers decadent, precision-dosed edibles in a variety of flavors. The gummy line includes the intriguing glazed clementine orange and the refreshing botanical white grapefruit. The chocolate catalog is equally alluring, with options including peanut brittle and caramelized chocolate marshmallow graham. Christmas eve s’mores anyone?

Available in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Michigan


Levo Infuser

Have an aspiring chef on your shopping list? Ignite their passion with the Levo oil infuser. The incredibly easy-to-operate device takes all the guesswork out of at-home edibles by intuitively infusing butter, oils, honey, milks, and more with the touch of a button. The Levo has achieved mainstream appeal, even being offered as a prize on The Price is Right. Cookbooks and ingredient kits are also available, giving your favorite cooks everything they need to craft delightfully medicated meals.

Available nationwide


2021 Holiday Gift Guide For the Hash Heads

Give new meaning to the phrase “Hashy Holidays”

Doc Green's
Ice Cream Cake Cold Cure Rosin by Doc Green’s x Nikka T

Doc Green’s

Offering premium rosin at an accessible price, this Bay Area legacy brand has boasted collabs with icons including Nikka T. After first finding success with their popular line of topicals in the medical cannabis market, the company launched their live rosin and live rosin infused pre-rolls to great fanfare. The Papaya cold cure feeling as relaxed as Santa with a tummy full of cookies while the Miss USA is sure to have dabbers looking at the Christmas tree in a new light. Solventless vape cartridges round out Doc Green’s catalog.

Available in California


Papa’s Select

Using premium source material from small farms throughout Humboldt, Papa’s Select small-batch ice water hash and live rosin are truly remarkable. Brought to you by the fine folks behind Papa & Barkley, this award-winning brand is revered for its commitment to quality. The Garlic Cookies is particularly pungent while the Peanut Butter Breath is simply to die for. Papa’s Select recently introduced a “second press” line geared toward the budget-conscious consumer who still yearns for the high-end hash experience.

Available in California


710 Labs

It’s hard to curate a hash gift guide without mentioning 710 Labs. The undisputed lords of oil are so popular they encourage fans to register for access to new drops. Boasting a dizzying amount of strains in four solventless types, 710 is covered by hash fans across every demographic. The expertly extracted Persy rosin is especially fantastic. Solvent-based concentrates, flower, vape pods, edibles, and RSO round out 710 Labs’ extensive catalog.

Available in California and Colorado


Puffco Hotknife

An essential tool for any dabber, the Hotknife is especially useful for fans of solventless oils, due to their inordinately sticky nature. The elevated dab tool has a heating element on the end. Simply scoop a glob, position it over your rig, and hold down a button to generate a small amount of heat. This will gently release the dab into your banger or atomizer, no muss no fuss. This writer saw her Hotknife disappear down an embankment and let me tell you — you don’t know what ya got ‘til it’s gone. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Available nationwide


2021 Holiday Gift Guide For the Wellness Warriors

Share the gift of health 

suelo capsules
Raw Blend Hemp Flower Infusion Capsules by Suelo Vivo

Suelo Vivo

Utilizing whole hemp flowers sourced from their DEM Pure Certified Regenerative Farm, Suelo Vivo offers a full-spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes in capsule and tincture form. Based in Colorado, this woman, minority, and farmer-owned company is focused on sustainability and restorative practices. Their Raw Blend line contains an impressive mix of compounds including over ten cannabinoids, neatly packaged in compostable boxes made from recycled materials.

Available nationwide


Green Bee Botanicals

Arguably the best cannabis skincare company around, Green Bee Botanicals is a topicals company dedicated to both healing and beauty. The female-founded and led brand has won multiple awards, and always has a strong showing at the Emerald Cup. Their line includes rich body oil, two facial serums, and a brightening eye cream. Want to make a splash? Give that special someone the entire line!

Available in California



Formulated to help females through their ever-changing hormone cycles, LadyKind is a CBD wellness line that supports wellness at any stage. With topicals designed to target menstrual cramps and tinctures for battling brain fog in menopause, LadyKind wants women of all ages to feel their best. Conveniently curated gift boxes offer self-care tools perfect for any lucky lady.

Available nationwide


Kush Queen Bath Bombs

Baths are fantastic but bath bombs make them that much better. Kush Queen is the quintessential CBD bath and body brand. Their bath bombs come in a range of scents and cannabinoid dosages, meaning there is truly something for every body. The 1,000mg Relieve does wonders for aches and pains while the Spirit of the Bayou transports you to a tranquil space deep within the reaches of your mind. There’s even a CBD bath bomb for dogs! Holiday gift sets are available, perfect for last-minute shoppers.

Available nationwide


2021 Holiday Gift Guide For the Traveling Tokers

Presents for potheads on the go

Airgraft Holiday Gift Guide
Airgraft 2 Vape & Pod by Airgraft

Airgraft 2 Vaporizer & Pods 

There are plenty of vape cart systems on the market, but the Airgraft stands out thanks to its small yet sturdy size and its monster hits. Pods are available via a subscription model, with brands like GoldDrop and Friendly Farms providing high-quality oil. The business model allows consumers to pay less per pod — as low as $14 a gram. Sleek, highly portable, and a long battery life make the Airgraft one of the hottest new products on the scene. 

Available in California


Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls

The perfect mini-joint for when there’s only time (or need) for a quick puff, Dogwalkers were created with the “leisurely stroll around the block with your pup” vibe in mind. Each pre-roll contains 0.35 grams of premium flower, sold in a convenient 5-pack tin. Animal lovers will bark with joy when they learn the brand donates a portion of proceeds to shelters throughout the United States. With plenty of strains to pick from (such as Tangie, Purple Punch, and Mandarin Cookies), there’s a Dogwalker for any time of day.

Available in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Nevada


MyHi Mixie Sticks

Need more stoner stocking stuffers? MyHi water-soluble stir ‘STIKs’ are an amazing addition. Each STIK contains 5mg or 10mg of all-natural THC powder. Simply remove a tamper-resistant sticker or and stir into any beverage. Users can also pop off the end cap and pour directly into drinks. Craft non-alcohol cannabis mocktails or take morning coffee to the next level, all in a convenient, sugar-free STIK.

Available in California 


EVRI by Dip Devices

Crafted for the multifaceted consumer, the EVRI from Dip Devices is a literal Swiss army knife for stoners. The super slick unit fits in practically any pocket, and contains a powerful 900 mAh battery that connects magnetically to continuously evolving attachments. Hit a 510-thread cart or vape pod, then flip the device around for a quick rip off your jar of hash with the vapor tip. A loadable quartz chamber can be purchased separately. The EVRI comes in five colors, with each color seeing 1% of proceeds being donated to a different cause, including ocean conservation and racial justice. An additional 1% of every sale is donated to Students for Sensible Drug Policy. 

Available nationwide


2021 Holiday Gift Guide For the Friends That Flex

Splurge on that special someone

Indiglow Puffco Holiday Gift Guide
Limited Edition Indiglow Peak Pro by Puffco

Limited Edition Indiglow Puffco Peak Pro

While you normally wouldn’t feature the same brand twice on a gift guide, the new Indiglow Peak Pro is just too cool to not mention. An eye-popping purple and blue gradient mesmerize while the sacred geometry-inspired glass is almost too pretty to use. A limited-edition app solely for Indiglow owners allows for fully customizable sessions with ideal temps and timings for any type of concentrate. An entire line of Indiglow accessories is also available if you really want to go all out. 

Available nationwide


HVY by Heavy Hitters

Buying a baller bottle of high-end liquor as a gift is commonplace in our society, but the introduction of HVY Grand Tincture by Heavy Hitters brings the experience to the cannabis community. Containing 1,000mg of THC in a magnificent one-liter bottle, HVY is housed in a gorgeous gift box complete with a shot glass and highball glass. Crafted using Liquid Trichomes (TM), a proprietary single-strain nanoemulsion infused with Acapulco Gold terpenes, this tasty tincture can be added to a variety of beverages or enjoyed over ice for a fast-acting and potent addition to any special occasion.

Available in California


Leira Cannagars

Probably the boujee-est blunt on the planet, Leira cannagars are the ultimate cannabis luxury item. Featured on VICE’s Most Expensivest, the opulent flower and rosin-filled “cigars” are the epitomai of extravagance with some running upwards of $50,000. Don’t let the sticker shock sway you —  there are base models retailing for $100. Hemp varieties are also available, meaning there’s a Leira for any consumer.

Available in Washington (other markets vary)


Ras Boss Jewelry

Ras Boss handcrafts one-of-a-kind cannabis and hemp jewelry using real nugs, leaves, and seeds. Their signature 24k gold and platinum dipped nugs are set with precious stones complete with a chain (purchasers can pick from various cable styles and lengths). The company also makes exquisite cannabis leaf pendants and earrings with designs ranging from small and subtle to highly heady. No matter who you’re shopping for, a coveted gift from Ras Boss is certain to invoke quite the reaction.

Available nationwide


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