Beard Bros Pharms Brand Expands – Now Available in Massachusetts

Beard Bros Pharms Executes First Step of National Expansion Plan

August 8, 2023

Blackstone, MA – Beard Bros Pharms, a legacy cannabis brand founded by self-made entrepreneurs Bill and Jeff Levers, has partnered with Ideal Craft Cannabis to bring their full-spectrum Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) to Massachusetts. This is the first time Beard Bros Pharms products will be available beyond California and the beginning of a multi-state expansion plan. 

Beard Bros RSO is a highly potent and versatile product. Available in both high-THC and high-CBD formulations, it can be ingested directly or infused into edibles or topical remedies. 

Beard Bros has built a reputation for delivering the highest quality product to cannabis medical patients and consumers, as well as being outspoken advocates of the cannabis plant and all the benefits that it offers.

This initial expansion marks the start of significant growth plans for Beard Bros, with talks underway for multiple Midwest and East Coast states.

“It has always been our plan to offer Beard Bros’ cannabis nationally. The first step to becoming a multi-state brand (MSB) is launching our RSO product in Massachusetts via partnership with Ideal,” says Bill. 

Ideal Craft Cannabis is a vertically-integrated operation run from its flagship retail location in Uxbridge, MA.

“We have found a fantastic partner with Ideal,” adds Jeff. “They recognize our impeccable reputation for delivering superior products to the California market beyond flower, vapes, and pre-rolls, and were keen in adding premium ingestible cannabis products to the Massachusetts market.”

Ideal has future plans for additional cultivation and retail locations throughout the state, and Beard Bros will be an integral part of the journey.

 “Ideal is honored to be the exclusive Beard Bros Pharms distributor and carry their products in our dispensary,” says Nick Saba, CEO of Ideal Craft Cannabis. “Bill and Jeff’s historic and ongoing commitment to the cannabis industry is legendary. The opportunity to partner with them and carry their RSO offerings is a great addition to our high-quality, premium products already available in Massachusetts.”

This initial expansion marks the start of significant growth plans for Beard Bros. They are finalizing several additional offerings coming to the California market in 2023 and new markets in 2024 with an announcement expected soon.

You can meet the teams from Beard Bros and Ideal Craft Cannabis in Spencer, MA, on August 18-19, 2023, as they launch this exclusive collaboration at Terptown Throwdown.

While many cannabis companies are stagnant in growth initiatives due to the challenges in the cannabis industry, Beard Bros 30-year cannabis history allows them to identify challenges, hype, shifting currents, and other factors in the cannabis industry to pivot and grow businesses in a prudent and financially successful manner. While other cannabis companies struggle to survive, Beard Bros has successful traversed land minds and remain bullish on their ability to deliver highest quality products to people to increase their quality of life. 

Contact: Steve Goldner,, 917-940-7059

About Beard Bros Pharms 

Beard Bros Pharms was founded in 2013 by Bill and Jeff Levers. Truly self-made entrepreneurs, these bearded brothers have beaten the odds to deliver the highest quality cannabis products and focus on educating medical patients and cannabis consumers alike. Their authenticity to serve others, be staunch supporters of medical patients, veterans, and all insiders in the cannabis industry is monumental. They refuse to allow their dedication to genuine compassion to be stifled by the corporatization of the cannabis movement.

About Ideal Craft Cannabis 

Ideal Craft Cannabis in Blackstone, MA has a fine selection of edibles, flower, and concentrates to satisfy both experienced and beginner cannabis consumers. Their passionate team works to ensure that each customer gets the best treatment. Ideal Craft Cannabis strives to be a wealth of information and variety for our communities. They offer a fine selection of recreational products such as edibles, flower, and concentrates to satisfy medical patients, and both experienced and beginner cannabis consumers.

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