Beard Bros Pharms Expand Product Offerings with “RSO in a Bottle”

Beard Bros Pharms, a multi-state brand (MSB) with deep legacy cannabis experience at the intersection of the ever-evolving legal and regulated cannabis landscape, has released a line of “RSO in a Bottle” formulations. Beard Bros’ RSO in a Bottle are available in High-THC, High-CBD, and Nighttime (high CBN) tinctures.

Beard Bros launched pure RSO in a syringe product in 2013 in California’s medical market and 2018 in the CA Adult-Use market. Beard Bros RSO is a highly potent and versatile product. Co-founders, Bill and Jeff Levers, real life brothers and literal faces of Beard Bros Pharms recognized the importance of offering various consumption methods for people looking for alternatives to smoking/vaping. 

Bill and Jeff Levers said, “It has always been our vision to provide cannabis patients and consumers the highest quality line of RSO products and make them available in multiple states. We started with pure RSO and now have added an easy to consume tincture and in the future will also launch edible and topical RSO products.”

The products are available exclusively at all Catalyst locations until January 2024. Elliot Lewis, CEO, Catalyst Cannabis Co., adds, “Catalyst has always taken pride in being at the forefront of California’s cannabis industry and our ongoing partnership with Beard Bros continues to allow this to be a reality. We are thrilled that Beard Bros has selected Catalyst stores to introduce their RSO in a Bottle products.”

At the start of 2024, Mammoth Distribution will deliver the tinctures to additional dispensaries, further demonstrating a committed partnership over the past five years. 

Sandip Amin, VP Sales, Mammoth, said, “Our mission at Mammoth is to revolutionize the way brands approach marketing by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. And that is exactly what Beard Bros has accomplished with the introduction of their RSO in a Bottle.”

Three new full spectrum cannabis tinctures are released:

  • Beard Bros High CBD (20:1 CBD:THC)
  • Beard Bros High THC (20:1 THC:CBD)
  • Beard Bros Nighttime (2:1 THC:CBN)

Beard Bros has built a reputation for delivering the highest quality products to cannabis medical patients and consumers, as well as being outspoken advocates of the cannabis plant and all the benefits that it offers. They continue to focus and execute as a multi-state brand with a patient/consumer-first mentality and commitment to better the quality of life of individuals via safe and responsible cannabis consumption.

Read the full PRNewswire press release here.

About Beard Bros Pharms

Beard Bros Pharms was founded in 2013 by Bill and Jeff Levers. They deliver the highest quality cannabis products and focus on educating medical patients and cannabis consumers alike. Their authenticity to serve others, be staunch supporters of medical patients, veterans, and all insiders in the cannabis industry is monumental. They refuse to allow their dedication to genuine compassion to be stifled by the corporatization of the cannabis movement.

About Catalysts Cannabis Co.

Catalyst operates 25+ dispensaries across California under the slogan of “Weed for the People,” and its commitment to providing accessible, high-quality cannabis products is at the heart of everything they do. Visit Catalyst here.

About Mammoth

Mammoth Distribution is one of the largest and most established cannabis companies in California. The company’s extensive distribution network serves over 600 retail partners with industry-leading delivery speeds, maximum efficiency, and consistency. For more information, visit

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  1. A friend shared the High THC 20:1 THC/CBD Tincture with me and I haven’t slept that good in a long time. I’m a 65 year old female with arthritis of course and have heard this kinda stuff helps with inflammation also. I would like to order my own.

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