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Beard Bros Pharms Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Sharing cannabis with friends and family is always a joy. It’s also becoming more popular during the holidays. According to a recent poll, one in four Americans intends to give cannabis as a gift this year.

If you’re still seeking a plant-based present for that special someone, Beard Bros has you covered. From top-shelf flower to cutting-edge gadgets (and everything in between), our 2023 gift guide has literally something for everyone.

Flower For All

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned toke.

Naughty Squirrel Farms

Naughty Squirrel Farms
Naughty Squirrel Farms

Naughty Squirrel Farms is an award-winning farm in Calaveras and Lake Counties that works with the best nurseries in the state to find and grow the most sought-after and delicious strains year after year.  The brand’s Lemon Vuitton strain took home top honors at the first annual California Cannabis Awards.


Flwr Cannabis

Flwr cannabis is crafted by women, for women. It’s all about vibes, freedom, and feeling fabulous! Let’s laugh, relax, and uplift each other with Flwr. For the curious, the conscious, and everyone in between, we offer you a wellness experience of mind, body, and spirit.


Originals Los Angeles

All of ORIGINALS flower products are grown locally at one of their state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facilities here in Southern California. Their award-winning team of seasoned experts have dedicated their lives in pursuit of cannabis flower perfection and can’t wait for you to experience the fruits of their labor. We’re confident you will taste and feel the difference.

Lucky Dutch 

Lucky Dutch
Lucky Dutch Cannabis

Set off on an invigorating voyage into the world of cannabis with the intrepid Van Tuin family as your guides. Across the globe, they have discovered a remarkable assortment of uncommon cultivars, now known as Lucky Dutch. Prepare to be captivated by these illustrious strains.

40 Tons

40 tons
Flower by 40 Tons

40 Tons is a social impact-focused cannabis brand on a mission. Taking its name from co-founder Corvain Cooper’s life sentence for possessing 40 tons of bud, the company supports incarcerated individuals and advocates for their release. Cooper was granted clemency in 2020, joining his partners Loriel and Anthony Alegrete to bring high-quality cannabis to market with a side of justice.

Edibles and Bevs

Drink, eat, and be stoned this holiday season.

hi Seltzers

hi seltzer
Infused Drinks by hi Seltzer

hi Seltzer is a zero-calorie, zero sugar, zero alcohol, hemp (Delta 8)-infused seltzer made with only three ingredients. It is the first beverage to utilize a cutting-edge nano-emulsified base ingredient that allows it to pour clean and clear every single time.

Each 12oz can contain 5 mg of D8, which offers a more subdued and gentler high than other THC-infused products on the market. This perfect dose makes hi Seltzer an approachable and fun alternative to alcohol, allowing people to be Happy without the Hangover™. hi Seltzer has five flavors: Watermelon, Pineapple, Wild Berry, Real Cherry, and Lemon Lime. The drinks are available in more than 3,000 stores across 23 states and are nationally direct-to-consumer through the brand’s website.

Mi Sota Essence Mexican Cinnamon Cookies

mexican cookies
Mexican Cinnamon Sugar Cookies by Mi Sota Essence

Latina woman-owned Mi Sota Essence pays homage to its founder’s heritage with these delectable Polvorones. These traditional Mexican cinnamon cookies are vegan and have 5 mg of hemp-derived delta-9-THC each. The treats are exceptionally tasty—the jar is difficult to close once you’ve started snacking, so be mindful when dosing!

Betty’s Eddies Infused Ice Cream

Betty's Eddies ice cream
Infused Ice Cream by Betty’s Eddies

Betty’s Eddies is renowned for its delightful fruit chews, but the brand’s collab with renowned ice cream maker Emack & Bolio’s took things to a new level. Available in four decadent flavors (Betty Brownie Vanilla, Cup o’ Coffee Chip, Chocolate Sunny Days, and Black Raspberry), each container has 20 mg of THC. This unique dessert is only available in Massachusetts for now, but consumers in other markets should stay tuned.

BLNCD Chocolate Caramels

BLNCD chocolate caramels
Chocolate THC Caramels by BLNCD

Sweet, salty, and surprisingly potent, the award-winning chocolate caramels from BLNCD are the perfect gift for any edibles fan. Each caramel contains 5 mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC, and a CBD line is available for the wellness-minded. Women-owned and operated, BLNCD is a Minnesota brand making waves in the Midwest and beyond.

Vapes A’Plenty

Convenient and discreet, vapes make great stocking stuffers for any cannabis fan.

Paper Planes Cured Resin Carts

Paper Planes
Vape Cart by Paper Planes

Cured resin vape carts from Paper Planes feature a concentrate extracted from dried and cured cannabis flowers. While they may offer a different flavor and aroma profile compared to live resin, these cartridges still provide a potent and convenient vaping experience, delivering a range of cannabinoids and effects to users. Available in a variety of exotic strains, Paper Planes is a fan-favorite extract company known for innovation and excellence.

Airo Vaporizers

Airo vape
Airo Pro Vaporizer

Sleek and sophisticated, the Airo Brands system of batteries and carts offers unparalleled performance and quality. With haptic feedback and an undeniably smooth draw, the Airo vaporizer is a true game-changer. Available in a variety of strains, extraction methods, and flavors, this popular product would make a welcome addition to any cannabis connoisseur’s collection.

Alive and Well Cured Resin Carts

alive and well
Vape Cart by Alive and Well

Get a terp-rich hit every time with the Alive and Well cured resin carts. With strain selections like Waffle Cone, Z3, and Jokerz, the brand has a wide variety of classic and exotic cultivars. The hardware is sturdy, with zero leaks or clogs. For a premium cart at a budget-friendly price, Alive and Well can’t be beaten.

VapeNProp Stand

VapeNprop Cart and Pen Holder

Okay, so the VapeNprop is not technically a vaporizer, but it’s a must-have for any cart fan. The product will “prop up” your pen, preventing clogs, leaks, and damage. Available in several fun designs, the VapeNprop will streamline cartridge storage and add a touch of personality as well. Talk about the perfect stocking stuffer.

Cool Concentrates 

All the dabbing delights you can dream of.

Mountaintop Extracts Diamonds

Mountaintop Extracts
Concentrates by Mountaintop Extracts

One of New Mexico’s top brands, Mountaintop Extracts is a family-owned company dedicated to quality. Their line of deliciously terpy diamonds is created with sustainability in mind, emphasizing regenerative practices throughout the supply chain. Mountaintop Extracts also offers carts and edibles, meaning there’s something for everyone in the brand catalog.

Papa’s Select Solventless Concentrates

Papas Select
Living Extracts by Papa’s Select

Handcrafting living concentrates from fresh frozen flower, Papa’s Select is a brand with a passion for whole plant medicine. From ice water hash to live rosin badder, the concentrate offerings from Papa’s Select are the epitome of top shelf. The brand recently introduced its Session line, providing the same premium experience at an affordable price point.

Punch Extracts Rosin

Punch Extracts rosin beard bros gift guide 2023
Live Rosin by Punch Extracts

Punch Extracts offers high-quality solventless rosin in four different tiers, ensuring accessibility regardless of budget. Available in fresh press or cold cure batter, as well as BHO, the brand literally has oil for everyone. Recent drops include Bubblegum Papaya, Government Oasis, and Moroccan Sour.

ONI Seed Co. Rosin

Oni hash rosin
Cold Cured Hash Rosin by ONI

With knock-you-on-the-floor terps and a glistening hue, the rosin line from ONI Seed Co. is a head’s dream. The two-gram jars are sure to put a smile on any dabber’s face but will likely be hard to ration given the insane quality. Strain highlights include Tahiti Tangie and Hunny Glazed Lime; a highly anticipated cartridge drop is also in the works.

Awesome Accessories

Enhance your cannabis consumption with these accouterments 

Moose Labs Mouthpeace Micro

Moose Labs Mouthpeace
MouthPeace Micro by Moose Labs

Enhance your smoking experience this holiday season with the MouthPeace Micro by Moose Labs. This groundbreaking cannabis filter accessory is the first of its kind, endorsed by medical professionals, and is designed to fit various smoking devices like pipes, joints, vape pens, and e-cigarettes.

The MouthPeace Micro stands out with its unique MouthPeace Filters. These Filters efficiently remove resins, contaminants, and tar particles from your inhale, ensuring that only the pure, flavorful goodness of your smoke passes through. This means that every drag, from the first to the last, remains consistently clean and smooth. Crafted from premium platinum-cured silicone, the MouthPeace Micro is not just about a better smoking experience; it’s also about hygienic sharing. It acts as a sanitary barrier, eliminating direct mouth-to-pipe contact, which is especially beneficial when sharing with others.

Dablicator Oil Dispenser


Have that weed friend or family member who’s always hard to shop for? Look no further than the Dablicator™ oil applicator. This is the Swiss army knife of dosing cannabis, letting you easily and cleanly dispense oil for dabs, on flower, on pre-rolls, in food, in drink, sublingually, straight into your mouth, literally anywhere you want to use cannabis oil! Just twist, click, and push for consistently dosed oil the way you want it. 

The hardware company works with brands across the world that fill their branded Dablicator hardware with their oil. There’s something for everyone, from Jetty Extract’s solventless live rosin, 710 Labs’ RSO, or Aeriz’s Full Spectrum Hash Oil (FSHO), to name a few brands and oils. Available across 26 markets in 37 different brands, you’re sure to find a Dablicator™ oil applicator in dispensaries near you.  

HashFight Apparel and Merch

Hash Harder Shirt by HashFight

You can’t spell “community” without unity! HashFight has pivoted from competing products, processes, and equipment against each other to every industry contributor “fighting for higher standards.” With a unifying “It’s All Hash” mentality, HashFight has positioned itself as a trusted source for Industry information, education, and entertainment. As proud members of ASTM International, they diligently work toward creating standards to keep the cannabis community open and operational, from lab to consumer! 

HashFight has multiple classes and events lined up internationally for 2024, including a crash course on advanced crystallization, “Old World Meets New Tek: Traditional Sift & Plasmastatic Course,” blaze ‘n graze gatherings, and even a cart competition. Grab a heady HashFight shirt or backpack and show your support of the hash world.

Flower Mill Grinder

Flower Mill beard bros gift guide
Flower Mill Grinder

Quickly becoming the cannabis connoisseur’s favorite way to break up their bud, the Flower Mill keeps trichomes intact by milling instead of shredding. The hefty accessory comes with multiple screens, meaning you get the perfect grind size for blunts, bowls, and everything in between. The standard and mini editions are crafted from high-grade aluminum, while the premium version is 100% stainless steel. All three are more than worth the investment.

Heady Devices

Take cannabis to the year 3000 with these cutting-edge devices.

Stündenglass Modül Attachment

Stundenglass Modul
Modül by Stündenglass

The Stündenglass gravity infuser is an iconic accessory long-adored by cannabis consumers, mixologists, chefs, and hookah enthusiasts. The company’s new Modül attachment takes the device to the next level by adding a direct power source capable of heating flower or concentrates to your desired temp in as little as 15 seconds. Customize your session with the digital display, and swap in material tanks with ease thanks to intelligent magnetic detection technology. Stündenglass Modül is a state-of-the-art way to consume your favorite strains.

CARTA 2 by Focus

Focus V resides at the cutting edge of technology with a smart rig geared towards the future. The CARTA 2 boasts a larger atomizer with a 360° heating element & optimized airflow. An OLED screen displays everything you need to know in real time. The new mobile app allows you full control with seamless response times and a sleek aesthetic that’s easier to navigate. A highly customizable light show brings new life to the CARTA 2 with addressable RGB LEDs flashing, pulsing and glowing at your whim. OTA technology allows you to download and run the latest software updates or even open your CARTA 2 up to a new world of customization options!

Ousia Fountain Tabletop Extractor

Ousia Fountain beard bros gift guide
Ousia Fountain by Ousia Labs

Revolutionizing the DIY oil game, the Ousia Fountain is the world’s first tabletop CO2 extractor for home use. Create pure and potent oil for use in edibles, carts, or topicals with the push of a button. The Ousia Fountain works with any dried herb, from cannabis to cardamom, meaning the opportunities to unleash your essence are literally endless. The device is currently available for pre-order, with units shipping in early March—it’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

Dip Devices Rover

Dip Devices Rover
Rover by Dip Devices

Offering a true dab experience in the palm of your hand, the Rover by Dip Devices hits harder than any other portable vaporizer on the market today. Featuring an innovative heating design and terp pearls, this slick gadget offers even heating and full flavor. In addition to inviting a sweat-inducing dab, you’ll also do a bit of good by buying the Rover—a portion of each purchase is donated to various non-profits.

Gear for Growers

Help your friends and family grow their own this holiday season!

AROYA Go Sensor

Aroya go
AROYO GO Sensors

AROYA GO puts the same sensors and software used by the world’s most successful farms directly into the hands of home growers, small-scale cultivators, and anyone passionate about cannabis cultivation! AROYA GO includes two TEROS ONE substrate sensors, one CLIMATE ONE climate station, one Gateway, and a 3-year software license for a complete solution that offers seamless wireless communication between devices, records data effortlessly every three minutes, then sends it to cloud-based software, so it’s viewable from anywhere in the world for up to 60 days.

With AROYA GO, growers can now do things on a small scale that they could never do before:

  • Track and monitor their plants using the same precision hardware that’s backed by 30 years of innovation and trusted by over 600+ top-shelf producers
  • Access insights about their grow right out of the box with easy setup
  • Learn from data for each plant and every phase of growth.  

So whether the garden is 200 sq ft or 200,000, AROYA GO makes it all possible with one seamless system! The system ships in January 2024, but you can pre-order now and save $1000.

Tangled Roots Genetics

Huckleberry Hills seeds
Huckleberry Hills Seeds at Tangled Roots Store

Great bud starts with high-quality genetics. Grab some of the most sought-after strains in the Emerald Triangle via the Tangled Roots store. Featuring award-winning drops from farms like Canna Country, Huckleberry Hill, Ridgeline, Hog Wash, and more, Tangled Roots sells seeds straight from the source. Support the community and cultivate heirloom genetics all in one go.

Cloudious9 Trimcraft9 Automatic Trimming Scissor

TrimCraft9 automatic trimmer beard bros gift guide 2023
TrimCraft9 Precision Automatic Trimming Scissor by Cloudious9

Trimming flower by hand can be a major pain—literally. The Trimcraft9 from Cloudious9 makes the process a breeze, delivering unparalleled efficiency and comfort. The fully adjustable and interchangeable blade system means you always get the perfect trim regardless of strain, while the ergonomic design helps prevent aching tendons. There’s even an integrated light for a precise job well done.

AC Infinity Advance Grow Kit

AC Infinity
All-in-One Grow Kit by AC Infinity

Want to gift someone everything they need to grow their own? The all-in-one kits from AC Infinity are the perfect pick. These complete systems include a tent, light, wi-fi controls, oscillating fan, carbon filter, pots, and more. Systems start at $399 for a one-plant kit, offering a reasonably priced way for novice cultivators to start their plant-based journeys.

Wellness Wares

Give the gift of healing with these wellness-focused products.

Heavy Hitters Tinctures

Heavy Hitters elixers
Lights On Elixir by Heavy Hitters

Designed to go “Lights Out” or “Lights On,” the elixirs from Heavy Hitters are formulated to give you a dose of whatever you need, depending on the time of day. The energizing tincture contains caffeine and THCA, while the nighttime concoction has CBN and L-theanine. Whether seeking a boost of energy or a good night’s sleep, Heavy Hitters has you covered.

Beard Bros Pharms RSO Products

Beard Bros RSO
RSO in a Bottle by Beard Bros Pharms

Shameless self-promotion here, but did you know that Beard Bros Pharms has been producing medical-grade RSO for over a decade? It’s true. Our full-spectrum Rick Simpson Oil provides potent relief, while our new “RSO in a bottle” tincture is an easy-to-dose option for CBD and THC lovers alike. We recently began offering our products in Massachusetts in addition to California, with more states coming online soon.

TruCBN Softgels

trucbn soft gels beard bros gift guide 2023
TruCBN soft gels from Flora Works

One of the first clinically proven CBN sleep aides, the soft gels from TruCBN are a game-changer. Formulated by Flora Works, these 50 mg CBN isolate capsules help people fall asleep and stay asleep with no groggy hangover in the morning. The brand’s peer-reviewed paper is set to be released soon and is likely to make waves in the cannabis community. With so many people using the plant for sleep, TruCBN could be the next big thing.

The Medical Cannabis Primer Book

medical cannabis primer
Medical Cannabis Primer by Dr. Ruth Fisher

Know someone who is curious about cannabis and wants to learn more? The Medical Cannabis Primer by Dr. Ruth Fisher is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to all things plant medicine. Covering a range of topics from cannabinoids to contraindications, this definitive text is the perfect present for the weed newbie.

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