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Biden Still Refuses to Release Cannabis Prisoners While His Daughter In Law Gets Secret Service Escort To Cali Dispensary

biden refuses release cannabis prisoners

As President Joe Biden has failed to grant pardons for those serving federal marijuana prison sentences, his daughter-in-law Melissa Cohen has allegedly received a personal escort from the U.S. Secret Service in order to visit a cannabis dispensary.

Late this month, The Daily Mail claimed Melissa Cohen, who is married to Hunter Biden, was seen exiting the 99 High Tide dispensary in Malibu with a “small unidentified purchase.”

Biden’s failure to release the thousands incarcerated on non-violent marijuana charges is even more appalling as his family apparently gets free passes to purchase federally illegal pot under the protection of America’s most elite law enforcement agency.

This form of hypocrisy is not new from the Biden administration and even extends back a few short years ago in a Las Vegas town hall on a Saturday night.

The United States Of Hypocrisy

Biden reportedly walked onto stage and announced he would not legalize marijuana as it may very well be a “gateway drug.”

As of this year, marijuana is legal in some form or another in more than 33 states which include Washington, D.C. The country’s continued failure to repeal prohibition and adopt regulation at this stage is simply perplexing.

Not only was Biden disagreeing with 67 percent of Americans at the time, he was also rambling through a policy topic with a working understanding that was better left in the 1980s.

We are confident some people in the crowd were asking when a local dispensary would open up instead of listening to that foolish statement and gaining confirmation that the police would continue to wage their war on low-level dealers.

Biden is unable to reconcile this stance with his own beliefs because he also thinks possessing marijuana “should not be a crime.”

This may not be so bad if we could somehow disprove the naysayers who believe weed will turn you into some mass-murdering psychopath. For this however, further research would be welcomed, but since it has been classified as a Schedule 1 substance, well, you get the point.

United States Hypocrisy

The United States Of Hypocrisy Continued

Even without the input of scientists and researchers, we, of the pro-cannabis community, know it won’t turn people into homicidal maniacs, in fact, it has the complete opposite effect. Ever smoked a blunt and tried to do any form of exercise? Case made, court adjourned.

Still, apart from making marijuana out to be a “gateway drug” that pulls you into the harder and more dangerous stuff, what else could be bothering Biden?

It is no secret the Biden White House does not place a high premium on the Democratic Party’s goal of changing cannabis legislation. Joe Biden was the most unbiased contender in the Democratic primaries for 2020 in this regard. And even while his views on cannabis changed from those he held when he was a senator in the 1980s and 1990s, he continued to have positions on the issue that were to the right of most elected Democrats and Democratic voters.

But why?

Mr. Biden is a member of the Silent Generation, a group of Americans who were born between 1925 and 1944 and who are the most hostile to cannabis legalization in the American electorate. In a poll conducted by Pew in April 2021, only 32% of Americans aged 75 and up favored legalizing adult-use cannabis.

Every other age group under 75 was in favor of legalization. The Silent Generation continues to be the dominant demographic group with the lowest level of support for legalization, notwithstanding minor advances over the past 30 years.

Nancy Pelosi House Democrats

In conclusion, we can see the hypocrisy evident under Biden’s stewardship. He has been against people who do not agree with his views and has made many decisions based on political reasons and not what he really thinks about certain issues.

Still, his own party largely supports the legalization of marijuana, and there is no clear benefit to running in front of a moving train. The marijuana industry is here to stay.

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