Breeding the Culture: Oldtimer1 From the Counterculture to the Rise of Online Cannabis Community

Breeding-the-Culture-Oldtimer1Oldtimer1 (Ot1) is a lifelong collector, grower, breeder, and preservationist of cannabis genetics from around the world. Since the 1960s Oldtimer1 has dedicated his life to collecting, preserving, and sharing knowledge about cannabis. As a breeder, he is best known for his work preserving unique traditional equatorial varieties.  Based in the UK, Oldtimer1 has been forced to perform his life’s work with cannabis completely underground and at considerable legal risk. 

Cannabis and the Global Counterculture of the 1960s/70s 

Since the 1960s Oldtimer1 has collected and cultivated cannabis genetics from all around the world. Beginning in the mid-late 1960s the international Commune Movement and the hippie trail emerged connecting communes in the United States and the United Kingdom with the places and cultures of traditional cannabis cultivation around the globe. 

Oldtimer1 was part of the international Commune Movement and the counterculture scene of the 1960s and 1970s. It was at these communes that Oldtimer1 was introduced to travelers who came from around the world with the different cannabis varieties from traditional places of origin and cultivation as well as early hybrids brought from America. 

It was during his time at the communes that Oldtimer1 was able to collect various imported landrace varieties from around the world as well as the early progenitors of what would later become known as Haze and Skunk.  The Oldtimer’s Haze produced by Ace Seeds for instance comes from this early Haze seed stock that Ot1 collected during the heyday of the international commune movement, the hippie trail, and the emergence of the global counterculture.  

Oldtimer1 and the Emergence of the Online Cannabis Community 

In addition to witnessing and participating in the emergence of the international counterculture in the 1960s and 70s, Oldtimer1 was also an active participant in the emergence of the online cannabis community in the 1990s. 

Ot1 helped found Overgrow and played a significant role in the creation and development of the online cannabis community. Oldtimer1 participated in the early chat networks that eventually gave rise to the original Overgrow forum. Overgrow was the original online message board forum dedicated specifically to cannabis. It quickly became one of the largest most active online message board forums on the internet. 

Oldtimer1 was an active member on all of the early cannabis forums. He was on the BCGA forums set up by Vic High, whom Oldtimer1 worked with on collaborative breeding projects. He was also active on Cannaworld where the Oldtimer1’s haze preservation project was initially documented. 

Oldtimer1 also helped set up, moderate and support the website. UK420 has long been Oldtimer1’s primary online home. For years Oldtimer1 has supported the site through his presence, constantly sharing information and by helping to cover the cost of maintaining the site. UK420 is the only place where Oldtimer1 has formally released his genetics to the public and it remains the only legitimate source of Oldtimer1’s genetics. 

Over the years Ot1 has been an invaluable resource to the online cannabis community sharing his vast knowledge and experience with cannabis horticulture (from lighting to organic cultivation), history, and botany. His article explaining the Bonsai Mother technique has been shared and archived on numerous websites. 

As one of the founders of the online cannabis community in many ways, Oldtimer1 represents the best of what the community has to offer. Oldtimer1 remains a respected member of the many online forums he has participated in over the years. 

Sadly, however, in recent years health problems have forced Oldtimer1 to pull back from participating on online forums. Oldtimer1 has experienced further health complications recently that have impaired his ability to engage with the online community he helped to create. 

Oldtimer1: A Humble Gardener  

Ot1 never referred to himself as a breeder and preferred to refer to himself as a gardener. Oldtimer1 always likened his work to that of a chef cooking a meal for friends.  For all of his humility is Oldtimer1 is among the most accomplished and respected cannabis breeders of the last four decades.

Ot1’s public breeding work goes back several decades to his development of the variety ES which was a Nigerian crossed with an early skunk1 from California. The ES was later crossed with a male selected from Dj shorts original Blueberry released by Sagamarth to create what has been dubbed ESB. Ot1 shared this line with many people including Vic High. ESB is still available through Fleur du Mal @fdm420 thanks to the work of Baudelaire.

Oldtimer1 has written extensively about his collaborative breeding work with Vic High selecting and breeding the Blueberry line to remove undesirable traits (herming, mutants, variegation) before using it in their own work. 

In the mid-2000s Ot1 began working with Underground Originals (UGORG), a Uk based seed company, after meeting VRG at the 2004 Uk Hemp Fair. During their time working together, Oldtimer1 provided genetics and breeding strategies that were used to develop Stinky Berry, Killer Skunk, and Blues. 

Over the years Oldtimer1 has made a limited number of the seed drops of his own work. In 2008 he released OldTimes which was a backcross project with a lineage of (es mother x esb) x blueberry (different blueberry selection) x es/ESB). The OldTimes was selected from the ESB line for its nice up high but with more of a body high than some of his other work.

Oldtimer1 has made a limited number of the seed drops

Another one of Oldtimer1’s projects that he originally released in 2008 was Smile. Smile is a cross of the Celia mother plant and a Camden Poison male.  Oldtimer1 described the effects of the Smile and how it got its name,

“…it is not couchlock, everyone that has smoked the bud says it puts a big old smile on their face every time they have a puff of it. I think this cross has a really nicely balanced and quite complex energetic up high. One tester said he thought I should call it Prozac from a seed, as it does what Prozac ought to do.” 

The Celia mother plant is still alive and in the care of UK420 forum member GSVV (@gsyrupgoesfourth). Oldtimer1 gifted the Celcia and Smile seed stock to GSVV who is currently working on a Smile Dynasty backcross project using these genetics with Ot’s blessing. 

Oldtimer1 released lot5 and later lot5evolution. The Lot5 was the best of a series of experimental crosses (lot1-lot8) that Ot decided to release after positive feedback from those who grew it out. The Lot5 and Lot#5evolution varieties are known for their energizing and trippy high, with extreme variants producing speedy highs leading to clenched jaws, sweaty palms. The pedigree information of these varieties has never been divulged besides to say that there is no Dutch genetics in the mix.  

Oldtimer1’s breeding stock comes from his unique collection of diverse and divergent germplasm from around the world predating the mass hybridization and introgression of foreign germplasm in traditional places of origin and cultivation. Oldtimer1’s breeding and preservation has always focused primarily on the quality and character of the high of the varieties he works with. Over many years Oldtimer1 carefully selected his breeding pairs isolating and maintaining exceptional phenotypes. The offspring from these breeding pairs have been subjected to extensive progeny testing demonstrating the breeding value of his selections. 

Over the years Oldtimer1 has made many contributions to the theory, practice, and discourse of cannabis breeding in various important online forums and threads. He was an early proponent of the backcross breeding method along with (Mr. Soul and Vic High) Ot1 helped to popularize the technique in the online cannabis breeding community. As noted above Ot1 was a proponent of extensive pedigree selection and progeny testing to isolate and maintain exceptional breeding stock. 

Oldtimer1’s breeding exemplifies the simple adage attributed to Luther BurbankAccept the best, reject the rest.


Over the decades Oldtimer1 has left an indelible mark on cannabis culture and history. Oldtimer1 spent his life learning from and working with cannabis. His willingness to share his experience and knowledge helped to create the online cannabis community and shape the ethos that has manifested its best aspects.  Through his intentional efforts of collecting, cultivating, breeding, and sharing genetics and knowledge, Oldtimer1 helped to preserve parts of the culture that would have otherwise been lost forever. 

You can read more of the Breeding the Culture series being cultivated by guest contributor Sungrownmidz HERE

Supplemental Material:

For additional information regarding Oldtimer1, his writings, and his breeding work, decades of his posts can be found at and – we have also compiled links to dozens of his posts here for you below.

For information regarding the Blueskiesvienna controversy see:
BSV Denunciation thread on UK420

More on this from SunGrownMidz:

In recent years a seed company named Blue Skies Vienna (BSV) has begun selling seeds and claiming to have rediscovered Roadkill Skunk and Original Haze in Oldtimer1’s genetics. Blue Skies Vienna is not a reputable source for skunk, haze, or Oldtimer1 genetics. Oldtimer1 has worked with numerous breeders and seed companies over the years to create commercially available genetics using his breeding stock, with his input and blessing.

Blue Skies Vienna has built its brand entirely on the name, legacy, and generosity of Oldtimer1.  BSV uses Oldtimer1’s name in his product names and on his packaging. BSV has taken Oldtimer1’s comments and posts out of context to try to give credence to his own claims that he is solely responsible for rediscovering Roadkill Skunk and Original Haze genetics. 

Oldtimer1 has explicitly told BSV both pop publicly and privately that he does not want to be associated with BSV, his stories, or his seeds, and that BSV’s claims of rediscovering Skunk and Haze are in Oldtimer’s words “the fiction and fantasies of a totally delusional lunatic.” All of this has been outlined by GSVV in a comprehensive thread on

Oldtimer1 has never worked with BSV.  By his own admission, BSV has never received any genetics directly from Ot1. BSV has also had no more than a half dozen conversations with Ot1 over the internet. All of the seeds that BSV is selling are his own reproductions, of other people’s reproductions of Ot1’s gear.  

Ot1 never gave BSV any genetics, they never discussed nuanced breeding strategies, and Ot1 never gave BSV his blessing to use his name or release reproductions of his work. 

Over the years Ot1 has worked with numerous breeders such as Vic High, Baudelaire of Fleur du Mal, Underground Originals (UGORG), Dubi, and Charlie at Ace Seeds in formal and informal collaborative projects. 

There are a number of authentic reputable sources for Oldtimer1’s genetics. First and foremost there is where funds go to help keep the site running which is something Ot1 has always supported. Oldtimer1’s longtime friend Baudelaire of Fleur du Mal has maintained the ESB line for over two decades ever since Ot1 first shared ESB seeds back in the late 1990s. GSZZ is currently working with Oldtimer’s selected breeding mothers Ceilia and Smile with plans to release the Smile V2 project later this year. 

Oldtimer’s friends, family, and breeding partners have taken care to make sure that as much of his breeding stock is backed up and maintained by people whom he trusts to continue his work and keep his legacy alive, these are the real ones.

Oldtimer’s friends, family



Sativabreather introducing themselves on ICmag 

Sativabreather describing his seed collection in 2014 

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Sativabreather throwing shade at VRG, 

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Sativabreather asking about RKS in 2014 

Sativabreather posting about conspiracy theories 

Sativabreather was permanently banned from ICmag 

Sativabreather on MrNice forum 

Sativabreather on rollitup 

Before adopting the online handle BlueSkiesVienna for a short time on the Uk420 forums he went under the username Oldskoolskunk 


Oldskoolskunk claiming to have RKS  







Ot1 describing Skunk1 

Ot1 talking about Skunk1 

ot1 talking about Skunk1 

On Dutch Skunk1 and UK cheese 

Ot1 discussing Colombian Gold Skunk1 




GSVV provides some context with regard to Ot1’s work with skunk and haze

Story of BSV being burned in a fire/busted in Portugal






Tonygreen has commented on BSV’s work: 

Jj has commented on his experience with BSV’s gear: 

Jj has commented on his experience with BSV’s gear:








The positive reviews of BSV’s gear on ICmag all come from fake accounts whose only posts are about BSV

Clip of BSV on the FCP 

BSV recently “apologized” to Oldtimer1 and said he would stop using Ot1 name, at the same time BSV went on to say that Ot1 is “irrelevant” and that “nobody gives a shit about [Oldtimer1]” 

BSV is still using Ot1’s name

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