Cannabis Connoisseurs: How To Find The Best Cannabis Edibles For Your Needs

Weed and munchies… as American as baseball and apple pie…
Weed infused munchies?! Cannabis edibles are going global!

Many of us grew up with about three kinds of cannabis edibles:

  • Some sort of cookies that would either not work or would floor you
  • Some sort of brownies that would either not work or would floor you
  • Some sort of rice krispy treat that would either not work or would floor you

Of course, we were also riding around in the back of pickup trucks and asking random weirdos to buy us beer so beggars couldn’t be choosers and safety wasn’t exactly a priority.

The Prop 215 medical marijuana days in California spurred a much wider variety of cannabis edibles to make it to the marketplace but, for the most part, they were still a bit of a dice roll when it came to flavor and potency.

Today, however, Willy Wonka himself would blush at the endless array of Snozberry flavored cannabis gummies, candies, beverages, baked goods, and whatever else you can imagine that have proliferated recreational cannabis markets from coast to coast and around the world.

A far cry from their saran-wrapped ancestors, today’s cannabis edibles are expertly crafted, professionally packaged, reliably dosed, and thoroughly analyzed for potency and purity by licensed third-party testing labs.

Much like with other forms of cannabis consumption like cannabis tinctures or topicals, cannabis edibles can be found containing varying amounts of total cannabinoids, sometimes isolated to a single one like CBD or THC, and sometimes offering a blend of cannabinoids.

Advancements in cannabis beverage technology has that sector of the market on the rise in popularity and in sales, and there are cannabis edible options to satisfy any type of diet preference or restriction.

RSO is edible and highly potent, a cannabis tincture can be consumed like a beverage, and even Beard Bros “RSO On The Go” gel caps packed with cannabinoids are considered cannabis edibles.

Or, you can take it back to the old school and blanket some kief on some crackers and bake it at 350F for a few minutes and get blasted off of “firecrackers”.

You’ve got options on the (dispensary or home) menu these days, and options are always good!

Generally, cannabis edibles are a food or drink “activated” by infusing a cannabis concentrate or extract into the recipe or ingredients. This can vary from distillate, to bubble hash, to rosin, or BHO, or even just kief as mentioned above.

All of those can deliver different pros and cons to the final product and a different experience to the consumer. It is important to note what form of extract was used in the cannabis edible you are about to consume so that you can also note the onset, effects, and aftermath of the experience. With that personal data, you can decide not only what dose works best for you, but what type of active ingredient works best for you as well.

Live rosin cannabis gummies might float your boat while a distillate-based beverage might please your partner.

How Cannabis Edibles Work

The oral consumption (eating or drinking) of cannabis edibles sends your desired dose of cannabinoids on a wild ride through the digestive system in a process that can, and usually does, take hours to complete, which is why the “high” from edibles is typically much longer lasting than the high from smoked cannabis or even dabs of hash.

When THCA is heated (like when an edible is cooked) it converts to the Delta 9 THC that we all know and love and use to get stoned.

When that highly potent Delta 9 THC hits your liver where it goes through a process known as first pass metabolism. It is during this first pass metabolism where we see the conversion of that Delta 9 THC into an even more potent 11-hydroxy-THC.

This is why a good edible can deliver a long, solid night of sleep, or deeply effective pain relief, or just a helluva good time. It is also why edibles affect many of us differently, though, so again it is important to determine and stick with what works best for you.

Consumption of cannabis edibles is incredibly safe and even “overdosing on cannabis edibles” isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Find a brand you can trust and support them and their products. This is how we build a better marketplace from the grassroots on up.

Alternatively, if you love working in the kitchen, consider crafting your own cannabis edibles using high quality hash or even award-winning Beard Bros RSO!

Royal Queen Seeds has more useful information about cannabis edibles, cannabinoid bioavailability, and a cool dosing calculator HERE.

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