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Cannabis Connoisseurs: How To Find the Perfect Pre-Roll

Sales of cannabis pre-rolls continue to grow and outperform other traditional forms of consumption in both our national sales totals here in the US as well as in Canada. As consumers everywhere continue to demand higher and higher quality products, pre-roll purchasers now have more dank options than ever before.

Even if you can roll a perfect joint, sometimes the convenience and variety of a pre-roll can’t be beaten. With so many options, here are a few things that can you look for to make sure your next pre-roll experience is lit!

Variety Or Multipack Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Though you still see some pre-rolls sold individually at dispensaries, these days those are usually higher end/higher spend and we will get to those too, but variety is the spice of life as they say!

A recent report released by Headset showed that multipacks pull 82.9% of pre-roll sales in Canada, compared to just 17.1% for single pre-roll products. Those numbers are more balanced here in the US but the fact remains that you will have some options when you walk in the store.

Instead of falling for the near useless delineation of SATIVA / HYBRID / INDICA, look instead for packs of pre-rolls that offer distinctly different strains or cultivars. Ideally these will be strains with cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are familiar and favorable to you from a farm you recognize and feel good supporting. 

By purchasing multiple pre-rolls at once you should be eliminating some wasteful packaging and hopefully saving a few bucks… and we know you’re going to smoke em all anyway, right!

A well-prepared one-gram pre-roll will get at least two people lit. If you plan to puff alone and think that full stuffy is too much, many brands now offer packs of half-gram slammers for that quick walk around the block we all need to take sometimes.

Infused Pre-Rolls And Hash Holes

According to that same Headset report, 42.3% of all Pre-Roll sales in regulated markets across the US fall under the subcategory of ‘Connoisseur / Infused’ pre-rolls.

A lot of wooks wish for the good ol’ days but back then most dispensary pre-rolls were infused with seeds, stems, and Jah only knows what else.

These days, top shelf pre-rolls are usually filled with high grade weed and then ‘infused’ with a generous dose of some form (or forms) of hash or concentrates.

The higher grade the hash and nugs, the higher the price of the pre-roll, but when a brand gets the paper, the pack, and the terps just right… it can be a wild ride for you and a few friends.

It might seem simple to just blend some hash and some herbs and twist it up, but there is a sweet science to get the flavors, the flow, and the burn just right.

One method that is growing in popularity is the “hash hole”, sometimes referred to as a “donut”, where a long snake-like rope of rosin or bho is rolled into the center of a bed of premium ground buds.

Once wrapped and lit, the hash core will melt faster than the flower will burn, saturating the bud below with terps and forming a halo of ash above, and making weed lovers everywhere say, “Wow, man…it’s like a donut…”

Hash holes and most infused pre-rolls are not really for beginners. Even if you don’t consider yourself a beginner, one of these might make you change your mind halfway through. But, even if you are a heavy hitter, be conscious of who you pass it to so you don’t blast some noob to inner space.

Pre-Rolls, Papers, Prices & Other Things That Matter

By definition, a pre-roll can be anything from a pre-manufactured cone precisely filled by a sterile, flawlessly functioning machine, to a hash-heavy joint that was (pre)rolled by a beloved employee of the farm you follow on Instagram. 

Any joint that you didn’t roll up yourself was pre-rolled before it hit your hand.

Pre-rolls come wrapped in all sorts of papers these days from hemp, to rice, to bamboo, to blunt wraps, so while those choices will not impact the overall price very much, they are still personal preferences you’ll need to consider. If the pre-roll is filled with flavorful weed and hash, we recommend papers with as little flavor of their own as possible. 

The quality of the cannabis or the concentrates used to craft the pre-rolls will have the most impact on the price. Just like since the beginning of time, if you buy any weed out of the bargain bin you cannot expect to have the best experience, and pre-rolls are no different.

The best part about purchasing a pre-roll is then anywhere you go after that, all you need is a light to get lit!

Enjoyed that first hit? Come chill with us every week at the Friday Sesh for a freshly packed bowl of the week’s best cannabis news!

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