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Cannascape: Introducing the Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit

Bonner, MT – As the cannabis industry continues to grow, consumers are becoming more discerning about the quality of their products. Cannascape® by Planetary Design has answered this demand with the innovative Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit, a cannabis storage solution that will change how you store your cannabis.

The Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit is a one-of-a-kind bundle of cannabis-preserving products working in synergy to create the best freshness preservation method for your buds. Glass Jars are a tried and true way to store your weed. So, we built a product to improve this classic storage system. This kit brings you innovative practices used by growers so that you can keep your buds fresh.

The Technology Behind Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit

Cannascape: Introducing the Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit


The kit’s main element is the Fresh-Port™ Wide Mouth, an alright silicone lid that attaches to any wide-mouth glass Jar (glass jar included). These glass Jars are a classic way to store dry goods, making them a solid choice for your flower, but these jars only prevent outside air from coming in, they don’t protect your precious buds from the harmful air trapped inside. Just as oxygen affects other dry goods, by allowing oxygen to stay inside the Jar, THC%, cannabinoids and terpenes in your flower also degrade. The Fresh-Port™ Wide Mouth lid allows users to create a perfect, reusable seal and prevent oxidation using the Fresh-Port™ feature.


The Fresh-Port™ feature is an insertion valve designed to flush out oxygen with AirGone™, a pressurized argon gas can (canister included). Argon is a non-reactive odorless, tasteless gas heavier than oxygen. With just a 2-second flush of AirGone™, prevent freshness degradation by creating a barrier between the flower and the excess oxygen. Displaced oxygen releases through the degassing valve in addition to burping it of naturally occurring CO2.


In addition to the prevention of oxidation, controlling humidity is essential for avoiding THC degradation. The ideal relative humidity range is 58% to 62%. Maintaining this stable environment protects against overdrying and mold, preventing trichome damage and terpene loss. Our friends at Boveda® created the Terpene Shield™ to preserve your flower’s quality and consistency by maintaining the perfect humidity. The Importance of using Boveda® has Inspired us to include a built-In strap for the underside of the lid to hold a Terpene Shield™.

Lab Results

Don’t just take our word for it. The Fresh Kit has undergone independent lab testing by Fidelity Diagnostics, the most respected cannabis testing lab in the state of Montana. The study included 9 different products over a 30-day period, with the Fresh Kit coming out on top. According to the results, the Fresh Kit is 35% more effective in preserving the freshness of THC%, total cannabinoids, and terpenes than an airtight jar.

​Look at the results here.

“We use our products every single day. We rep CANNASCAPE™ because we love it. The Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit is our most exciting storage solution to date because it’s applicable & easy to use.”

Brandon Shores, Business Development Manager

About Planetary Design

For over 15 years, coffee enthusiasts have kept their beans fresh with our Airscape® storage solutions. Coffee & cannabis are similar when it comes to preserving freshness because both are sensitive to oxygen, light, and humidity. When you go into a coffee roaster and buy fresh beans with a nice flavor profile, you want to keep them that way. The same goes for cannabis. 

Jess Nepstad, Owner & CEO

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