Chicago Cubs Make History With First MLB CBD Partnership

The use of CBD in professional sports has grown remarkably over the past few years, with leagues such as Major League Baseball (MLB) taking an active stance. Last year, MLB announced its league-wide partnership with a famous CBD brand Charlotte’s Web, allowing individual teams to start selling partnerships to cannabis companies.

As such, the Chicago Cubs have become the first MLB team to officially partner with a CBD company by signing a deal with MYND DRINKS, a wellness and recovery beverage brand. MYND DRINKS offers 100% plant-based hemp-infused beverages designed to help people relax, refresh and recover from everyday stressors.

As part of the historic partnership between the Chicago Cubs and MYND DRINKS, both parties stand to benefit greatly. MYND DRINKS will receive various in-ballpark signage elements, including on-field baseline signage at Wrigley Field and international marketing rights in the UK for the 2023 regular season — the first time the club has allowed a company to do so.

The Chicago Cubs have also made sure to prioritize the safety of their fans by setting a high standard for the products they partner with. MYND DRINKS’ has three flavors Elderberry Passionfruit, Orange Mango, and Lemon Ginger, which underwent an extensive approval process and met the highest safety standards to receive the NSF Certified for Sport® designation — making it a safe, reliable source of relaxation and relief without any psychoactive effects.

“When MLB opened the CBD category for its clubs, it allowed us to explore new partnership opportunities and offerings,” said Alex Seyferth, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Chicago Cubs. “We’re proud to be the first club to partner with a CBD company, but what was more important to us was making sure that the brand was the right fit. MYND DRINKS is a Chicago-based company that promotes overall wellness and helps ease the stressors of everyday life, just like a Friday 1:20 game at Wrigley Field.”

To kick off this new partnership and help Cubs fans unwind, the Cubs will be releasing a guided meditation on YouTube narrated by none other than Pat Hughes, radio play-by-play announcer for all televised Cubs games. This is yet another first for both the Cubs and MYND DRINKS, as this will be the first time an MLB team has ever released an official guided meditation.

The MLB’s partnership with MYND DRINKS marks an important milestone for hemp and cannabis-based products in professional sports. While the NFL, NBA, NHL, and PGA Tour have all been slower to embrace CBD partnerships, we are seeing signs that this is starting to change.

With the Cubs paving the way as the first MLB and professional sports team to partner with a CBD brand, other teams, as well as other leagues, may soon follow suit as they recognize the potential benefits of such partnerships. The future looks bright for CBD partnerships in major sports leagues, and baseball may be leading the charge.

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