Compassionate Veterans Announces Launch and SB 34 Event This Saturday

SAN FRANCISCO, May 26, 2023 – Operation EVAC, a highly-regarded Bay Area organization committed to the prevention of veteran suicide and warfare, is set to embrace a new identity as Compassionate

To mark this rebranding, a special community service and SB 34 compassion event is scheduled for Saturday, May 27th, 2023, at SolFul Dispensary located at 900 Irving St, San Francisco. The event is in collaboration with ReCompass, The Kiva Cares Project, Sweetleaf Collective, Dear Cannabis, PEACE BY PAX, and leading cannabis companies to distribute free medical cannabis products to veterans.

“Our success in welcoming warriors home and fostering peace is achieved through community generosity and mutual aid,” says Ryan Miller, Founder of Compassionate Veterans. “The support of the plant medicine ecosystem has fueled our growth and resilience, strengthening our interconnectedness. We invite you to join our endeavor to support the reintegration of survivors of American militarism, as we reconcile harm and envision a more peaceful world.”

The event will honor Memorial Day and also celebrate the decade-long commitment of Ryan and Jaene in supporting veterans battling mental health challenges, aiding them to live healthy, fulfilled lives within their community. Additionally, as a therapist-in-training, Ryan is evolving from their peer-led social support groups to licensed, supervised group therapy sessions.

“Compassion starts with the self and spills over into everything else.” states Jaene Leonard, Co-Founder and Chief Meditation Officer at Compassionate Veterans. “In showing up humbly and regularly for our own healing, the journey of showing up authentically for others also naturally and organically unfolds.”
Eligible veterans, with proof of service, a valid government issued ID, and a current California medical cannabis recommendation, will receive a donation bag full of premium cannabis products from leading brands including PAX, Kiva, Dear Cannabis, Sonoma Hills Farm, 4Front, Country Cannabis, Bhang, Alpine Vapor, Helmand Valley Growers Company, and SolFul. Additional support has been provided by Equity
Trade Network
, Sweetleaf Collective, and Nabis. These donations are made possible by the work of Senator Scott Wiener’s 2019 legislation, The Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Act (SB-34), which permits
cannabis donation tax-free to low-income patients.

The event will commence at 9:30am with a neighborhood clean-up initiative, followed by the SB 34 compassion giveaway for veterans starting at 11am. Veterans can register for the clean-up and SB 34
compassion event at this LINK.

“At Solful, our mission is rooted in health and happiness. We’ve been committed to supporting medical patients from the beginning, and we feel privileged to collaborate with leaders in compassionate cannabis to expand access to those in need,” says Heidi Hanley, Co-Owner and Equity CEO of Solful SF. “We are especially grateful for the opportunity to provide free cannabis medicine to our deserving veterans.”

Compassionate Veterans is committed to broaden their impact, extending beyond the veteran community to partner with refugee groups and victims of American militarism. Compassionate Veterans frames
community service as an ‘ofrenda’ or offering, promoting reciprocity and reconciliation, and a form of restitution to communities impacted by war. In essence, the rebranding signifies more than just a name change; it marks a renewed pledge to fostering compassion and peace. They invite all who resonate with this mission to join them in making a substantive difference and in crafting a more peaceful world for future generations.

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Ryan Miller
Founder, Compassionate Veterans

Nicole Redler
Founder, ReCompass

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