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Product Review: Everyday Hitter Cannabis Gummy (6 Flavors)

everyday hitter cannabis gummy review 1

Brand: Everyday Hitter Gummy
Dominant Cannabinoid: THC (≤.2g CBD per serving)
Serving Size: 10 x 10mg, 100mg THC total
Flavors Reviewed: Green Apple, Sour Green Apple, Juicy Watermelon, Sour Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Sour Raspberry

In a marketplace overrun with overpackaged and overpriced cannabis edibles, Everyday Hitter Gummies caught our attention with their simplicity. A throwback to the good ol’ days, these killer discs of flavor and effects are like the dabs of the edibles world… a little goes a long way.

Cannabis Gummies Offer Convenient Cannabis Consumption

With over $976 million in retail sales in 2021, cannabis gummies continue to outpace all other edibles categories in the six highest-grossing recreational cannabis markets in the U.S.

Califonia is, of course, one of those markets, and our market is flooded with midgrade gummies, and edibles in general, as enormous amounts of unsold bud is being spun into low-grade distillate to provide the ‘active ingredient’ in way too many products.

The first thing that caught my eye on the Everyday Hitter Gummy package, even though it is one of the smallest fonts, were the words MADE WITH LIVE RESIN.

If you are not familiar with what the term Live Resin means, we wrote a full breakdown on it which you can read HERE, but the quick description is that Live Resin is a cannabis concentrate created by extracting the plant’s full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the trichomes, typically by using butane or propane as a catalyst, before any of it is given time to degrade.

As soon as a plant is harvested, it is flash-frozen to preserve the trichomes and everything within them. That is where the ‘Live’ part of Live Resin comes from.

Use of the term ‘Resin’ to complete the phrase clues you into what sort of extraction process was used to make the THC-rich concentrate that makes edibles so potent.

Live Resin denotes a concentrate extracted from fresh frozen plants using a solvent-based extraction process. Compare this to Live Rosin, which also requires fresh frozen plants or buds as input material, but uses solventless extraction methods to create the concentrate.

There are pros and cons to both but properly extracted Live Resin never fails to get me ripped while dabbing, so seeing it as the active ingredient in Everyday Hitter Gummies was a huge selling point.

Although sales of cannabis gummies are at an all-time high, current regulations here in California are almost certainly dragging down potential revenue in the sector.

Gone are the days of 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg edibles for recreational cannabis consumers.

Instead, the state says that each package can contain NO MORE THAN 100mg of THC total and that there must be at least 10 “servings” per package, capping each “serving” at NO MORE THAN 10mg each.

For some folks, that math works fine and they get ten optimal experiences from such a product.

For a lot of people, though, like medical patients for example, 100mg won’t make a dent in their tolerance level. This forces them to eat, and eat, and eat whatever edible form their cannabinoid therapy comes in, be it cookies, brownies, gummies, etc.

Yes, there are looser restrictions on edibles for registered medical cannabis patients in California but that is just another recurring cost and few dispensaries recognize or cater to cardholders.

Here comes Everyday Hitter Gummies with a solution so simple it makes too much sense.

When you gnaw your way through the childproof packaging on an Everyday Hitter mylar, you don’t find MORE packaging, as is the case with so many brands trying to be way-too-clever about the dosage regulations.

Instead, you find what you’re looking for.

A cannabis gummy.

As in one.

Not ten little ones that have long since melted and merged back into one lumpy mess. 

Roughly the circumference of a silver dollar, your Everyday Hitter Gummy stands about a third of an inch high and is imprinted on the top with faint but distinguishable markings showing the consumer where to cut to make their own ten doses, if they so choose.

Everyday Hitters Cannabis Gummies

Me? I just tossed one entire disc in my mouth each night about 45 minutes before bed and made sure to chew at least ten times before swallowing in case any regulators were peeking in my blinds.

Everyday Hitter Made Me An Every Night Sleeper 

Always on the hunt for edibles that work, that don’t taste like trim, and that won’t break the bank, we were stoked to re-up our stash with a variety of Everyday Hitter Gummy flavors.

Around the time of this review, I have been breaking in a new ax in the backyard, chopping up a 100’ Doug Fir that came down in a recent windstorm. Chopping wood is one of those workouts that gets ya from head to toe but can leave you so drained and sore that you’re almost too beat to sleep. That’s where I was at.

To remedy this problem, I sliced a Sour Raspberry gummy in half and ate it before bed. Easy math, that was a 50mg dose.

For me, with a sky-high tolerance and an unusually fatigued body, that was not enough. I fell asleep fast at around 10pm, but was tossing and turning from 4am-6am.

The following day I only chopped about half as much wood but ate twice as much THC, gobbling a full Green Apple Gummy at around 9pm. That did the trick and I got a great night’s sleep for a full eight hours.

I don’t like to eat edibles every night, so it took me a couple of weeks to get through the six flavors of Everyday Hitter Gummies that I picked up.

When it comes to a review, what can I say? All six varieties worked identically as effectively as far as I could tell, so I suppose it comes down to what flavor, or flavors, I preferred. For that, I made this handy pie chart using a whole bunch of Everyday Hitters that I grabbed to re-up once I ran out the first time.


As you can see, the sour flavors led the way with Sour Watermelon tantalizing my taste buds the most.

As with any product, particularly one in the regulated cannabis space, there are some pros and cons.


  • Minimalist packaging
  • Small size, big potency, consistent effects across the product line
  • High-quality Live Resin extract is much easier to digest (no ‘edibles burps’)
  • Reasonable price point (~$15 to $20 +tax)


  • Packaging is a bit too minimalist sometimes… one package lacked the non-stick sheet inside and the package had to be cut open to get the gummy unstuck and out
  • Distinct “cannabis oil” flavor is not totally masked by fruit flavor. Didn’t bother me. Hard to avoid when jamming 100mg of THC into a bite-sized gummy

“Babe, Eat This…”

In the name of science, I enlisted my wife as a test subject. After all these years abstaining from the plant, she has recently become canna-curious as she continually looks to naturally optimize her wellness routine.

With a tolerance level at rock bottom, I have been letting her nibble anywhere from 2.5mg – 5mg at a time of various edibles, then gauging her reaction. This, I feel, is a good experiment that leaves my potential biases out of the equation.

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I gave her a ~5mg sliver of the Blue Raspberry one night and watched her doze right off to sleep. The next day she reported getting up to take the dog out in the middle of the night and being “fucked up”.

Ok, ok, interesting… *makes notes*

She also said that the “weed flavor” was more intense in the Everyday Hitter than in some other products I have been giving her.

Overall, she too got eight hours of useful, rejuvenating sleep, and awoke the next morning with no hangover or ill effects from the experience.

At the start of this review, I compared Everyday Hitter Gummies to dabs and that is an apt analogy I think.

Those who have been around the cannabis plant long enough to have built up a formidable tolerance will appreciate the quick-hitting dose of 100mg of Live Resin-fueled THC.

Those still new to it all will gravitate towards the price point and will appreciate the optional DIY dosing.

If I truly ate these every day, I’d be a bit too lit but when I need a clean, pure, potent blast of THC in ten bites or less, serve me up an Everyday Hitter Sour Watermelon Gummy any day of the week.


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