First Adult-Use Cultivation License Issued In Vermont

There has been some progress in the slow march of license issuing in Vermont where authorities have finally granted their first cultivation license for the growing cannabis industry. It comes as no surprise that the supposed reasoning for the delay in license issuing is a lack of staff. However, there is hope for further licenses to be issued, let’s find out more.

Vermont authorities have approved and supplied the first license for the state’s upcoming adult-use cannabis industry.

According to South Burlington TV station WCAX, the Cannabis Control Board indicated that dozens more licenses will be awarded soon. This comes after the allowance of a tiny indoor cultivator in Rutland County.

Although officials claim that more licenses are on the way, discontent is mounting among those attempting to establish themselves in the market. This is understandable due to the incredibly slow progress that has been displayed thus far and is becoming synonymous with cannabis legislation.

However, there is hope! The Cannabis Control Board’s chair, James Pepper, told the TV station that they hope to license another handful of people as soon as next week.

Existing medicinal marijuana clinics will have the first pass at selling adult-use products under state legislation.

In other cannabis news, the Cannabis Control Board missed its deadline for awarding retail licenses, which was set for May 1, according to the Burlington Free Press.

The first recreational-only marijuana stores are set to open on October 1, but cannabis flower production and processing are running behind schedule – much like other aspects of the cannabis industry in the US.

On a more positive note, at least 50 towns in Vermont have chosen to allow adult-use marijuana stores.

According to WCAX, state authorities claim the tardy rollout of cannabis licenses is due to a shortage of personnel, as well as the governor’s failure to nominate members to the Cannabis Control Board until late March. However, this late in the game, the cannabis industry doesn’t need excuses for its inadequacy – we need results.

We need licenses to be issued and the cannabis industry needs faster and more consistent legislation updates in order to keep up with the growing demand.

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