First Independent Consumption Lounge License Approved In Nevada

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) granted a conditional license to the first independent cannabis consumption lounge. The license was awarded to La Lounge, LLC. The group said they plan to build the lounge in Clark County along with a restaurant but have not announced an exact location yet.

“We are excited to see consumption venues finally launch in Nevada! A new source of cannabis commerce and a place consumers enjoy cannabis and not be in jeopardy of being criminalized is a win-win!” Says Tina Ulman, President of the Chamber of Cannabis in Nevada.

The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) is responsible for approving and regulating cannabis-related businesses in the state, including the licensing process for consumption lounges. On June 20th, it approved the issuance of the first three conditional licenses for cannabis consumption lounges.

The three entities who have received the first conditional licenses for cannabis consumption lounges are:

MM Development Company dba
Planet 13
Unincorporated Clark County
The Venue at Sol CannabisWashoe County
Cheyenne Medical Sammy Davis dba Thrive Cannabis MarketplaceUnincorporated Clark County

These entities may now begin the final steps of preparing their venues for opening and will be among the first to open stand-alone consumption lounges in Nevada.

The CCB published a list of 40 prospective consumption lounge license holders in November 2022, determined by a random number selection event. Prospective license holders must then undergo a suitability investigation by CCB Board Agents to receive a conditional license.

Upon receipt of the conditional license, applicants may continue preparing their consumption lounge venues for operation and await final inspection by CCB Board Agents prior to opening.

Additionally, licensees must adhere to any relevant local ordinances and receive approval from their local jurisdiction before being approved for licensure.

The CCB also voted to adopt regulations that allow for greater flexibility in air ventilation requirements for cannabis consumption lounges, further reducing barriers of entry for all potential licensees, including social equity applicants.

We are in support of growing commerce for the cannabis industry and for Nevada. We believe the Arts District is a prime location for lounges and will bring locals and tourists to the area and support and enhance a robust and lively part of our city.”

“Tourism & consumer behavior is evolving; having a safe space to consume cannabis legally and then frequent surrounding businesses will enrich the Arts District.

“It’s where my friends and I will meet on the weekends, and during the week, my colleagues will be there for meetings and happy hour.

Dani Baranowski, VP Chamber of Cannabis

This move will allow more entities to apply for consumption lounge licenses and open their businesses, enabling the creation of more opportunities and access for consumers in Nevada.

The legalization of cannabis use in Nevada has created a new industry with many opportunities – from cultivating to retail – and now, with the addition of cannabis consumption lounges, marijuana users have a place to fully enjoy their experience in an environment surrounded by like-minded individuals. Looks like the Silver State is about to get even brighter!

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