First Year of Adult Use Sales in Montana Tops $200 Million

Industry news has seen a triumph for Montana marijuana retailers in 2022, with first-year adult-use sales totalling  $202,947,328. Incorporating medical marijuana sales, Montana retailers sold a total of $303,563,879. These state revenue department figures show a good first year of sales and point to the possibility of adult-use sales trumping medical sales. 

This is further cemented by other news reports projecting that first-year adult-use sales in Montana would eventually total $265 million this year and $300 million by 2026. Now the question becomes, will adult-use sales eventually replace the medical market?

Sales Consistent With Retailers’ Monthly Average

According to news reports, the total marijuana sales in December 2022 totalled a whopping $25.6 million. Total sales are consistent with Montana retailers’ monthly average experienced throughout 2022. 

Over the course of 2022, recreational cannabis sales saw a slow but hopeful rise in the market share. This is a growth that supersedes medical cannabis. It was further recorded that adult use in December 2022 accounted for 77% of the total December sales. This is compared to 58% in January 2022. 

On this matter, the president and CEO of Montana Cannabis Guild gave an estimation of 40 tons of product in the system.

president and CEO of Montana Cannabis Guild

A Hope To Replace The Medical Market In The Near Future

Being a very good first year of sales, the hope now is that this trend seen in incoming adult-use sales will continue to trump medical sales and eventually replace the medical market. 

A Hope To Replace The Medical Market In The Near Future

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