Highly Anticipated Woody Harrelson’s The Woods Flagship Location Opens In West Hollywood

May 13th, 2022 – The Woods dispensary opened its doors Friday afternoon, ushering in a new, yet familiar, wave of community, inclusion, and legacy cannabis culture on Santa Monica Boulevard. City officials, including Mayor Lauren Meister, welcomed Woody Harrelson’s The Woods with a high-wattage Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Joined by Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Genevieve Morrill, the moment commenced  with a warm welcome followed by an official city proclamation by Mayor Meister.

Ownership group for The Woods dispensary

Founders of The Woods Michael Berman, Thomas Schoos, Devon “Samba” Wheeler, Woody Harrelson, and Jay Handal

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With their doors officially open, The Woods founder and activist Woody Harrelson, Bill Maher, ERBA Market founders Devon Wheeler and Jay Handal, designer Thomas Schoos and Schoos Design CEO Michael Berman, addressed the jubilant crowd of supporters that included community members, cannabis industry leaders, and legacy farmers. Craft farmers and The Woods aim to highlight the California legacy market which makes the flagship location an iconic destination for the Legacy Farmers who have built this industry from the ground up.

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Woody Harrelson in The Woods

“Thank you to the City of West Hollywood, Genevieve Morrill, and Lauren Meister. We are so excited to open our doors to the community.”  said Harrelson. He continued saying, “Hopefully we’ve added more beauty and more good times here.”

Additionally, The Woods co-founder, Devon Wheeler expressed his gratitude and excitement saying, “Thank you for coming, we appreciate your overwhelming support.”

Woody Harrelson at The Woods grand opening

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The Woods founders and Mayor Meister completed their Ribbon Cutting ceremony, which officially marked the dispensary opening for business. The community cheered and lined the exquisite mural created by muckrock as they waited for The Woods to open its doors. Guests eagerly browsed the wide selection of niche products against a backdrop of eye-catching displays and admired the elegant store design by Schoos. The highly anticipated opening was a grand success, proving that the demand for legacy cannabis culture is still salient. Following the Ribbon Cutting ceremony, The Woods invited notable members from the cannabis industry and city officials from the West Hollywood community including the Fire Department and local Sheriff. The intimate mixer bridged the gap between the dispensary, the community, and the individuals who protect it.

Woody Harrelson and Bill Maher cake cutting ceremony

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The Woods Grand Opening was followed by an exciting gathering at Norah, an eclectic upscale restaurant that holds the heart of West Hollywood. The dispensary was open for business while the party bustled with notable names including Bill Maher, Ziggy Marley, Kid from the iconic duo Kid N’ Play, and of course Woody Harrelson himself. Guests were treated to an open bar, hor’dourves, and an honorary cake cutting to celebrate the triumphant opening night. The Woods opening truly marked the beginning of an extraordinary venture for the community as a whole.



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