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Sweetleaf Launches Humboldt Legacy Compassion

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Guest contribution by Joe Airone of Sweetleaf Collective

Sweetleaf’s ‘Team Compassion’ has a great new project going on called Humboldt Legacy Compassion.

We are getting a massive cannabis donation from farm to patient through the permitted supply chain.

Our permitted partners have donated all the time and resources to make this project happen. Costs are never passed on to the patient. This is a great story about Humboldt supporting patients.

There’s an untold story that is Humboldt has been the main source of free medical cannabis for California patients for the last 30 years. Of the $3.5 million worth of cannabis that Sweetleaf patients have received over the past 25 years, more than half of it has come from Humboldt County.

Humboldt permit holders have joined up with Sweetleaf to get a 70-pound donation of flower to those most in need in California.

Flower was donated by Johnny Casali of Huckleberry Hill Farms.

Casali is a 2nd generation Humboldt cultivator and also a former POW in the War on Cannabis, having served eight years in federal prison

Chris Anderson of Redwood Roots donated jars for packaging. Chris and Redwood Roots are Humboldt OGs providing distribution for small legacy farms.

Sequoyah Hudson of True Humboldt and Humboldt Sun Grower’s Guild (HSGG) packaged the product.

True Humboldt and HSGG provide many support sources for legacy farmers getting their flower and products to the market.

Alec Dixon of SC Labs tested the products for free, and Sweetleaf did the labels.

Dave King of Highway 1 Distribution picked up finished products to distribute to compassion programs around California. Dave personally delivers Sweetleaf’s compassion donations to our partner programs all over the state.

Aren Ash of Padre Mu Delivery is personally delivering this medicine to Sweetleaf’s low-income, terminally ill patients, and veterans in the Bay Area. He loves seeing the happy faces of the patients as they get this free, life-saving medicine.

All of our partners in this project have been in the industry a long time and believe in giving back.

Humboldt Legacy Compassion is an inspiring story of the cannabis industry coming together to help those most in need. We hope that our story inspires others to do the right thing and to be of service to the plant.

We honor the memory of Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary with this heartfelt gift to the Compassion community.

We love Humboldt because Humboldt loves Compassion!

Together, we are saving lives.

– Sweetleaf Joe

If you are interested in donating to Sweetleaf please contact sweetleafjoe@gmail.com

Check out this intro from a prior collaboration between Beard Bros Pharms and Sweetleaf Collective:

Many people mark the moment that the sun set on Prop215/SB420 here in California as the end of the era of “medical marijuana” and the nail in the coffin for compassion. When you talk to cannabis consumers about the state’s regulated cannabis market, most rightfully complain about egregious prices and taxes, and they point to those burdens as some sort of proof that there is no room for compassion in the licensed industry.

Part of the problem is that the term “compassion” came to be used very loosely by some in Cali’s waning days of “MMJ”. While too many used the word as nothing more than a marketing ploy, too few were actually putting their finances and their freedom on the line to ensure that the members of their communities who could benefit from cannabis but could not afford it, would still get it.

Among those intrepid few leading the charge for the forgotten cannabis consumers was, and is, a man named Joe Airone, founder of Sweetleaf Collective in San Francisco. Established in 1996, Sweetleaf is the second oldest medical marijuana group in the state, and Joe’s activism on behalf of the plant, and his roots in the Bay Area, date back decades.

For those in the know, Sweetleaf has become synonymous with cannabis compassion fueled by Joe’s empathy for those in need. Focusing his compassion efforts on providing for terminally ill HIV, AIDS, and cancer patients, for many years Sweetleaf was providing substantial amounts of safe, potent cannabis to 100 or more recipients each month.

Of course, Sweetleaf was not alone in those efforts here in California, but it certainly blazed the trail for other compassionate folks to follow.


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