Kevin Durant Stands Tall About Cannabis Use

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has long been a proponent of cannabis, publicly advocating for its removal from the league’s banned substances list since at least 2017.

On Tuesday, he revealed just how much effort he put into making that a reality.

At the CNBC and Boardroom Game Plan sports business conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Durant said that when he met with commissioner Adam Silver to discuss getting marijuana removed from the banned substances list for players, Silver “smelled it when I walked in.”

“I didn’t really have to say much, you know what I’m saying? He kind of understood where this was going,” Durant said.

Durant has gone beyond just advocating for cannabis use in the NBA and is now a major investor in cannabis-related companies. He’s teamed up with the online marijuana marketplace Weedmaps on a campaign to destigmatize cannabis and has invested in numerous cannabis-related companies through Thirty Five Ventures alongside business partner Rich Kleiman, including Dutchie, Canopy Rivers and Weedmaps.

In addition to Durant’s advocacy leading the way for cannabis acceptance in the NBA, his open and honest discussion about his investments and use of cannabis is helping to normalize it to all the fans who look up to him as an athlete.

When asked why he advocates so strongly for cannabis, Durant simply said “I just enjoy the plant.”

It’s clear that Kevin Durant stands tall among professional athletes advocating for an end to the stigma surrounding cannabis use. With his continued advocacy and investment, he is helping to usher in a new era of acceptance of marijuana in the NBA.

As more athletes like Durant continue to speak out about their own experiences with cannabis, it’s only a matter of time before it’s fully normalized around the world. Durant’s success story should be an inspiration to all other athletes who have a passion for cannabis and the potential to help destigmatize it within their own leagues.

He’s set an example of dedication, courage, and progress that other athletes should strive to emulate in order to make real change. With Durant paving the way for more open dialogue about marijuana use among professional sports stars, the future of cannabis looks brighter than ever.

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