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Koala Puffs Packs the ‘Koality Box’ With All the Good Stuff & Ships It To You

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Her authenticity is refreshing. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Her social media is lit. There is perhaps nobody more engaged with their fans than Koala Puffs (@koala.puffss) and now she’s shipping her dankest discoveries and most favorite finds to fans across the country and around the world in the Koality Box – a curated collection of the coolest cannabis-related accessories on the planet.


koala-puffs-koality-box-beard-bros-pharms The key to successful cannabis marketing really comes down to two things; keeping it real and selling the good stuff.

A seemingly simple formula, but one rarely implemented with any legitimacy.

The first part – keeping it real – should be effortless. It should come natural. As is the case with Anjela, aka Koala Puffs, founder of the Koala Puffs and Koality brand and the highly-relateable ringleader of over 700k tuned-in social media followers who turn up for every silly, sweet, and informative piece of content that she creates.

Oh, and when it comes to sourcing the so-called ‘good stuff’, there are few better than her.

Cannabis culture, at its roots, is about inclusivity and any savvy brand who comes across Koala Puffs quickly recognizes her full-spectrum appeal among all corners of the global cannabis community.

Young and old, female and male, new users and old heads alike all seem to appreciate Koala’s ability to flow from self-deprecation to empowerment and back again, and everyone wants to see what cool, new product she is blazing with each day.

The honesty behind her product placement and endorsements led to a heightened level of trust with her fans and led to more opportunities with smart brands.

Before she got buried in bongs, this business-minded busy-bee came up with the idea for the Koality Box – a tangible, toke-able way to connect with her fans while helping them step up their stash with new glass, grinders, blunt wraps, and more.

Whether you decide that dabbing is your flavor, or if flower is your favorite, and even something for the edibles crowd, there is a Koality Box ready to be hand-packed and shipped directly to your door. As a friendly Beard Bros reminder, there are NO actual THC products in these boxes. You need to source your own buds and dabs and then these boxes make them more enjoyable!

The Koality Box Will Knock Your Socks Off

Koality Mystery Box Ranging in price from $64.99 to $450.00, there truly is a Koality Box for all occasions and all types of cannabis aficionados.

I have gotten subscription boxes full of wacky fishing lures before. This ain’t that.

Yes, there is a monthly subscription box option but you can always see what’s coming in that next box on the Koala Puffs website. The contents rotate month-to-month so that you’re always getting fresh new gear. Some months it will be flower-focused, others might be more dabber-friendly. Subscribers can always choose to “skip” an upcoming month and not be charged while picking up where they left off the following month. This is great for collectors and gift-givers.

If you just want the next upcoming box as a one-time purchase, that is an option as well. Again, you will know exactly what is guaranteed to be included in that box. At just $75 for the entire box, the Calvo Skull Bong alone is worth the price of the October 2022 Koality Box, but you still get so much more.


For another fiver, you can build your own Koality Box right on the site, right down to choosing your favorite overall color. Koala and her team take your custom order and hand-pick and pack the items that they know they’d love to sesh with knowing that you’ll love them, too.

Next is the favorite option of Koala Puffs herself, the Koality Mystery Box. A true grab-bag of dope shit, for just $64.99 this box will contain roughly $140 worth of goods! This is a perfect gift for the stoner who thinks they have everything. They could receive some of the following:

  • Bong or Rig (Varies in design)
  • Bong cleaner
  • Glass hand pipes
  • Large Bubblers
  • Rolling accessories (e.g. lighter/papers)
  • Torch
  • Ash Tray
  • Grinder
  • Rolling Tray
  • Stash Jar
  • Banger
  • Carb Cap
  • Dab Tool
  • Steam Roller
  • Nectar Collector

Finally, by popular demand, is the Koality Heady Glass Mystery Box. This high-end bundle will always feature a top-shelf rig, pipe, or bong from an established and well-loved American glass artist.

Currently, the Heady Glass Mystery Box includes a surprise rig from @aaronuglass along with a:

  • Bear Quartz Banger
  • Blazer Torch
  • Hard carrying case for rig
  • Koality Moodmat
  • Koality Hot Blade and Battery 
  • Koality ProDunk
  • Koala Puffs 500 Piece Puzzle
    …and more!

“We see it all,” says Koala Puffs, “We see his and hers boxes getting ordered, we see besties boxes, we see matching boxes that people want… just about anything you can imagine people have already requested in the boxes and it is so amazing to see because we feel like we are legitimately making each box for each specific individual.”

Koala Puffs continues to raise the bar for cannabis marketing by doing what comes natural – keeping it real.

Koality Box by Koala Puffs


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