Making Room for Small Business in Cannabis at the Federal Level

The Parabola Center for Law and Policy is a think tank that works to educate lawmakers and advocates about the potential ramifications of consolidated ownership in the cannabis sector.

They aim to create “legal pathways for individuals, small business owners, communities of color, and other historically disenfranchised people to benefit from the responsible legalization of cannabis.”

Making Room for Small Business in Cannabis at the Federal Level

Through their partnerships with over 100 leading small companies and organizations, they are advocating for policy solutions at the federal level that will prevent cannabis monopolies and instead foster a fair, competitive marketplace where small businesses can thrive.

The Parabola Center for Law and Policy requires that all partner organizations sign a Statement of Principles outlining their commitment to the organization’s mission. These principles include supporting every patient and consumer’s rights to cultivate cannabis at home; advocating for policy solutions at the federal level that will prevent marijuana monopolization; not advocating for criminal crackdowns on the unregulated market and refusing funding from or partnering with big alcohol, big tobacco or big pharma companies; supporting initiatives that center communities impacted by the War on Drugs.

By signing this agreement, partner organizations are held accountable for fighting corporate overreach within the cannabis industry and creating a more equitable system.

On June 10th, The Parabola Center for Law and Policy will host an event giving cannabis regulators from several states, advocates, and small business representatives of the cannabis industry a platform to share their advice on charting an equitable path forward in the legalization movement.

Participants will leave with a toolkit to empower them to take action and make a difference in the coming fight to legalize cannabis correctly. The half-day crash course is open to the public, with tickets starting at $10, which covers the cost of venue rental.

The Parabola Center’s Anti-Monopoly Toolkit is a comprehensive resource designed to equip advocacy groups and policymakers with the knowledge needed to create fair and equitable cannabis reform.

It includes policy briefs, talking points, and other resources on topics such as: how to prevent large corporations from dominating the industry; preserving access for small businesses in legalized markets; protecting communities impacted by the War on Drugs; understanding potential social justice implications of cannabis legalization; and advocating for fair taxes on cannabis products.

By providing this information in one centralized location, the toolkit can help ensure that cannabis reform considers all stakeholders within the industry. The Parabola Center’s Anti-Monopoly Toolkit is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to further the cause of equitable cannabis reform.

Small businesses in the cannabis industry are poised to benefit significantly from the legalization of cannabis. By implementing fair regulations that prioritize small businesses and historically disenfranchised communities, they are given access to capital and resources needed to start or grow their operations. Moreover, legalizing nationwide cannabis would open up new revenue-generating markets and avenues. The market is projected to be worth over $40+B by 2025, which presents a massive opportunity for small businesses operating in this sector. Allowing them to operate within a safe, legal framework would benefit both business owners and the communities they are based in.

Small businesses and regulators working together is a great way to ensure that larger companies do not gain a monopoly when the federal legalization of marijuana occurs. By engaging in open dialogue and creating policy solutions that are fair, competitive, and equitable, small businesses have the opportunity to thrive within this new market without fear of being taken advantage of by big companies with deeper pockets.

The Parabola Center for Law and Policy plays an essential role in this movement by connecting these two sides and providing the resources they need to make their voices heard. With the proper guidance, small business owners can shape the future of cannabis reform to benefit all those involved.

Ultimately time will tell if this new partnership between regulators and small businesses will create an environment where responsible legalization can occur without large corporations.

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