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Massachusetts Greenlights Purchasing Of Cannabis Clones And Seeds Via Retail Shops

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) recently announced that it has authorized the sale of cannabis seeds and clones for adult-use and medical retailers and through licensed delivery services. This marks an important milestone in Massachusetts’ marijuana industry, allowing consumers to enjoy expanded access to cannabis products. In addition, the CCC requires that any such products be tracked via METRC, the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system.

Retailers may sell up to six clones daily to customers aged 21 or older, with no limit on the number of seeds sold. As for home-growing plants, adults over 21 are allowed to grow up to six plants at home or up to 12 plants in households with more than one person over 21 years old.

For registered medical cannabis patients who have received a Certifying Healthcare Provider recommendation, they may grow up to 12 vegetative plants and 12 flowering plants and possess an unlimited number of seeds.

All cannabis seeds and clones sold in Massachusetts must be tracked via METRC, the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system. Seeds are tracked in packages, while clones are tracked as immature plants. This ensures that licensees comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the sale of marijuana products. Moreover, clones are subject to pesticide screening under state regulations.

This helps to ensure that the quality and safety of products is maintained throughout the supply chain at all times. METRC also provides valuable analytics on customer purchases, enabling retailers to gain insights into consumer buying habits which can be used for forecasting purposes.

The CCC’s decision to allow the sale of cannabis seeds and clones in Massachusetts brings numerous benefits to retailers, consumers, and breeders. For retail stores, this will enable them to build another layer of connection with their customers in a long-term fashion, as they can provide seeds or clones on an ongoing basis. This also opens up opportunities for collaborations/partnerships between retailers and breeders, allowing them to expand their product offerings and share valuable knowledge of cultivation methods.

For consumers, there is more accessible access to home-growing plants. Adult consumers aged 21 or older can now purchase six clones per day from licensed retailers or through delivery services, which are not counted against their 60-day cannabis supply.

This provides the opportunity for adults to grow their cannabis plants at home and have more control over their products. Registered medical cannabis, patients can also enjoy expanded access to seeds and clones, with up to 12 vegetative plants, 12 flowering plants, and an unlimited number of sources being allowed.

Finally, breeders will benefit from the CCC’s decision as it allows them to reach a wider audience and collaborate with retail stores in Massachusetts. This provides breeders with a larger platform for the distribution of their products and enables them to specialize further in developing new strains that meet the needs of consumers. Overall, this move benefits all stakeholders involved in Massachusetts’ marijuana industry.


In conclusion, the CCC’s decision to allow the sale of cannabis seeds and clones in Massachusetts is an important milestone for the state’s marijuana industry. Allowing retailers to sell up to six clones per day and an unlimited number of seeds provides consumers with increased access to home-growing plants. A

Additionally, this move can open up opportunities for collaboration between retailers and breeders, leading to further innovation and specialization within the marijuana industry.

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