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Mendo Medical is Changing the Way People Purchase Cannabis in Canada

Have you heard the news? Beard Bros Pharms is heading for Mendo! No, we’re not talking about the triumvirate county in the Emerald Triangle in Northern California, we are talking about Mendo Medical Cannabis, a game-changing medical marijuana provider in Montreal, Quebec, Canada that is now adding Beard Bros Pharms products to their full spectrum lineup of high demand brands. As Canadian medical cannabis patients flock to Mendo Medical, they are met with the absolute highest quality cannabis from across the country and beyond.

The emergence of adult-use cannabis markets in the U.S. and abroad was made possible by trailblazing medical markets that, by and large, become an afterthought for most consumers in the wake of new recreational regulations.

One company in Canada, though, is flipping the script.

Mendo Medical operates out of the highly restrictive province of Quebec where the rec cannabis market is crippled by overbearing local laws capping total THC on ANY form of consumption to just 30%. This makes most edibles, concentrates, vape carts, etc. unavailable to recreational consumers in Quebec.

Such restrictions do not apply to Mendo Medical. In fact, the unrivaled freshness and full-spectrum variety of their menu, along with their ability to ship directly to patients nationwide, has led to a growing trend of folks from both the rec marketplace and the street marketplace seeking to become members at Mendo Medical.

Commonly recognized as Canada’s best medical cannabis platform for patients, the focus on product accessibility and diversity at Mendo Medical is matched by their commitment to quality of care as they connect curious consumers with partnered medical practitioners.

Since its launch in 2021, Mendo Medical has earned acclaim not through flashy marketing campaigns (which Canadian regs disallow anyway), but through grassroots community building and by shipping the widest variety of fairly priced, top-shelf cannabis products directly to medical patients all across the country.

This rising demand and popularity leads to stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships with the farms and brands on the wholesale side of their operation, which is why Mendo Medical is able to drop dozens of new product offerings – from their own garden, and from 100 different producers like Beard Bros Pharms – every single Wednesday.

This thoughtfully curated menu, combined with care-based customer service and a dedication to doing business with other ethical and honest purveyors of the plant, keeps customers coming back.

Jay Schwartz, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Mendo Medical, expressed, “Our commitment at Mendo Medical is to redefine what patients expect from medical cannabis, focusing on delivering unparalleled variety, freshness, convenience, and quality. Our mission is to consistently deliver the finest cannabis products directly to our patients, reinforcing our dedication to excellence and care in every package we send out across Canada.”

How Mendo Medical Is Making Cannabis Accessible And Affordable To All

Although there is no set of initial or recurring fees to become a medical cannabis patient in Canada, the need to go through a licensed medical professional is a barrier of entry for a significant number of potential patients. Most consultations of this sort will come at a cost and too many doctors are still willfully ignorant or hesitant about medical cannabis.

On their convenient one-stop-shop website at www.MendoCannabis.ca, the entire process of signing up, assessing one’s needs with a licensed health care professional, obtaining status as a medical cannabis patient, opting in to Mendo Medical and placing your first order can all be accomplished in just 12-24 hours.

Medical cannabis patients in Canada can also apply their purchases as a medical expense tax deduction each year with some seeing as much as CA$2352/yr in reimbursement from the government.

The minds at Mendo Medical took this benefit a step further, though, and in late 2022 they launched a program for military veterans which allows this honored community to obtain high-quality medical cannabis with absolutely no out of pocket expense.

That’s right… a vet places an order on the Mendo Medical website and proceeds through checkout without a payment required. As that legal shipment makes its way through the mail to the veteran, Mendo Medical is working with the insurance provider to get paid by way of reimbursement.

Instead of coming out of pocket for overpriced and over-aged rec weed, or not receiving a high quality of care or products from other medical platforms, Canada’s military veterans finally have a compassionate source for the top tier cannabis they deserve and for that we salute Mendo Medical!

How The Mendo Medical Marketplace Brings The Best To The Table

Much as we have seen here in California, and in other cannabis markets across the U.S., if the costs to become a licensed cultivator in Canada don’t kill your brand, the taxes just might. 

Mendo Medical takes a multifaceted approach to overcoming these challenges, and helping others do the same.

As their base of patients/customers continues to organically grow, so does demand and that naturally leads to products moving fast. This means patients get unbeatably fresh products and that there is almost always room on the menu for quality-conscious cultivators and producers to move their work.

Mendo Medical is also able to alleviate much of the pre-sale taxes that burden (or cripple… or kill…) these growers and makers on the rec market.

Additionally, the executive team at Mendo Medical has committed to a fair profit margin that balances their bottom line. They aren’t ripping off farmers with one hand and then ripping off customers with the other, as so many retailers tend to do.

If they found a smokin’ deal on the wholesale market, their retail medical patients get that sweet deal too.

This level of transparency and fairness leads to real, authentic friendships and relationships between cultivators, craftspeople, and the retailer and is just another way that Mendo Medical is doing things differently.

Mark Shapiro, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, stated, “At Mendo Medical, we’re dedicated to dismantling the barriers that prevent access to premium medical cannabis. We’re not just focused on patient access to high-quality cannabis; we also prioritize our suppliers’ success. It’s a win-win, enhancing the medical cannabis ecosystem and ensuring quality care for our patients.” 

Another way that Mendo Medical is helping cultivators and customers is through their Mendo Select program where growers can offload bulk batches of buds directly, without the need for processing and packaging, leaving that up to the team at Mendo Medical. This saves a ton of money and headaches for growers and allows Mendo Medical to pass the savings along to patients.

Oh, and did we mention that they have their own cutting edge cultivation facility just outside of Montreal where they grow a multitude of sought-after strains, most famously their phenomenal version of a Cali-based cultivar called Purple Mountain Majesty?

All of this hands-on quality-control and sourcing means fresher, more affordable, and more potent products for Canadians coast to coast.

Mendo Medical x Beard Bros Pharms

The years Mendo Medical spent earning the trust of local growers and forming those relationships is a perfect launchpad for Beard Bros Pharms to enter the Canadian market.

Bringing their own hard-earned respect, cultivation expertise, and access to game-changing genetics to the table, Beard Bros Pharms is sure to appeal to the no-nonsense crowd in Canada where keeping it real is still held in high regard.

Mendo Medical will be pairing Beard Bros Pharms with eager Canadian cultivators to bring Beard Bros Pharms branded flower to the menu by Summertime 2024, with their award-winning Tincture and RSO formulations following soon after.

This might just be the biggest multinational collab of 2024! It is certainly going to help Mendo Medical on their mission to improve the quality of life for as many patients as possible.

When you support retailers like Mendo Medical Cannabis, you support the families and employees of the 100+ brands that they thoughtfully choose to work with. Brands like Beard Bros Pharms.

To learn more about Mendo Medical or to place an order, visit https://mendocannabis.ca/
To join their community-empowered Discord group full of fun insights and interaction, visit https://discord.gg/mendomedical

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