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Metal Meets Holistic Healing

Moodys Medicinals Ivan

One of the many reasons people all over the planet love Cannabis and the culture surrounding it is that it simply brings us all together; “Cannabis Culture Welcomes Us All”. Cannabis provides opportunities for interaction, connection, communication, and a way for us to get to know each other on a personal level.

That’s why when Jeff and Bill Levers of Beard Bros Pharms asked if I’d be interested in interviewing a highly successful musician, Cannabis advocate, and business owner, I jumped at the chance. I thought, what could be better than getting an opportunity to connect with a fellow musician and Cannabis lover on a deeper level? So, that’s exactly what I did, and what a beautiful conversation it turned out to be!

Most of us who are a part of the Cannabis community or in the industry understand just how much music encompasses our culture. For decades now, we’ve seen the intersection of art, music, and Cannabis become a much more mainstream occurrence. From Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to Willy Nelson and Snoop Dogg, and so many others, musicians have been a part of creating portions of Cannabis Culture for a very long time. And I only see that growing as legalization and normalization
continue around the globe.

From Reggae to Hip Hop, to Jazz, Country, Folk, and Rock, music and Cannabis are synonymous, but what does it take to have a truly successful crossover from music into the Cannabis industry these days? Believe it or not, I found the perfect answers came from METAL.

No, I don’t mean the material; I mean Ivan Moody from the Metal band Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP). Ivan is not only the extremely powerful vocalist of one of the most successful Metal bands in the world but over the last few years; he’s pulled together an amazing team of talented and passionate Cannabis culture folks to help him create a successful Cannabis brand and company called Moody’s Medicinals, where health and wellness is THE focus.

When Ivan and I began our conversation, he immediately set the tone by allowing me to introduce myself. He was genuinely interested and curious. From that point, the questions I had ready went out the window, and we both just talked like we’d been friends for years. We learned that we have a lot in common, from family to skateboarding to music, even our age, and of course, our love for the plant. That’s what Cannabis does; it helps to break down barriers, understand, be more empathetic, and relate to each other on a deeper level. I could tell quickly that I could just sit and talk with Ivan for hours and that I was in for a special treat.

Like many of us in the Cannabis industry, Ivan comes from humble roots; Military family members and hard workers who experienced the harsh realities of addiction to pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Even with Cannabis being present and consumed early on in Ivan’s childhood, he couldn’t escape addiction either. After years of self-destructive behavior, long, arduous travel, and the grind that the music industry presents, Ivan had enough. The pills, the alcohol, and the unhealthy lifestyle were simply too much. And nearly four years ago, to this day, Ivan decided to change his life for the better and get sober with the help of Cannabis…new world sobriety is what his band members call it.

Even though Ivan grew up in Colorado and first began his journey with Cannabis back in 1988 when he was just 12 years old, like most of us, intentional use was something that escaped him until he realized just how powerful the plant could be. But once the opportunity to focus on healing, wellness, and overall health presented itself, that’s exactly what Ivan did. That journey has been long and filled with hurdle after hurdle, but it pushed Ivan to become the music icon and role model that he is today.

From Moody’s Medicinals, which focuses on hemp-derived broad-spectrum products, to Ivan’s new project called Greenings, which is on the THC side of things, the entire team has plans for something special and unique in the Cannabis industry. For years Ivan has personally supported charities and given back to not only the Veteran and First Responder community like Veterans Cannabis Coalition, the Special Ops Charity Network, and the Eagle and Badge Foundation, but also to places and organizations like St. Jude, the Denver Cancer Institute, and even USA Skateboarding. Now he’s looking to make a difference in the lives of people who need it most.

Ivan has decided to open a recovery center and, very close by, a corner store/gas station called Moody’s Rock Stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming that will carry CBD products. Think about the significance of that. Ivan has decided to not only share his wealth and influence through donations and charity, but he’s now going to create opportunities for others to heal. He’s giving people the chance to experience his path to holistic healing and wellness firsthand. The center will help people get clean off alcohol, opioids, and pharmaceuticals, while Moody’s Rock Stop will provide a safe place for them and the greater Cheyenne community to find natural holistic help. I can’t think of a better combination, and it speaks to Ivan’s purpose of helping others experience the healing power of Cannabis medicine.
I don’t know anyone else doing anything like this in the Cannabis industry, and I find it impressive on multiple levels. It shows that Ivan’s reason for entering the industry, to begin with, was driven by passion, love, respect for the plant, and to further push the normalization of Cannabis medicine as much as possible while ultimately creating a space for holistic healing. We need more of this type of motivation from celebrities, artists, and musicians entering the Cannabis industry. The partnership between Ivan, Bill, and Jeff is the perfect match for our industry and the broader Cannabis community. I look forward to seeing all the good that Moody’s Medicinals, Greenings, and Beard Bros Pharms will do together in the future.

Huge shoutout and thank you to Ivan, Bill, and Jeff Levers for allowing me to do this interview. It was one of the coolest and most chill interview conversations I’ve had in some time.

If you are looking to find out more about Ivan, their products, and most importantly their mission to help people, head over to Moody’s Medicinals for more information.

3 Responses

  1. Great article. Cheyenne needs the growth! We’re kind of apprehensive on the aspect of “becoming Colorado” and we like our conservative roots. Don’t mess with that and maybe have the staff wearing a pair $hit kicker boots from time to time they’ll fit in great.
    I love it here. While some locals might disapprove and others approve of Cannabis (dare I say culture?) We’re more about not liking too much change, and about helping our community thrive. I know Moody likes Cheyenne, just be ready for some push back. I think it’s a great idea. I’ll be stopping by for sure whenever it opens.

  2. Wonderful article on what Ivan is doing to give back to communities. There is not enough of that around the world! Kudos to you Ivan! Not only do you have a powerful voice when you sing, but a powerful voice for people who need you!! It’s a win-win with Ivan!! Thanks for all you do!

  3. I have been using Ivan profits for almost a year now they have help me tremendously, and the new Delta 8 even more…highly recommend his products it’s so much better than the Norco I had to take for pain prior! Ty Ivan and Moodys medicinals🖤🎶

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