Missouri Medical Marijuana Distributes $13 Million In Proceeds To Veterans Commission

Medical marijuana has been a hot topic in the state of Missouri since its legalization in 2018. The program, which allows for the use of medical cannabis as a treatment option for qualifying conditions, has seen immense success in its short time of existence. But what many may not know is that the proceeds from this program are also making a positive impact on veterans in Missouri.

The Missouri Medical Marijuana Program was established in 2018 with the passage of Constitutional Amendment 2, which allows for the use and sale of medical cannabis for qualifying patients. This program has been met with great success, with over $39 million transferred to the Missouri Veterans Commission since its inception.

Just recently, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) announced that they have transferred an additional $13 million to the Missouri Veterans Commission.

This brings the total amount transferred from the medical cannabis program to nearly $40 million since its establishment in 2018. These transfers occur on an annual basis, with funds generated from fees and taxes associated with the program being allocated to the Veterans Commission.

Aside from the financial benefits, this program also serves as a way to give back to those who have served our country. The funds from the medical cannabis program are specifically designated for supporting and improving existing infrastructure of seven Veterans Homes in Missouri. This not only aids in providing better access to healthcare for veterans but also shows appreciation and support for their service.

“It is incredible that Missouri voters passed the adult use amendment less than one year ago, and we are now starting to see the financial impact the program’s success will have on multiple organizations and the Missourians they serve,” said Amy Moore, Director of the Division of Cannabis Regulation with DHSS.

MVC Executive Director Paul Kirchhoff added, “These funds will help MVC continue to support the existing infrastructure of our seven Veterans Homes.”

Financial Impact on Veterans Commission

The transfer of $13 million from the medical cannabis program will greatly contribute to supporting and improving the existing infrastructure of Veterans Homes in Missouri.

This includes providing necessary upgrades, renovations, and equipment for these facilities. By using the program proceeds in this way, it not only improves the living conditions of veterans but also allows for better access to healthcare services.

This financial impact is crucial for the Veterans Commission as they continue to strive towards providing quality care for our nation’s heroes. The fees and taxes generated from the medical cannabis program are a significant source of revenue for these efforts and demonstrate the commitment to supporting our veterans’ healthcare needs.

Other Programs Funded by Missouri’s Marijuana Programs

Aside from the transfers to the Veterans Commission, Missouri’s cannabis program has also allocated funds from the adult use program to other recipient agencies. The DHSS has transferred $3.8 million to various departments per the press release.

Additionally, the DHSS also transferred $3,836,919 in funds generated by Missouri’s adult use marijuana program to agencies as outlined in Article XIV, Section 2, of the Missouri Constitution. Recipient agencies of adult use program funds include the following:

  • MVC ($1,278,973): for use exclusively for health care and other services for military veterans and their dependent families;
  • Missouri State Public Defender ($1,278,973): to be used only for legal assistance for low-income Missourians;
  • DHSS ($1,278,973): to operate a grant program for subrecipients to increase access to evidence-based, low-barrier drug addiction treatment prioritizing medically proven treatment and overdose prevention and reversal methods and public or private treatment options with an emphasis on reintegrating recipients into their local communities, to support overdose prevention education, and to support job placement, housing, and counseling for those with substance use disorders.

Supporting the healthcare needs of our veteran population is a crucial responsibility that we owe to those who have served and protected our country. The medical cannabis program in Missouri has not only provided financial support for these efforts but also serves as a testament to the state’s commitment to veterans’ health. By using funds generated from the program, not only are we able to improve existing infrastructure and access to healthcare for veterans, but also prioritize evidence-based treatment and support for those struggling with substance use disorders.

In addition to the tangible benefits of financial support, this program also helps raise awareness and diminish the stigma surrounding medical cannabis. By utilizing these funds in a positive way, it highlights the potential benefits of medical marijuana and its contribution to improving overall health outcomes for our veteran community.

Overall, the allocation of $13 million to the Veterans Commission from Missouri’s medical cannabis program is a significant step towards supporting and improving the lives of our veterans.

We can only hope that this serves as an example for other states to prioritize and support the healthcare needs of their veteran populations. Let us continue to show gratitude and appreciation for those who have sacrificed so much for our country by providing the necessary resources for better health and well-being.

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