National Military Appreciation Month- Veterans Walk and Talk

In honor of May being National Military Appreciation Month, we are highlighting some of our favorite veteran-focused cannabis organizations. These groups have had boots on the ground all around the United States and beyond, doing the dirty work to ensure that veterans have access to safe, clean medicine and pushing the VA to expand that access at every opportunity. In this installment we talked with Colin Wells, co-founder and CEO of Veterans Walk and Talk.

What is Veterans Walk and Talk?

Colin: Veterans Walk and Talk (VWAT) was formed in late 2016 with the purpose to unite veterans around natural medicine and the outdoors. I formed VWAT after spending most of my life addicted to opiates. I was looking to surround myself with like-minded people who would challenge one another physically and mentally. Cannabis became the great unifier that brought so many of us together. We have been giving away free cannabis and other plant medicines to all who show up to our walks. Our growing community is the greatest tool we have. 

What is the mission statement and main initiatives you’re looking to accomplish?

Colin: We have a myriad of goals and initiatives we would like to achieve. Our mission statement is simple, “Guerrilla Wellness.” That means we will do whatever we safely can to alleviate the suffering of our community.

We will continue to provide psychedelic treatments and remedies no matter what the legalities become because what we are doing works. 

May 14, 2023 hike with Sacramento VWAT Chapter

How can new members get involved? Is there a way for non-military members to support the group?

Colin: Anyone is welcome to our hikes, whether they are veterans or not. We are an all-welcoming group, however the further psychedelic healing paths we offer are generally saved for veterans who show up consistently to our events.

Our membership is free and available via our website at, on our Instagram @veteranswalkandtalk, or by clicking on the registration form.

Any strategic partners/allies of your cause that you want to highlight?

Colin: Beard Bros for being our day one supporters. They came into my life at a time where I was unsure of my future with this group, and they really helped me to believe that I could truly help others. You can click HERE to learn even more about Colin and the rest of the pioneering group at VWAT.

Cuqui Huerta is my partner in life and partner in VWAT. She is a Navy veteran, Cuban immigrant and all-around force of nature. She has really helped us propel our mission forward in a myriad of new and innovative ways.

The entire mycology and psychedelic community have embraced us wholeheartedly, and we are eternally grateful to anyone who has donated to our cause. Whether it be treatments, integration, or actual medicines, know that your contributions are vital and appreciated.

JM Balbuena of @boycottshittyweed and Prime Harvest have been an incredible support to our cause. She has always answered the call to help us whenever we need it and we love her.

All the members of VWAT who show up to walk with each chapter. You are what make VWAT work, and we are eternally grateful and proud to know all of you. 

What are the future plans for the group?

Colin: Our plans are to keep healing veterans in the ways we have found beneficial. We have plans to expand the mission, go in a tour of the states to walk with people all over, and buy land for healing space and retreats. We will always keep going. 

The next two VWAT hikes are listed below, please RSVP if you plan on attending.

May 21, 2023 @0700am-03:30pm || SoCal || Lake Day, Silverwood Lake 

June 10, 2023 @0730am || SoCal || Silverado, CA 

Visit the online store and help support their mission:

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