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Nevada One Step Closer to Consumption Venues

nevada consumption lounges

Nevada is one step closer to acquiring licenses from The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board to establish cannabis consumption venues, with applications now closed. “Nevada regulators have received at least 100 applications for cannabis consumption venue licenses. Out of those applications, they say 80 are for independent venues, and 20 are for retail venues,” reports online news sites.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to expand cannabis commerce to new licenses holders and most importantly ensure we give Nevadans and tourists a place to consume where they are not at risk of being criminalized. Social norms are changing, people want the opportunity to consume at places like hotels, restaurants, co-working spaces and events. This bill serves as a successful example of the progress that can occur when activists, businesses and lawmakers work together for a common goal.” AB 341 was proposed by the Chamber and sponsored by Assemblyman Steve Yeager.
Tina Ulman
Chamber of Cannabis President.

Updates To The Application Period

Now with applications closed, the application period now changes to a review period on whether the Cannabis Compliance Board will review the applications. Reviewed applications will then be submitted into a lottery, with only 20 independent licenses granted in total.

With the two random drawings, a “random number selector generator” is used with 20 available slots filled by applicants who are then granted a license to operate a cannabis consumption venue in the county’s jurisdiction as early as 2023.

Updates Application Period

The Consumption Venue Program Rollout Plan

The Las Vegas Review Journal stated, “The state expects to issue up to 45 licenses to owners of marijuana dispensaries with social venues, reminiscent of bars, attached or adjacent to them.

That’s in addition to the 20 licenses the state will issue to standalone venues, half of which would go to ‘social equity applicants,’ who were negatively affected by marijuana laws before the state legalized the drug in 2017.”

When it comes to the next step in the consumption venues program rollout plan, news sites report that “Municipalities can strengthen, but not weaken, a Nevada law that legalized the venues in 2021.” Each licensing round will work alongside municipalities and regulations therein.

“It has to be viewed as the first step. It’s not going to be perfect,” Klimas of the Cannabis Control Board, told The Nevada Independent. While the rollout plan is not perfect and may be influenced by regulations and rules, it is expected that the first Clark County lounges will pop up in early 2023, with locals able to enjoy their first hit in Nevada then.

The rollout plan will see a positive knock-on effect in the local cannabis industry with independent cannabis consumption venues that will open as standalone lounges and sell single-serving and ready-to-consume products.

As the plan progresses, the local cannabis industry will too help to protect Nevadans and diversify the economy. The rollout will see Nevada’s venues operate more like bars and sell single-use products rather than requiring customers to bring their own cannabis. Licensed businesses will also couple cannabis with yoga, infused food, THC-aided massage therapy, and incorporate marijuana in other ways.

Come 2023, You’ll be Able to Enjoy Your First Hit in Nevada

Come 2023 You’ll be Able Enjoy Your First Hit Nevada

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