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Nevada Passes Marijuana Bill SB 277, Lowering Licensing Fees And Increasing Possession Limits

Nevada recently passed the marijuana bill SB 277, which lowers licensing fees and increases possession limits. The goal of the bill is to make it easier for adults to obtain cannabis products, reduce entry barriers into the industry, and encourage more retailers to become dual licensees that serve recreational and medical customers.

The bill raises the purchase limit from 1 ounce to 2.5 ounces, doubling the amount of cannabis concentrates permissible from 1/8th ounce to ¼ ounce. It also reduces fees for licensing applications and renewals, makes adult-use stores no longer need separate medical licenses, allows prior felons greater access in applying for licenses, requires regulators to consider environmental impacts when making rules changes, and mandates a study into how the removal of cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act could affect the industry. In addition, it blocks issuing any further medical cannabis licenses starting January 1, 2024, except in regions where adult-use sales remain prohibited.

The core initiatives of SB 277 were spearheaded by the Chamber of Cannabis, Nevada’s largest
and most diverse 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to advocating for the interests of the
cannabis industry. The Chamber has been at the forefront of the fight for progressive legislation,
championing the cause of both operators and the communities they serve.

Tina Ulman, President of the Chamber of Cannabis, expressed her satisfaction with the
passage of SB 277, stating, “This is a significant milestone for Nevada’s cannabis industry and
community. SB 277 is a game changer for commerce and consumers. We are proud to have
worked closely with Senator Dallas Harris and other stakeholders to bring about this
industry-unifying legislation that will evolve a struggling market that contributed over $157
million dollars to schools and employees over 15,000 Nevadans.”

By allowing those with prior felonies to work in the Nevada cannabis industry, SB 277 also
greatly continues the implementation of social equity and diversity measures that were promised
two years ago.

“SB 277 has the potential to make history in Nevada and across the country, specifically in
regards to employing those convicted with a crime to work in a cannabis business,” said
Minorities for Medical Marijuana’s National Community Program Director Nicole Buffong. “Social
equity in the cannabis space in part means providing opportunity for those most negatively
impacted by the prohibition of cannabis.”

Nevada Chamber of Cannabis

The Chamber of Cannabis in Nevada is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the hemp and cannabis industries in the state. Founded by industry professionals, this group serves as an essential voice for those working to reform Nevada’s marijuana laws.

Dani Baranowski, Vice President of the Chamber of Cannabis has seen Nevada’s industry’s
challenges firsthand affirming, “Building and defining a new line of economic opportunity for
Nevada in a highly regulated environment has created massive opportunity as well as intensive
challenges. As quickly as the industry evolves, legislation must be updated to offer better
commerce opportunities.”

Most recently, the chamber was instrumental in the core initiatives of SB 277. This included advocating for increased possession limits, lower licensing fees and barriers to entry and expanded medical and retail licenses by making adult-use stores dual licensees. Working alongside other like-minded organizations and individuals, they were able to pass this much-needed bill into law.

Since then, The Chamber of Cannabis in Nevada has continued to work closely with state representatives and industry experts to ensure that the most progressive and beneficial policies are enacted for all involved. With their expertise, they will continue to be a force of change for the betterment of cannabis businesses in Nevada.

With the support of Senator Dallas Harris, the Chamber of Cannabis, and other advocates,
Nevada has set a new standard for marijuana reform. SB 277 will undoubtedly shape the future
of the cannabis industry in the state and serve as a model for other jurisdictions seeking to
advance their cannabis policies.

SB 277 would likely have a positive environmental impact as well.

“Passing this bill would enable cannabis users and patients to obtain larger quantities of
products, reducing the frequency of dispensary visits and subsequently lessening our carbon
footprint,” said Chamber Board Member and Small Business Member Hadhinah Felice. “Nevada
has the opportunity to lead the nation in embracing environmentally friendly cannabis practices,
while simultaneously bolstering our revenue, including tax income.”

Nevada Bill SB 277 Increases Possession Limits

One of the significant changes from SB 277 is that it increases possession limits from one ounce to two and a half ounces of cannabis flower, as well as from an eighth of an ounce of cannabis concentrate to a quarter of an ounce. This is a significant increase in the amount individuals are allowed to have on their person or purchase from retailers.

The change has the potential to drastically benefit both recreational and medical marijuana users. For one, it eliminates having to make multiple trips just for resupply purposes; people can now buy what they need in one go without running out before their next refill. It also allows more freedom when selecting cannabis products – customers can choose what fits their needs best without worrying about exceeding possession limits. On the business side, this would likely lead to increased sales for stores that offer these products due to more consumers being able to buy them.

Lower Licensing Fees & Barriers to Entry

SB 277 also lowers licensing fees and reduces barriers of entry into the industry by allowing past felons greater access in applying for licenses. Under this new law, the cost of cannabis licenses and renewals is reduced significantly, allowing more businesses to enter the market.

Additionally, the bill makes it possible for past felons to receive cannabis industry licenses. The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board will be able to grant exemptions if they determine that it would not pose a threat to public health or safety or negatively impact the cannabis industry in the state. This opens up much-needed opportunities for individuals who may have been unfairly targeted by laws in the past but still want to make a living in this increasingly profitable space.

These changes are designed to help level the playing field and give everyone an equal chance at success within Nevada’s marijuana industry.

Medical Retail Licenses by Making Adult-Use Stores Dual Licenses

The passage of SB 277 also includes the allowance of adult-use stores that are not required to hold a separate medical license in order to serve customers who require cannabis products for medicinal use. This has been a major point of contention between advocates and regulators since it allows some consumers access to cannabis products without going through an application process or making multiple trips just for medical reasons.

In addition, the bill makes it easier for businesses to become dual licensees by requiring state officials to consider certain factors before granting exemptions. These include maintaining patient access, preventing unfair competition, and significantly increasing the retail availability of medical products.

Study to Look at Removing Marijuana from Controlled Substances Act

Another important provision in SB 277 requires the state to study how removing marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) could affect Nevada’s cannabis industry. This is significant since it signals an effort by regulators to not only understand the implications of this potential change and prepare for it.

The state Board of Pharmacy is currently appealing a ruling that deeming the state’s designation of cannabis as Schedule I is unconstitutional and discriminatory against specific individuals. If successful, this could open the door for more research and even reform on a national level regarding marijuana’s status.

Such an outcome would likely bring about positive changes in how we view and treat marijuana use in Nevada, potentially paving the way for more relaxed regulations and laws surrounding its production and sale. It could also create new business opportunities due to increased access to capital, resources, and markets.

Nevada’s newly passed SB 277 is an essential step toward making marijuana more accessible and removing certain stigmas associated with its use in Nevada. The bill increases possession limits, lowers licensing fees, eliminates barriers to entry, and makes it easier for businesses to become dual licensees. It also requires the state to study how removing marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act could affect Nevada’s industry. All these changes can potentially create a more equitable and sustainable environment for everyone involved in this burgeoning cannabis industry. Therefore, this promising development could bring about lasting and meaningful reform for Nevada.

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About the Chamber

Comprised of more than 62 businesses and 400 industry professionals, the Chamber creates a
more conscientious, inclusive, and thriving industry by moving commerce forward, restoring
justice, and positively impacting our community. Since its founding in 2020, the Chamber has
accomplished this by advocating for legislation that propels the industry while furthering the
economic benefits of a safe and well-regulated cannabis industry.

SB 277

Grounded in a culture dedicated to the community over individual glory, humility before pride,
teamwork, and positivity, the Chamber of Cannabis’ work directly impacts Nevada’s economy
and continues to grow in magnitude. To attend a meeting, donate, or learn more about
becoming a member, visit thechamberofcannabis.org, or reach out to their team at

For more information about SB 277 and its impact on the cannabis industry, please contact:
Media Contact
Dani Baranowski
Chamber of Cannabis

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