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New Jersey Pharmacy Looking to Double as Marijuana Dispensary

A possible win for New Jersey, according to news sources, as a local pharmacy in Camden looks to make history when it achieves its goal to operate as a drug store and marijuana dispensary for both medical and recreational cannabis. This achievement will mark the first of its kind in the city of Camden.

With an impressive 90-year history that saw the selling of cannabis back in the 1930s, Bell Pharmacy has found a unique way to achieve this while still complying with cannabis-centric pharmacy, and federal and state regulations. The pharmacy is currently waiting for approval regarding its annual cannabis license. 

From 1931 To 2022, History Sees A Revamp

Bell Pharmacy’s history sits where marijuana legalization happened in 2020. The official legal sale of cannabis to adults 21 and older occurred in April 2022. It was in 2022 that customers of the pharmacy started enquiring about the sale of cannabis at the pharmacy. However, in early 2023, the property will renovate its second floor, with the marijuana dispensary added. 

This renovation and addition of a marijuana dispensary will see the business come full circle since its sales of weed during the 1930s—a time even before alcohol prohibition in the country. 

From 1931 To 2022, History Sees A Revamp New Jersey Pharmacy

What This Means For The Neighborhood

Should all be approved in March, the surrounding neighborhood is set to benefit immensely. Firstly, the older generation seeking medical cannabis will now have access to it, along with recreational users seeking vapes, gummies, and edibles. 

Product stock within the pharmacy will also increase, with several West Coast suppliers wanting to sell their products in the pharmacy. Furthermore, the pharmacy will increase local employment by hiring individuals with marijuana convictions to work in the store.

What This Means For The Neighborhood New Jersey Pharmacy

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