New Study Supports Entourage Effect For The Best High

The Entourage Effect is a term used to describe the synergistic interaction between various compounds found in cannabis, such as cannabinoids and terpenes. This effect suggests that these compounds work together to enhance each other’s therapeutic benefits and overall impact on the body.

To further explore this concept, PAX and Zentrela conducted a study using their respective expertise in cannabis products and EEG (electroencephalography) technology. This study aimed to understand the Entourage Effect by comparing two cannabis products with varying compound compositions.

Understanding the Entourage Effect is crucial for cannabis consumers as it can significantly impact their experience and overall satisfaction with a product. By recognizing how different compounds interact, consumers can make more informed decisions when selecting cannabis products that best suit their needs.


The study was conducted by involving 28 participants split into two groups. The first group of 14 inhaled the Live Rosin PAX Era pod (85% THC), while the second group inhaled the High Purity THC PAX Era (distillate) pod (82-85% THC).

Zentrela’s non-invasive EEG device was used to record brainwave data from 8 different regions of the brain (right and left sides of the frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes). The device uses advanced technology to measure and analyze brain activity, providing objective data on psychoactive effects.

Two EEG Tests were administered before product consumption, and nine more were administered 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, and 90 minutes after product consumption. The results of the tests were then converted into psychoactive effect levels (PEL) on a standardized scale from 0 percent to 100 percent.

Study Results

The study found significant differences between the psychoactive experiences of the two groups. The first study group, which inhaled two hits of the Live Rosin PAX Era pod (85% THC), experienced an onset time of 3 minutes, while the second group, who also inhaled two hits but from the High Purity THC PAX Era (distillate) pod (82-85% THC), had an onset time of 4 minutes.

The first study group with the Live Rosin pod reached a 39% PEL based on the Cognalyzer® brainwave scale at minute 15 post-product inhalation. The maximum PEL of the second study group High Purity THC PAX Era (distillate) pod was 19% PEL, which also happened at the 15-minute post-product inhalation.

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The results of the show to support the Entourage Effect in the Live Rosin PAX Era pod with more terpenes and cannabinoids offer a faster onset high and more potent psychoactive response compared to the High Purity THC PAX Era (distillate) pod and suggest that THC alone is not the sole contributor to potency. Instead, a combination of terpenes and cannabinoids seems to be the sweet spot.

A Higher % May Not Always Be Better

While some consumers may solely rely on the high THC percentage when selecting a cannabis product, this study highlights the importance of considering the full spectrum of compounds present. The Entourage Effect and this study suggest that these compounds work together to enhance each other’s effects and provide a more well-rounded experience.

“Consumers looking for psychoactive effects typically shop for cannabis products based on THC, which is a bit of a fallacy,” said Brian Witlin, VP of Product Development at PAX in a press release, “In the spirit of continuing to advance cannabis research and understanding of the plant — which has been far too limited for much too long — we wanted to demonstrate through scientific study how full spectrum products with the full range of terpenes and cannabinoids have a more profound impact on the onset and ultimate cannabis experience. We hope this type of insight helps consumers understand that shopping for products based on THC% alone is not the leading indicator of expected experience.”

With this in mind, consumers should be aware of the composition of their chosen cannabis products and consider the potential benefits of a full spectrum product.

The study conducted by PAX and Zentrela provides valuable insights into the Entourage Effect and its impact on cannabis consumption. Despite not being published in a scientific journal, the methodology used and the results obtained are significant.

These findings highlight the importance of considering more than just THC percentage when selecting a cannabis product. The Entourage Effect shows that various compounds work together to enhance the overall effects and benefits of cannabis.

For consumers and patients, understanding the Entourage Effect can lead to better-informed decisions when selecting the most suitable product for their needs.

By considering all compounds in a product, rather than just its THC percentage, individuals can potentially experience a more effective and enjoyable high.

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