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DeSantis Claims Adult-Use Marijuana Legalization Will Be On November Ballot In Florida

The prospect of adult-use marijuana legalization in Florida has been a contentious and highly debated issue. Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis made headlines by stating that he believes adult-use marijuana will be on the November ballot in Florida.

This prediction has sparked both excitement and controversy among advocates and opponents of legalization. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this proposed amendment and the potential implications for Florida.

DeSantis’ Prediction

As reported by Marijuana Moment, Governor DeSantis made his prediction about recreational marijuana being on the November ballot.

Just days before dropping out of the Presidential race, DeSantis was asked about the prospect of legalization making the Florida ballot by cannabis lobbyist Don Murphy. “I think the court is going to approve that, so it’ll be on the ballot.”

It is unclear whether the governor has received information from the court regarding the status of the ongoing legal challenge or if he is simply making an informed prediction based on the current situation.

As with any proposed cannabis legalization, there were legal challenges that had to be overcome for it to make it onto the ballot. In the case of adult-use marijuana legalization in Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody filed a lawsuit to block the initiative from appearing on the 2024 ballot.

Moody argues that the language in the amendment is misleading and does not accurately reflect its potential impact. She also claims that the amendment violates federal law and could lead to increased crime rates. On the other side, supporters of the amendment argue that it is necessary to address issues such as criminal justice reform and generating tax revenue for the state.

In 2022, Florida voters were set to vote on a proposed amendment that would legalize adult-use cannabis in the state. However, Attorney General Ashley Moody successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to prevent it from appearing on the ballot.

The outcome of this current legal battle remains uncertain, but if the proposed amendment does make it onto the ballot in November, as DeSantis predicts, it will be up to the voters to decide its fate.

Details of the Proposal

If passed, the proposed Smart & Safe campaign, which has over one million signatures from Florida residents supporting it, would allow adults aged 21 and over to purchase recreational marijuana from licensed dispensaries. It would also legalize personal possession of up to three ounces of flower and five grams of concentrate. Following the 24 states that currently have a recreational program. Although it would make adult-use cannabis legal in Florida, it will still deemed illegal under current federal law.

One of the main sources of controversy surrounding this amendment is the involvement of Trulieve, a major medical cannabis company in Florida. They have donated over $40 million to the Smart & Safe campaign, leading some to question their motives and potential influence over the industry if adult-use marijuana becomes legal in the state.

Critics of the amendment also point out the lack of equity provisions, such as expungement of previous cannabis-related offenses and opportunities for minority-owned businesses to enter the market. Additionally, some are concerned about the lack of homegrown marijuana allowance in the proposal.

Governor Ron DeSantis has been vocal about his stance on marijuana legalization in Florida. While he personally may not support recreational use, he has repeatedly stated that he will respect the will of the people and allow them to determine the outcome through voting.

This aligns with recent polls showing strong support for legalization among Florida voters. In fact, a poll conducted by the University of North Florida’s Public Opinion Research Lab found that a whopping 67% of respondents supported the proposed amendment. This widespread support highlights the changing attitudes towards marijuana and its potential for legalization in Florida.

Overall, the prediction by Governor DeSantis that adult-use marijuana legalization will be on the November ballot in Florida is welcome news for residents and the cannabis industry in the state. However, there are still legal challenges to overcome and concerns surrounding the proposed amendment.

While DeSantis believes that the Supreme Court will approve the measure, it is important to note that his statement is not a guarantee. The ongoing legal battle, led by Attorney General Ashley Moody, must be resolved before the amendment can even have a chance to make it onto the ballot.

Furthermore, some supporters of legalization are concerned about the lack of important issues addressed in the proposed amendment, such as social equity programs, expungement of cannabis-related offenses and homegrown marijuana allowance.

It is also worth mentioning that Trulieve, the largest medical marijuana company in Florida, has donated $40 million towards this legalization effort. This raises questions about their potential motives and what they stand to gain from the proposed amendment.

If passed, there are concerns that the legalization of adult-use cannabis could lead to a monopoly in the industry, as feared by Attorney General Moody.

Ultimately, the decision will be in the hands of Florida residents, who must vote with a 60% majority for the amendment to pass. Recent polls have shown strong support for adult-use marijuana legalization in the state, and it remains to be seen whether this support will translate into a successful ballot initiative.

So, while there are still challenges and concerns surrounding this issue, the possibility of having adult-use marijuana legalization on the November ballot in Florida is certainly an exciting prospect for many.

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