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Preserving Cannabis Culture and Genetics Takes Center Stage with the Humboldt Legacy Project, HENDRX, and MOCA Humboldt Partnership

Humboldt County, USA – In a groundbreaking collaboration that marries heritage and innovation, the Humboldt Legacy Project, dedicated to the preservation, authentication, and empowerment of the “legacy” cannabis culture, is thrilled to unveil a monumental partnership surrounding the extraordinary Humboldt Legacy Project Skunk #1 No. 1 (HLPS1). This cultivar, a direct descendant of David Watson’s original Skunk #1 lineage, renowned for its triumphant victory at the first High Times Cup in Amsterdam in 1988, not only echoes the rich history of cannabis but also symbolizes its ever-evolving journey.

The legacy of David Watson’s pioneering work endures as Martel Yip, in 2019, selected and contributed this exceptional selection to the Humboldt Legacy Project in collaboration with HENDRX. The aim: to discover pathways to preserve the essence of cannabis culture and safeguard it for generations to come. The validity of HLPS1 as a living relic has been meticulously confirmed through exhaustive genetic sequencing orchestrated by Medicinal Genomics. This rigorous process has unearthed an invaluable treasure trove of authenticity. As the strands of DNA were examined and decoded, the analysis not only affirmed the historical significance of this cultivar but also uncovered the existence of rare genetic variants that set it apart as an unique gem amidst the mosaic of tested cannabis varieties. HLPS1 has been time
stamped in Canopyright in order to start building data around the cultivar and to ensure accountability around it.

The synergy of vision between the Humboldt Legacy Project and HENDRX is nothing short of inspirational. Together, they have embarked on a journey that transcends cultivation and delves into the very heart of heritage preservation. HENDRX, a torchbearer of heirloom genetics, found a kindred spirit in the Humboldt Legacy Project. Their united mission centers around the nurturing, cultivation, and amplification of the living history encapsulated in our legacy genetic libraries. This strategic collaboration serves as the bedrock of their joint endeavor to ensure that the treasure trove of cannabis genetics endures the tests of time and the changing tides of the industry.

The founder of Humboldt Grace and creator of the Humboldt Legacy Project, Lelehnia DuBois envisions a future where the authentic and transformative “back to land” cannabis culture flourishes. Enthusiasts, cultivators, and connoisseurs all contribute to a vibrant tapestry that connects generations and spans eras. The Humboldt Legacy Project’s mission, driven by an unwavering commitment to discovering pathways for archival, authentication, and evaluation of cannabis genetics, paves the way for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the plant and its storied past.

In a bold stride forward, MOCA Humboldt emerges as a stalwart pillar of support for this transformative initiative. In alignment with HENDRX and the Humboldt Legacy Project, MOCA Humboldt solidifies its commitment to the holistic growth of the cannabis community. MOCA Humboldt is a small vertically integrated company in Humboldt County with a focus on small batch soil grown indoor cannabis. They do everything by hand, and with much care and intention, striving to give the plant the best possible chance to thrive and express its highest potential. By cultivating the HLPS1 strain, collecting meticulous cultivation data for the Humboldt Legacy Project, raising awareness, and facilitating public access to these revered legacy genetics within the licensed market, MOCA Humboldt makes a resounding statement of intent. Their actions speak to the power of collaboration and the shared responsibility of nurturing the
legacy of cannabis.

As the Humboldt Legacy Project and MOCA Humboldt join hands, the cannabis industry witnesses the beautiful symphony of tradition harmonizing with innovation. With each growth cycle, with every tenderly nurtured bud, the story of cannabis culture continues to evolve, grow, and reverberate across generations.
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For media inquiries, interviews, and additional information, please contact:
Lelehnia DuBois
Founder, Humboldt Grace
Director, Humboldt Legacy Project


About the Humboldt Legacy Project:
The Humboldt Legacy Project is an all-volunteer initiative of Humboldt Grace, a DreamMaker of The Ink People, a 501[c]3 nonprofit organization. Its mission revolves around preserving, authenticating, and empowering the “legacy” cannabis culture, cultivating pathways to archive, authenticate, and value cannabis genetics. Through innovation and collaboration, the Humboldt Legacy Project seeks to discover pathways for the archival, authentication, and valuation of cannabis genetics.

HENDRX embodies a progressive ethos in cannabis. While crafting top-tier cannabis genetics remains a cornerstone of their mission, their commitment goes beyond the plant. Rooted amongst the redwoods and rugged shoreline of northern Humboldt County, HENDRX has been cultivating and sharing elite cannabis genetics with serious growers in one of the most dynamic cannabis cultivation regions in the world. HENDRX grew out of a passion for sharing genetics and building upon the rich culture that has evolved throughout the decades in Humboldt County, California. The HENDRX team possesses a nuanced expertise in creating and identifying premier cultivars and delivering them to hobbyists and licensed commercial cultivators. By aligning with the Humboldt Legacy Project, HENDRX ensures that the roots of cannabis culture run deep in the soils they tend, and the genetics they cultivate are preserved for posterity.

Contact: Daniel Hendricks daniel@hendrx.farm

About MOCA Humboldt:
MOCA Humboldt is a small vertically integrated company from Eureka in Humboldt County with a focus on small batch soil grown indoor cannabis. By doing everything by hand and with much care and intention, the MOCA Team strives to give the plant the best possible chance to thrive and express its highest potential, and then get those flowers to consumers in the most unadulterated form as possible for maximum enjoyment and effect. MOCA Humboldt produces a variety of brands and products from hash to edibles and can be found in dispensaries around the state. Through this partnership with the Humboldt Legacy Project, MOCA Humboldt exemplifies the potential of collaboration in propelling the industry toward a brighter future.

Contact: Aaron Salles aaron@mocahumboldt.com

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