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ALTRD.TV will provide global viewers direct access to the “Academy Awards of Cannabis” for free starting with Emerald Cup Session panels on Saturday, June 25th at 11AM PDT culminating with the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards at 6PM PDT on the Emerald Cup Channel
Emerald Cup Awards broadcast
Photo Credit: Emerald Cup
Last month, the close-knit Emerald Cup (@theemeraldcup) community gathered together in Hollywood for the first time, showcasing the top cultivators and craftspeople in California cannabis. The journey to the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards ( kicked off last December at the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball in Santa Rosa, California, opening the entry window for the world’s largest and most diverse annual cannabis competition. Throughout the spring of 2022, over 90 official Emerald Cup Judges sampled the best of the best, meeting virtually and in person with their fellow Judges to rank the anonymized entries. This long, thoughtful process culminated with the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards with a live event recorded on May 14, 2022 with over 1,000 attendees at the Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood, California.
Emerald Cup
Photo Credit: Emerald Cup
For those eager to relive the epic celebration of Cannabis culture and community, ALTRD.TV ( brilliantly presents the entire evening once again on the Emerald Cup Channel,  highlighting over 200 winners from over 700 entries along with six thought-provoking Emerald Cup Sessions speaker panels, and much more. The dedicated channel also makes available over 100 pieces of premium educational and entertaining Emerald Cup programming from past events HERE.
Photo Credit: Emerald Cup
“We are excited to provide viewers all over the world with the opportunity to experience the 2022 Emerald Cup Awards again exclusively on ALTRD.TV,”  says the Chief Operating Officer at ALTRD.TV, adding, “As we continue to expand our partnership and further collaborate with the legendary organization, it’s important to us to give new and returning audiences the chance to witness the overwhelming sense of community that the Cup brings to the culture year after year.” 
Emerald Cup Awards broadcast
Photo Credit: Emerald Cup
The continuing media partnership between ALTRD.TV and the Emerald Cup represents cannabis culture preservation at its finest with the platform providing a permanent beacon in fans of authentic, grassroots programming across the globe.
  • 11:00am PT | Artisanal Cannabis Concentrates.

Small batch, hand-crafted, premium, top-quality concentrates. Is this a marketing trend or consumer targeting that welcomes the combination of science, innovation and passion for artisanal products. Is flavor, ingredients, solventless vs. butane all that important?

Moderator: Todd McCormick | Founder, Authentic Genetics Seed Company
Elise McRoberts | Founder, The Hashinista, Chief Of Strategy, Schackow Farms
The Dank Duchess | Hashish Consultant, Writer
Sarah Jane Bergman | Hash Sommelier, Certified Ganjier
Dorian Schraner | Founder, Beezle Brands
  • 12:00pm PT | Small Farms Evolution. From Survival to Success. CuratedBy Origins Council.

Advocates representing the historic small farming community in the Emerald Triangle discuss the incredible people, practices, and products for which their region has become world-famous, and the unique ways their legacy community is coming together to take on a market currently dominated by big money and extractive corporate interests.

Moderator: Genine Coleman, Executive Director, Origins Council
Jenn Proccaci | Co-Owner, Operator, Co-Founder, WildLand Cannabis, Radio Host, Cannabis Hour
Swami Chaitanya | Co-Founder Swami Select Farms
Michael Katz | Executive Director, Mendocino Cannabis Alliance, Regional Chair, Origins Council, Film Producer, Lady Buds
  • 1:00pm PT | What Does Weed Mean To You? A Personal Journey.
During this conversation 1st Place Winners from The Emerald Cup for Sungrown, Mixed Light and Indoor categories will share their insights on different cultivation styles and what it means to win “best in class”, how they got there and where they are going.
Moderator: Jennifer Proccaci | Co-Founder, WildLand Cannabis, Radio Host Cannabis Hour
Alex Rauber | Head Of Development, Marketing, Sales Manager, Local Cannabis Company
Ted Blair, Founder, Canna Country Farms
  • 2:00pm PT | Plant Therapies: It’s Not All About The Macrodose.
Macrodosing to microdosing with psychedelics. A discussion about clinical, social and cultural perspectives in this space. Is moderation the best course of action and what is the next trend in self-care and home wellness using psychedelics whether LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca or other plant-based medicine to help with everyday anxiety, PTSD and/or addiction issues.
Luna Stower, MAT | VP of Ispire, Educator, Healer
Colin Wells, Founder, Veterans Walk And Talk

Kole Whitty | CEO, Tahkole Bio Integration LLC, Co-Author, The Condor Approach

  • 3:00pm PT | The Keys to the Cannabis Code: Propagating the Genetic Knowledge of the Vintage Tastemakers. Curated by Humboldt Seed Company.
The vintage tastemakers and the original cannabis sommeliers hold the keys to the code when it comes to creating the diverse cannabis varietals, we will all enjoy in the future. Whether you call it heritage, legacy, or OG doesn’t really matter, but what’s important is that this highly experienced, knowledgeable group of skilled, long-term breeders, hold the genetic building blocks and hands-on knowledge to bring the important characteristics and diversity of endangered terpenes and landraces forward into the future. Retaining what’s unique and special, and from a medical perspective what’s effective is vitally important. This pool of knowledge can and should be tapped to ensure that the future is full of diversity, interesting terpenes and amazing flavors. Breeders are tasked with creating what the new commodity marketplace demands, but they are also the stewards of ancient and heritage strain knowledge that we can’t afford to lose.
Moderator: Jimi Devine | Writer, Journalist
Todd McCormick | Founder, Authentic Genetics Seed Company
Mark Greyshock | Founder, Greenshock Farms
Shiloh Massive | Founder, Massive Creations Seed Bank
Haley Pennington | Products Executive, Humboldt Seed Company 
  • 4:00pm PT | Emerald Cup Terpenes Classification – What We Learned.
This panel of experts discuss highlighting and honoring the way terpenes interact with one another to create the familiar flavors that connoisseurs crave in cannabis, using sensible category names that everyone from seasoned smokers to the canna-curious can relate to and likely gravitate toward. Jaded cannabis consumers are finally tuning in to the fact that buying cannabis products based on THC totals alone rarely leads to an optimal experience.
Moderator: Michael Backes | Co-Founder, Product Officer at Perfect,  Author of Cannabis Pharmacy, Advisor at Maui Grown Therapies
Steven Haba, Operations Manager at Molecular Farms
Mark Lewis, President, NaPro Research
Alec Dixon – Co-Founder, SC Labs
  • 6:00pm PT | 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards Show (2022)
Landing in Hollywood for 2022, Emerald Cup is now the world’s premier virtual cannabis destination and iconic live event. While advancing the concept of sustainable, sun-grown farming, the 17-year old organization’s reputation is firmly solidified as the largest, most-respected cannabis competition in the world. As a group, The Emerald Cup prides itself in bringing together the leading experts in the cannabis industry to educate and inspire our fellow farmers, patients, and patrons each year. A community celebration that has grown to become a global movement honoring the year’s finest, organic, sun-grown, cannabis harvest as well as the finest cannabis products available. The Cup has stood as a celebration of excellence and over the years has seen founder Tim Blake recognized as a guardian of the industry. ( IG: @theemeraldcup)
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