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Product Review: Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy

cheeba chews fruit taffy review beard bros pharms

Brand/Product: Cheeba Chews (https://www.cheebachews.com/) Cannabis Infused Fruit Taffy

Contains: 10 x 10mg THC Fruit Taffy pieces, 100mg THC total, Total sub-cannabinoids vary by product

Variety Reviewed: Strawberry “Wake & Bake”, Lemon Meringue “Balanced”, Sour Apple “Balanced”, Strawberry “Chews & Chill”

Beard-Bros-Pharms-Cheeba-Chews If you have not read our
trippy little stroll down memory lane with our Cheeba Chews profile, that’s a great place to start. But today we are going many milligrams deep into the Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy lineup with an official Beard Bros Pharms review of this most recent twist on an old-school, grassroots, best-selling brand of cannabis edibles.

Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy – The REAL HighChew

We were all lied to, fam.

Ok, that might be a bit harsh in some cases, but let’s just say we were misinformed, for years, when it comes to the true potency of cannabis edibles and the resulting effects.

When Prop 64 passed in California and the final regulations stated that cannabis edibles sold in the adult-use recreational marketplace could contain no more than 100mg of THC, and must offer the consumer individual “servings” no greater than 10mg of THC, a collective groan erupted from the grassroots cannabis community who, like us, felt that our higher tolerance to THC would make dispensary-bought edibles a thing of the past.

Before LeGaLiZaTiOn,  it was not uncommon for Cali-based weed shops to have edibles on the shelf touting hundreds, or even thousands, of milligrams of the psychoactive cannabinoid… and we ate them!

But here’s the truth. If the main ingredient (the cannabis extract) is proper, and the delivery agent (the candy or food) is proper, 100mg of THC is probably plenty for 99% of the population.

Get yourself a pack of Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy if you need proof.

We grabbed handfuls of four different packs last time we re-upped our stash for the Beard Bros crew:

  • Cheeba Chews Strawberry “Chews & Chill” (Indica)
    10mg THC, 1.5mg CBN per serving
  • Cheeba Chews Lemon Meringue “Balance” (Hybrid)
    10mg THC per serving
  • Cheeba Chews Strawberry “Balance” (Hybrid)
    10mg THC per serving
  • Cheeba Chews Strawberry “Wake & Bake” (Sativa)
    10mg THC, 5mg CBD per serving

For this review, we will chew on these four different “flavors”, but as you’ll see from our experience, taste is subjective but getting stoned enough to ponder your minuscule spot in the universe is divine.

Microdose? Macrodose? Cheeba Chews Got You!

One of the biggest disappointments in the edibles sector – and, really, in LeGaL weed in general – is in the often awkward and wasteful balance that brands strike between staying cool and staying compliant.

Too often, the result is 10 cannabis-infused chips crumbled into countless crumbs before the consumer even opens the bag, or a bunch of well-thought-out gummy shapes melted into an amorphous blob on the long journey to retail.

Not only is this NOT how a brand wants to make their impression on a consumer, but it completely negates the purpose behind the 10x10mg rule which is to provide accurate dosing options for those consumers.

This brings us to the first thing we love about Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy, the packaging.

Yes, the branding on the front of the package is on point – both eye-catching and informative.

Beard Bros Pharms Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy Review 1

The back, as we’ve come to expect with all foods, contains even more info but like your mama always told you growing up, it’s what’s inside that counts. 

Tearing into a Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy Pack, 10 perforationally-conjoined, individually-encased and sealed squares of cannabis-infused chews are revealed.

Peeling back the seal on a single square shows something akin to a Starburst mini which, at first glance, could appear to be an impending challenge to remove from the casing it is housed in.

Beard Bros Pharms Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy Review 2

To our delight, each square casing easily breaks away from the rest, and that casing easily breaks away at each corner, with hidden perforation making it an easy task to get at your 10mg of THC.

Beard Bros co-founder (and official Edibles Judge of the 18th Annual Emerald Cup) Jeff Levers agrees, saying, “I really like the packaging and ease of getting each one out. It could have been something that deterred from future buys if it was overly difficult to open but they thought of the end-use consumer from the jump.”

Knowing that all Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy products are 3rd-party lab tested for both purity and potency, and seeing these 10 squares laid out so neatly, it is easy for a consumer to be confident in the dosage of each individual serving.

In my household, I consume cannabis every day, several times a day, and have since the mid-90s. My lady, on the other hand, does not smoke and is just now becoming curious about edibles.

When she knows she can sleep in the next day, she likes to nibble a quarter of a square, or less, of the Cheeba Chews Strawberry “Chews & Chill” Fruit Taffy, and she is out like a light within 10 minutes. Maybe 2.5mg of THC. For someone who doesn’t really like candy, that’s less than one Skittle and she’s snoozin’.

I have found that the remainder of her piece, plus one more full square, shuts me down for a solid 7-8 hours as well. With a Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy and a skyhigh tolerance level, 15-18mg of THC reliably offers a welcome rest stop for my ever-racing brain.

I can remember putting away what I thought was 500mg+ at a pre-LeGaLiZaTiOn Rebelution concert, and I got incredibly ripped for sure, but by this new math, I should have been nearly comatose.

So, in the name of science (and of getting ripped), I popped five squares of the Cheeba Chews Lemon Meringue “Balanced” Fruit Taffies last night as I crawled into bed and out of this dimension.

With the five mini-squares in my mouth, I merged them into one and just slowly chewed and chewed and chewed, keeping it all on the tips of my tastebuds as long as possible. The powerful lemon palette gave way to the familiar flavor of high-grade hash creating a cascade of saliva that finally forced me to swallow the citrusy treat or be drowned by it.

Glancing at my nightstand, the five torn-down pieces of packaging resembled blown-out shell casings and it was shortly thereafter that I died for a while.

Not really, of course. Nobody dies from cannabis. But boy did I touch the void, my friends!

In hindsight, I wonder if my insistence on not swallowing led to a rapid-onset sublingual delivery of some significant portion of the 50mg of THC that I was gnawing on for so long. More experiments are needed 😉

What I know for sure is that I experienced the two most common results of a cannabis edibles overdose – I questioned my tiny role in an ever-expanding universe then I got a great night’s sleep.

My second experiment was to compare the Strawberry “Chews & Chill” to the Strawberry “Wake & Bake”, with the former combining 10mg THC with 1.5mg CBN per serving, and the latter combining 10mg THC with 5mg CBD per serving.

To be honest, they both gave me a good night’s sleep with a dosage anywhere between 10mg-20mg, and I personally do not “Wake & Bake” with edibles, ever. I certainly would refrain from eating any hyper-relaxing CBN while I have anything I need to do, so the “Chews & Chill” descriptor is probably pretty accurate.

I also caught a brief glimpse of the future while conducting these experiments and I saw many of you furiously tapping your phone screens to comment that 50mg is for babies, that you can eat 5000mg, that edibles don’t affect you, and on and on.

It is true that I am confined to the narrowness of my own life experience and my own relationship with cannabis, but with their success rooted in 13 years of earned respect from the cannabis culture, it’s safe to say that a lot of people are asking for Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffy products at their local dispensary, too.

If you don’t see them in your local shop, show them this Beard Bros review and tell them you want the good stuff!


“We really enjoy these Cheeba Chews Fruit Taffies.
They got us reliably high, every single time.”
– Bill Levers, co-founder Beard Bros Pharms

A note on the use of the descriptors “Indica”, “Hybrid”, or “Sativa” when referring to cannabis-infused edibles:

Though these three well-known words were commonplace in cannabis lingo for many years, their oversimplified meanings of “Tired”, “In Between”, and “Wired” have rapidly lost relevance when the goal is to truly define the nuanced differences between cannabis cultivars and even product types.

We have come to learn that the natural ratio of terpenes expressed by specific cannabis cultivars plays a large role in how each plant will affect different types of consumers. 

We also know that the efficacy of consuming edibles has a lot to do with digestion, unlike smoking or vaping cannabis. This further renders the terpene conversation moot when discussing edibles.

All this is to say, we have never had the terms “Indica”, “Hybrid”, or “Sativa” influence our purchasing decisions when it comes to edibles.

Cheeba Chews gives consumers the information they need, in a variety of ways, so we don’t knock their score for the use of these terms.

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