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Report Shows Promise For Hawaii Adult-Use Sales

promise hawaii adult use sales

On the political front, online news reports reveal that Hawaii could see potential $50 million in state tax revenue should the legalization of adult-use cannabis, without prescription, be passed.

The current legislation efforts will see adults using, possessing, cultivating and enjoying retail sales of marijuana amounts. Furthermore, as reported online, “MMJ sales in Hawaii could grow to as much as $63 million this year and $74 million in 2023,” as well as create jobs and local tourism.

Previous Issues Faced In The Process

The effects of President Joe Biden’s recent pardoning on federal drug charges has seen the Hawaiian cannabis industry hopeful. Now, the current industry in Hawaii is currently generating $2.5 million in taxes with Hawaii’s medical marijuana program boasting a whopping 33,725 patients.

While relevant authorities and governmental parties are discussing the potential impacts of legalizing adult-use sales, the process to this stage has not been without its hindrances and lengthy debates.

The cannabis industry in Hawaii has been riddled with ‘back and forths’, “market structure and regulation” problems and uphill battles with the governor who has continued, throughout the journey, to express concerns regarding policy implementation and how it potentially might conflict with federal law. Even in 2021, a Senate-approved bill to legalize cannabis fell flat when it failed to process past a House committee by a certain deadline.

Then there was Outgoing Hawaii Gov. David Ige who opposed recreational use and this influenced state lawmakers from moving to legalization in recent years. Not forgetting the “Several legalization proposals carried over from the prior year, but none were called for a hearing or vote in either chamber,” as reported online.

Legalization Would Be Beyond Beneficial For All

When it comes to tourism, legalization of adult-use cannabis would catapult the local tourism scene drastically. “Hawaii has the opportunity, if it chooses, to augment its tourism industry and create unique, Hawaii-branded cannabis, CBD, and hemp products related to the iconic Hawaii experience. There is undoubtedly enormous economic potential associated with both Hawaii cannabis tourism and Hawaii cannabis products,” reports online news sources. This would in turn significantly create employment, with job creation benefiting the local residents, and subsequently boost the economy.

Online sources also report about the positive impact legalization of adult-use cannabis would have on the local agricultural industry, stating, “Hawaii’s earlier crops, such as pineapple and sugar cane, are long gone, and since they are not financially sustainable, they will not be returning. Premium agricultural products are hard to come by. But this one makes sense.”

Other benefits will also include adult-use maijuana sales being invested in  “our mental healthcare system for the good of all. Overall, to legalize adult-use would benefit Hawaii on all fronts.

The Hope Is For All In Hawaii To Enjoy Their First Hit, Even Adults

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