Psychedelic Business Community Gathers in Las Vegas to Advance Industry and Demystify Misconceptions

Denver, CO, December 11, 2023—Last week business and mission-driven psychedelic professionals gathered at the second annual reMind Psychedelics Business Forum in Las Vegas.
The 2023 reMind Psychedelics Business Forum brought in-depth conversations to the stage that addressed the power of these medicines, explored key learnings from new businesses that have opened in Oregon, analyzed the opportunities for psychedelic retreats, wellness centers and ketamine clinics, stressed the critical importance of safety and harm reduction, and provided practical advice for anyone looking to succeed in this field — whether in a for-profit or nonprofit business model.

Over the course of the two-day conference, key industry trailblazers such as Katherine MacLean and Veronica Lightning Horse Perez shared personal reflections and transformations. While Raad Seraj, a prominent angel investor described his journey through poverty, addiction, and xenophobia. Chris Claussen, a successful innovator and entrepreneur, described how he witnessed first-hand the incredible power mushrooms have to transform lives.
Additional topics included: Decriminalization, Gifting and Gray Markets: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know; Psychedelic Retreats and Wellness Centers: Insider Strategies for Success; Functionals, Microdosing, and Brain Health: The Latest Research and Trends; and Mushroom Testing: Psilocybin and Beyond.

 All of these talks and panel sessions will be available soon on demand at

“Over the past year, the reMind team has been immersed in the psychedelics business community — a community driven by professionals who believe in the healing power of these medicines, who want to help people, who are led by their hearts, who come to psychedelics from a personal place and not a financially opportunist place,” opened Brad Dunn, editor of reMind. “This is the real psychedelic business community that’s doing the real work and taking the real risks to turn a promising idea into a working reality.” reMind’s mission is to support the people and businesses who share this viewpoint, and who are laying the foundations of a new industry that can safely deliver psychedelics to anyone and everyone who might benefit from them.
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Through digital resources and in-person events, reMind serves as the platform for building, connecting, and educating diverse communities that share a common goal of increasing access to psychedelics and propelling the industry forward. We will provide a vibrant meeting ground to connect science and industry; healthcare and legislation; ancient remedies and modern medicines. As a trusted source of news and insights, we offer facts, not hype. We are unbiased, not on a bandwagon. We bring you the latest updates in psychedelics—including legislation, research, investments, business news, and pharmaceutical trials.
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