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Psychedelics And Professional Athletes

Athletes have always been role models in society, with their feats of strength and endurance inspiring countless people to strive to be like them or live healthier lives. Recently, professional athletes have begun being more vocal about using psychedelics for therapeutic reasons – leading to an increase in the popularity of psychedelic use among other athletes from all across the sports world.

From retired pro athletes making ayahuasca retreats in Jamaica, Beard Bros Pharms Co-founder Jeff Levers participating with Ricky Wiliams in a mushroom ceremony in Southern California to Aaron Rodgers speaking about his experience with psychedelics on a podcast, it is clear that this trend is gaining momentum.

Why Athletes Are Turning to Psychedelics

The benefits of psychedelic treatments for professional athletes have become increasingly clear. Studies show that psychedelic therapy can help alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. The use of psychedelics has been demonstrated to reduce fear and increase mental clarity, both of which are essential for optimal performance in athletic competition.

In addition, the therapeutic effects of psychedelics allow athletes to process feelings and emotions more effectively, which may lead to improved self-confidence and better overall well-being.

Despite the increasing acceptance of psychedelics as a potential treatment for mental health issues, there is still a stigma surrounding taking medication for mental illness in pro sports.

For example, Daniel Poneman, an NBA agent, speaks out about this issue in a recent ESPN documentary called Peace of Mind. He explains that many professional athletes are hesitant to admit they’re struggling with mental health because they don’t want to be seen as weak or vulnerable. This results in them not seeking help when they need it most. It is important to destigmatize the use of medication for mental illness so that more professional athletes can get the help they need.

Famous Professional Athletes Who Turned to Psychedelics for Medication

Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, has spoken about his experience with psychedelics on a podcast. He believes using these substances can help reduce stress and increase self-love.

Mike Tyson is another professional athlete who has gone public with his experience using psychedelics as an alternative treatment option. He’s been open about how it helped him deal with depression and suicidal thoughts in his post-boxing life. In addition, Riley Cote, former NHL player and Co-Founder of the organization Athletes For Care, credits micro-dosing mushrooms with boosting his mental clarity, focus, and creativity.

Lamar Odom credits using psychedelics for helping him cope with the death of his son in 2006 and staying battling drug addiction. These stories demonstrate the potential power of psychedelics as an alternative treatment option for professional athletes.

The narratives around psychedelics are growing more complex all the time. Professional athletes are now among those who are looking to this powerful medicine as a viable option to treat physical and mental health issues.

With more stories hitting the public sphere, hopefully, this awareness can destigmatize the use of psychedelics and pave the way for more athletes to get the treatment they need.

Destigmatizing By Personal Experience

By some athletes speaking publicly about their own experiences using psychedelics, it could possibly help shed light on this powerful medicine as an alternative treatment option for physical and mental health concerns.

This could lead to more people seeking psychedelic therapy, which would benefit both individuals and society. Millions of Americans are estimated to live with a mental illness, but how many receive proper medical care?

Psychedelic therapy could be a safe and effective way to treat these issues without pharmaceuticals or other conventional treatments.

In addition, professional athletes who openly discuss their use of psychedelics positively could also help destigmatize its use. This could lead to more research on the efficacy of psychedelics and better access to treatment for those who need it.

The narrative around psychedelics is changing rapidly, and these athletes are leading the charge in normalizing its use as an alternative medication.

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