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One Trip to the Hardware Store & You Can Be Tripping on Homegrown Hallucinogens

Regardless of what that dude who your friend sort of knows might be charging for an 8th of “magic mushrooms”, you can realistically see yields of your own homegrown version that might cost you 50-100x on the street compared to what you spent in cultivation costs. Again, once re-sterilized, almost everything you invested in is being reused over and over saving you money, time, and peace of mind.

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Will We Eventually Have Psilocybin Dispensaries… Should We?

Something as natural as water has been branded and bottled for mass consumption for years but now in times of strife, the store shelves are empty and the stuff coming out of the tap is nasty. So before we package another part of nature maybe we ought to ask if we need to, or if we are even supposed to.

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A Brief 50,000 Year History of Our Relationship with Psilocybin Mushrooms

There are a lot of counterculture media outlets today, but we cannot think of another one that literally uses the founders’ faces as its logo the way we do here at Beard Bros. Pharms. As such, no matter where we go, we are instantly recognized in person as ‘those dudes that grow fire weed and deliver top-shelf cannabis news’.

This leads to daily conversations with our most engaged and informed peers about the topics currently shaping our culture and for many years, those conversations were centered on cannabis.

Lately, however, no matter where we go, the topic is turning more and more to a different plant medicine – psilocybin. The undeniable uptick in the public’s curiosity about this age-old, all-natural, ultimately safe & potentially healing mushroom-based therapy just so happens to coincide with a peaking of our own exploration into the subject and, so far, what we are learning is life-changing so we want to share it with you.

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