RAW Interview Watch: Rolling Up with the Creator of RAW Papers

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**Note: This interview was conducted in August 2022. RAW has since been caught up in a legal battle with competitor Republic Technologies, with a jury eventually concluding that HBI (the parent company of RAW) engaged in unfair competition and misleading promotional tactics. Despite HBI’s statement they were awarded a total of over a million dollars in damages from Republic Technologies. For more, read here.

Josh Kesselman, founder, and CEO of RAW joined Cash Only for a long video chat in August 2022 about his life as the Prince of Papers.

The man is pretty much the Edison of rolling papers — a lifelong innovator who keeps developing new and future-forward products, despite already running one of the most popular brands in the world.

The CEO is also a content machine, putting himself upfront and center in countless videos that feature rolling tutorials, smoke sessions with notable peers, and other fun loosies that have garnered him millions of followers.

During our conversation, Josh weighed in on the evolution of RAW, detailed his own smoking routines, explained the R&D process behind new inventions, and noted the one famous toker he is yet to share a joint with. As he says himself, “RAWK ON!”

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