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Seed Junky Genetics Sues Berner And Cookies For Breach of Contract and Fiduciary Duty

Seed Junky Genetics and Berner & Cookies are two very well-known brands in the cannabis industry. Seed Junky is renowned for their proprietary cannabis genetics, making them highly sought after as a business partner.

This reputation led to the formation of Minntz, LLC, in collaboration with Berner & Cookies, an agreement that has provided cannabis products to customers and cultivators worldwide.

Berner & Cookies has a reputation as one of the leading brands in the cannabis sector. This company, founded by rapper and entrepreneur Berner, has risen to prominence through its licensing, marketing, and branding.

Their products have been embraced by consumers and praised for being at the cutting edge of innovation. However, the recent lawsuit (as reported by Black Cannabis) with Seed Junky has cast a shadow over their reputation and left many wondering what will happen next.

The stage is set for a legal battle that could have far-reaching implications in the cannabis industry. With accusations of fraud, theft, and misuse of power, this case promises to be an interesting one indeed.

Recent Legal Developments

The recent legal developments in the Seed Junky Vs. Berner & Cookies case has been swift and dramatic. Seed Junky has accused Berner & Cookies of fraud, theft, manipulation of financial data, and misappropriation of profits from Minntz LLC.

Amidst these tumultuous events is a statement made by J Beezy – the founder of Seed Junky – that sheds light on this contentious issue. In his announcement posted on Instagram, he says, “Seed Junky vs. Cookies… We tried our best to be patient and humble despite the obvious issues we were dealing with… but now accountability must happen. Not only for us but also to let everyone know in this industry you must be willing to be ethical partners and break bread.”

The actions of Berner & Cookies have been called into question by Seed Junky, as they allege that the company abused their managerial power and unfairly burdened them with false expenses. Further, it is said that Berner & Cookies pilfered Minntz’s proprietary cannabis genetics, repackaging and distributing them under the Cookies brand or giving them away to affiliated cultivators

Berner responded by making a statement on Instagram, saying “Desperate times call for desperate measures , shout out to all the legacy cannabis operators that handle shit like men . Heavy is the head and when you got motion like this you’re a HUGE target 🎯 and people will try anything for money and attention. This shit is sad, this is the one & only time I’ll speak on this. My lawyers will handle the rest with pure FACTS.”

This legal battle between Seed Junky and Berner & Cookies serves as a cautionary tale for future collaborations in the cannabis industry. The outcome of this case will send a powerful message to both current and prospective partners in the cannabis sector – transparency, trustworthiness, and ethical business practices are essential for any successful partnership.

Furthermore, the consequences of this suit may stretch far beyond those currently involved, potentially leading to new regulations or guidelines in the industry. As such, we anticipate more updates on these landmark legal battles over the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned for further developments on this story.

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