Source Cannabis Takes Legal Action Against Eaze

Eaze has found itself in yet another lawsuit. At this rate they will soon have as many or more court dates than Trump or Cookies.

Los Angeles, California – Source Cannabis, a legacy brand established in 2003, has filed a
lawsuit against Eaze Technologies, Inc., alleging that Eaze’s cannabis line, “Circles,” is
misleading consumers. The lawsuit focuses on Eaze’s use of Source Cannabis’ trademarked
logo to endorse their products, causing confusion among consumers and harm to Source
Cannabis’ reputation.

“We have full confidence in winning this case, given that Eaze utilized a logo bearing an
unmistakable resemblance to Source Cannabis. Our brand identity centers on cultivating
some of the purest top-tier cannabis. What Eaze was unaware of is our trademark
protection of the Circle Logo, safeguarding this identity. In the interest of consumers, Eaze
must be held accountable for their actions.” Says Source Cannabis CEO, Amjad Atari.

Source Cannabis made several attempts to reach out to Eaze in hopes of an amicable
resolution, but their efforts went unanswered by the corporate giant.

Eaze, established in 2014 and introducing their cannabis line, “Circles”, in 2021, has
capitalized on the legacy of Source Cannabis by adopting a logo strikingly similar to
Source’s own, which is legally trademarked.

Source Cannabis remains dedicated to offering authentic cannabis experiences and
safeguarding the integrity of legacy players in the cannabis space.

As of this time Eaze has not returned our request for comment.

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