Study Shows “Stoners” Come From All Walks of Life

There is a stereotype of  “stoners” that is slowly but surely being phased out. It used to be that a stoner was a lazy, food-obsessed, unwashed slacker. Kind of like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, but without the Great Dane. These days, stoners come from all walks of life. From the soccer mom to the high-level executive and, of course, the lovable hippy you just want to hug after giving them a shower. The cannabis plant comes in many shapes, flavors, and forms, just like the people who consume it. To dispel the old “stoner” generalization that most heavy pot smokers are young men, the research was done by Receptor Brands, a cannabis-focused creative services firm, Sister Merci, a Canadian cannabis marketing firm, and YouGov, a global opinion and data company, set out to show just how diverse the cannabis community is.

A Study In Cannabis 

One out of every five Americans considers themselves to be “heavy users.” This suggests they smoke at least three times each week. The study also finds that 43 percent self-identify as female, 54 percent are over 35, and 55 percent are parents of children under 18.

The majority of these frequent users did not see themselves as stereotypical “stoners,” nor did they equate their activity with that label. “Most users say that they use marijuana regularly or every day for functional advantages such as relaxing or sleeping. Many of them—particularly parents of small children—have increased their intake in the last year.

In addition to the rate of use, the study focused on heavy users’ choices for cannabis acquisition and the sorts of marijuana they often consumed. Below are some of the research results:

Stoners Habits

The study not only looked at how many demographics indulged in the herb. It also looked at their buying habits and consumption preferences. Some of the statistics that were covered are: 

53% of frequent smokers like to consume flower. 

39% of frequent users like to eat edibles; 

Heavy users (those who consume cannabis daily or more frequently) and light users (those who consume twice a month or less) are inclined to try new items while browsing for cannabis, with 77% and 63%, respectively.

While 51%, the bulk of frequent users, get their weed from a licensed dispensary, 38% still get it illegally from an unlicensed dispensary, online ordering, or dealer. 

26% of frequent smokers get their pot from a friend or family member’s home growing.

It’s Not Just The Figures

Even though the study was conducted on a relatively small sample group of 2,800 people, cannabis users are as diverse as the plant itself. For every strain available on the market, you will find people who use it for many different reasons, from recreational use to medical to psychological to those that just enjoy a good CBD facial scrub. There is a “stoner” from every walk of life you can think of and more. 

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