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Switzerland Green Lights Two Retail Cannabis Dispensaries

Germany-based Sanity Group, in partnership with the Swiss Institute for Addiction and Health Research (ISGF), is making strides in cannabis research. After receiving final approval from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, the two organizations are set to launch “Grashaus Projects,” a groundbreaking study on controlled dispensing of recreational cannabis in Switzerland.

The main purpose of this study is to gather valuable insights on the effects of controlled access to cannabis for potential cannabis regulation in Switzerland. By examining consumption behavior and societal impact, this study aims to inform health policy discussions and promote social acceptance and knowledge transfer around cannabis use.

The approval of this study marks a significant milestone in the ongoing debate surrounding cannabis legalization. With its potential to provide evidence-based data, it could capture international interest as it may pave the way for more countries to follow suit.

“Grashaus Projects”

“Grashaus Projects” is the tittle of the groundbreaking study that will examine the effects of controlled access to cannabis in Switzerland. The study aims to recruit participants and observe their consumption behavior, while also analyzing the societal impact of this control measure.

Leading the way in this study are Sanity Group and ISGF, who have been actively involved in its development and approval process. Both organizations bring their expertise and resources to the table, making this study possible.

Through recording consumption behavior and analyzing societal effects, this study hopes to provide valuable data that can inform health policy decisions not just in Switzerland, but potentially worldwide. As cannabis legalization remains a hot topic, this study has the potential to shape future discussions and regulations.

“The insights gained from the study can contribute to an informed health policy discussion on the responsible use of cannabis and serve as a basis for decisions on long-term regulation,” says Prof. Dr. Schaub in a press release. “In addition, we want to investigate whether we can gain better access to high-risk users with, for example, mental health problems, in order to refer them to appropriate cantonal care centers.”

The cannabis products for this study will initially be dispensed through an initial store in the municipality of Allschwil, with a second location planned for Liestal at a later date. Participants of the study can expect cannabis products such as flowers, extracts, hashish, edibles and vape liquids will be sold.

The “Grashaus Projects” study has the potential to involve nearly 4,000 participants in the territory of Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland.  “After an initial information event to educate about the trial and how to deal with cannabis, a medical aptitude test of the potential participant:s will follow, as well as an online entry survey. If successfully accepted into the study, cannabis can then be obtained legally at the point of sale for a limited time in the future with a participation card. Continuous surveys on consumption behavior and the physical and mental health of the participants will take place every three to six months,” explains Prof. Dr. Schaub

This study sets itself apart from previous cannabis studies approved in Switzerland by allowing participants to legally obtain cannabis at designated stores. This approach is different from traditional methods, such as purchasing through pharmacies or private clubs.

By choosing this method, the study aims to mimic a potential future scenario where recreational cannabis may be regulated and sold through designated retail locations. This will provide valuable data on how this model may affect consumption patterns and societal impact.

One of the key partners in this study is SwissExtract, a company specializing in organic cannabis production. All cannabis products used in the study will be sourced from their facilites.

“Our claim is to provide high-quality products with high delivery reliability as the basis for a sound scientific study. We focus on organic quality, ‘Swissness’ and transparency,” says Stefan Strasser, CEO of SwissExtract. “The entire value chain is united under one roof with us – cultivation, processing and packaging take place exclusively in Switzerland”

With the rise of organic and natural products in various industries, this partnership highlights a potential trend toward more conscientious and sustainable practices in the cannabis market. This is especially relevant as legalizing recreational cannabis would create a new market with opportunities for ethical and environmentally friendly production.

As this study prepares to launch, excitement and anticipation are building. The results of the “Grashaus Projects” study have the potential to shape discussions and policies around cannabis use not just in Switzerland, but potentially on a global scale. “We expect interesting findings from the study – the results will be of international interest,” adds Finn Hänsel, CEO of Sanity Group.

The study is scheduled to begin later this year and will run for five years.

Overall, the “Grashaus Projects” study is an important step towards understanding and normalizing cannabis use in Switzerland and potentially beyond. With its controlled dispensing approach and focus on organic production, this study has the potential to create valuable insights for health policy decisions and promote sustainable practices in the cannabis industry.

As excitement builds for the launch of this study, we can only hope that its results will pave the way for more opportunities and acceptance of cannabis, not just in Switzerland but throughout Europe.

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