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The Buddy Fresh Flowers Kit by Cannascape

If you’ve been a cannabis consumer for any length of time, you have tried every method under the sun to keep your flowers as fresh as possible. You’ve likely had varying degrees of success and a good amount of frustration mixed in. We’ve come a long way from the days of rolled-up sandwich bags and plastic pop tops that quickly leave your buds dry and flavorless, and technology is helping to show us the way, thanks to our friends at Cannascape and The Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit.

Planetary Design has been an industry leader providing storage solutions for coffee, tea, and other food products for more than 15 years. It was only natural for them to expand those premium offerings into the cannabis industry via their subsidiary Cannascape. They did so with the dual hopes of reducing the amount of single-use plastic packaging running rampant in the industry while promoting proper care of your cannabis.

Their brand-new offering, the Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit, takes the tried-and-true Ball mason jar and brings it forward into the 21st century utilizing three distinct new features, The Fresh-Port™ Wide Mouth lid, AirGone™ canister, and Boveda® Terpene Shield™.


“It takes the methods that growers like us have been using for years to produce and preserve top-shelf cannabis and makes them available to everyone in an easy-to-use package.” according to Jeff from Beard Bros.

It all starts with the Fresh-Port™ Wide Mouth, an airtight silicone lid that attaches to any wide-mouth glass jar. This keeps outside air from degrading the flower, but you’re still left with the oxygen inside the jar. Just as oxygen affects other dry goods, by allowing oxygen to stay inside the jar, the THC%, cannabinoids and terpenes in your flower also degrade. 

The Fresh-Port™ Wide Mouth lid allows users to create a perfect, reusable seal and prevent oxidation using the Fresh-Port™ feature. This isn’t your basic jar lid, though, which one look at the top confirms. 

When you grab a bag of potato chips from the grocery store, they always feel like they are half-filled with “air”. What’s really inside isn’t air but rather nitrogen gas, and it’s used to slow down the degradation of the chips and preserve the flavor giving the product a much longer shelf-life. The Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit uses a similar method to help preserve your flowers.

The next step in the process is the use of AirGone™ to slow the oxidation process. The Fresh-Port™ feature is an insertion valve designed to flush out oxygen with AirGone™, a pressurized argon gas can. 

Argon is a non-reactive odorless, tasteless gas heavier than oxygen. With just a 2-second flush of AirGone™, you can prevent freshness degradation by creating a barrier between the flower and the excess oxygen. Displaced oxygen then releases through the degassing valve in addition to burping it of naturally occurring CO2.

The last step to maintaining the freshest flowers is to keep the humidity level as constant as possible. The ideal relative humidity range is 58% to 62%. Maintaining this stable environment protects against overdrying and mold, preventing trichome damage and terpene loss. 

Our friends at Boveda® created the Terpene Shield™ to preserve your flower’s quality and consistency by maintaining the perfect humidity. The Importance of using Boveda®  inspired the Cannascape team to include a built-In strap for the underside of the lid to hold a Terpene Shield™.

We’re typically skeptical of claims made by new products and want to see true data to reinforce those results before we try them out ourselves. 

“A product such as the Flower Kit by Cannascape is a very important ingredient of any type of cannabis storage. Cannabis in its final form takes a minimum of three months or more to come to fruition before making it to the consumer”, says Bill Levers “Improperly stored product can go bad in a little as a week’s time. By using the Buddy Fresh Flower Kit you can keep all that hard work done by the cultivator as fresh as it can be.”

The team at Cannascape is cut from the same cloth, and The Fresh Kit has undergone independent lab testing by Fidelity Diagnostics, the most respected cannabis testing lab in the state of Montana. 

The study included 9 different products being analyzed over a 30-day period, with the Fresh Kit coming out on top. According to the results, the Fresh Kit is 35% more effective in preserving the freshness of THC%, total cannabinoids, and terpenes than an airtight jar. For full test results, see here.

The Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit is the ultimate solution for cannabis storage, providing the best freshness preservation method for cannabis. With its innovative Fresh-Port™ Wide Mouth, AirGone™ canister, and Boveda® Terpene Shield™, this kit covers all your cannabis preservation needs. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or new to the cannabis industry, the Buddy Flowers Fresh Kit is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their cannabis fresh and potent.

Don’t take our word for it, though, head over to Cannascape and pick one up for yourself. Leave your feedback in the comments below!

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