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The First Batch of All New 100% Cured Resin Vape Carts From Alive & Well Sold Out Immediately and the Next One Will Too, Here’s Why

The mouthwatering Live Resin Vaporizer Cartridges from Alive & Well have been a hot commodity in Cali’s cannabis community, and now this Humboldt-headquartered brand is changing the game again with a flavorful line of 100% Cured Resin carts truly produced – and priced – for the people.

With all of the doom and gloom in cannabis news these days, it is always a breath of fresh air to see a well-intentioned company take root and begin to flourish and that is certainly the case with Arcata-based Alive & Well, a brand that is absolutely living up to its name.

Alive & Well makes some of the industry’s highest quality and best-selling vape carts and their highly sought-after products can be found in nearly 100 licensed dispensaries from San Diego in SoCal to Weed, CA up north.

All of that is cool, for sure, but as the headline alluded to Alive & Well has just dropped an entire new line of vaporizer cartridges that not only serves as proof that you do not have to sacrifice quality for affordability, but also provides a game plan for success for any brand hoping to make it in emerging or established weed markets.


What if we told you that you could get a Beard Bros approved vape cart filled with a full gram of strain-specific cured resin for $30 or less out the door at any one of dozens of dispensaries across the state?

Too good to be true? No, this is the new reality in California’s cannabis market since the initial drop of Alive & Well 100% Cured Resin Vape Cartridges recently in Summer 2023.

For that first release, Alive & Well made 8 distinct options available with a blend of exotic and familiar names and genetics like Sour Diesel Lemon, Papaya Berry Runtz, Peanut Butter Breath, LA Kush Cake, and more with each offering unique flavors and effects at a wholesale price point that empowers retailers to pass the amazing savings on to the customers while still running a profitable business of their own.

Now, you know us here at Beard Bros Pharms… we had to ask how the heck they were able to get that price down so low on a product that our crew has been pleasantly blown away by. What corners got cut?

The counter to that jab was so smooth and so clean, it really is a perfect game plan to avoid the big punches that have knocked out so many other brands.

First, the packaging for the new line is great. It is eye-catching, functional, and informative without being at all excessive. 

The vape cart hardware itself is flawless and is the same as you’ll find in the 100% Live Resin line from Alive & Well, as well as with some of the most reputable and best-selling top-shelf brands on the market.

The tight knit team at Alive & Well recently acquired and built out a new lab and manufacturing space in Arcata, in Humboldt County, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle and at the root of California cannabis culture.

This build spared no expense when it comes to the cutting-edge level of technology and climate control that allows Alive & Well to craft products that simply were not possible not that long ago. 

They were able to accomplish this lofty goal without taking on outside investment – a foundational key to their ongoing success – and without mounting a pile of debt. They have invested in themselves and it is now paying off.

This form of DIY ‘horizontal’ integration is what the old school weed game was built on and too many brands forgot that or never learned it to begin with. Keeping the work in house and actually being willing to do the work all while pouring yourself and your profits back into the betterment of what you are building is the blueprint for success.

“Nick, Shane, and I are longtime friends that have worked our asses off to bring to life the cannabis side of the Alive and Well brand. We only want to make what we get excited to smoke. Cured resin, when done right, really captures those distinct flower aromas. We couldn’t be more stoked to share this with the community” adds Alive and Well co-founder James Stegall.

By forming longstanding and trust-backed relationships with flavor-focused farmers for years,  sourcing cannabis for this new 100% Cured Resin line has led to preferred pricing and first right of refusal on some of the highest quality inputs available anywhere. This is especially apparent when you can sample two or more Alive & Well 100% Cured Resin cart flavors side by side to truly appreciate their sometimes-subtle and sometimes-glaring differences in flavor profiles and overall effects.

As with any concentrate, finding the ideal temperature to optimize flavor and effects is crucial when enjoying these Alive & Well vape carts, so using a battery with variable voltage or temperature settings is definitely recommended. 

At the lowest setting on my battery, the Alive & Well Grapes & Cream cart delivered a distinctly Big League Chew level of grapyness up front with an ultra smooth exhale.

Swapping in a Gen Z cart from Alive & Well and keeping the same temp settings, I am greeted with a comforting and familiar chemmy-kush punch with a sweet and fruity finish.


Is it good?

Well, our whole crew has been steadily chiefing on these Cured Resin carts from Alive & Well for weeks now and the flavors we have been hitting have been hitting back! It is reeeeally easy to over-sip on these full spectrum flavor bombs and get a bit more baked than intended.

Our favorite from the Indica options so far has been the Jungle Lava. The Sativa cart that got us going fastest has to be the Strayberries.

If you want a Hybrid to get your head right, it has been a tossup between Gen Z and Grapes & Cream.

Honestly, for the price pick several flavors. Treat yourself because these truly are a treat. I haven’t emptied one yet, they just keep on hitting and hitting. For those reasons, these are easily rated 10/10 by our team. Unbelievable and unbeatable quality for the price.

If so, what’s it cost?

Prices will vary from store to store but we were able to snag some from Catalyst for just $20 each, total out the door! You just can’t beat that for a full gram of 100% Cured Resin in safe, high-quality hardware.

If the price is right, where can I get it?

Alive & Well makes that easy – check out their store locator HERE


What a time to be alive (and well!) and to be blessed with such a hashy matchup to ponder.

Of course, “better” is a highly subjective term that is uniquely defined by whoever you ask. The two are different, and in a fascinating twist of nature, many cannabis cultivars offer wildly different expressions of both cannabinoid and terpene profiles depending on how the crop was harvested and prepared for the hash extraction process.

The fact is, some hash is better “Live”, some is better “Cured”. 

Some brands take a lot of liberty with the term “cured”, thinking it is a clever way to market last October’s unsellable totes, but for Alive & Well it simply means that the crop in question was traditionally harvested and dried, as opposed to the fresh frozen method used for their Live Resin. The 100% Cured Resin Vape Cartridges we got from Alive & Well were crafted using weed that was harvested just a few weeks prior to when we and thousands of others consumed them so, yeah, still very fresh and very flavorful… and less than $30 out the door! Game changer for sure.

California cannabis consumers are blessed to have an affordable top-shelf option like this at their local dispensary and soon the entire west coast will be puffing on these carts as the crew at Alive & Well have their sights set on more organic expansion into Oregon and Washington.

As consumers, we vote with our dollars. When you show up and buy out these drops of Alive & Well carts, not only do the retailers take note, but so do other brands. If we as consumers can convey to the supply-side of the market that we are hip to the fact that high quality cannabis doesn’t have to have a skyhigh price attached to it, we can peer pressure dispensaries and competing brands into more sustainable retail prices for the plant we all love.

Much respect to Alive & Well for helping to lead the way.

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