UK Continues to Stifle Research into Psilocybin

When it comes to expanding global psychedelic drugs markets, the UK is not only lagging far behind the US and the EU, but now the country is further stifling its psychedelic market growth with the recent reluctance to further and fund proper research, and the slow-paying of clinical studies. The country continues to lack efforts to integrate this psychedelic into appropriate, affordable medical environments and treatments.

Promising Results From Clinical Trials Fail To Convince Westminster

While science has proven the health benefits of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, further scientific research is required to create possible treatments. Too expensive for scientists to obtain or fund themselves, the development of new potential treatments has been halted.

The UK’s presiding negative attitude and overriding rules and regulations see psilocybin-based treatments are not feasible or legal, nor would they be a drug actually affordable for the public masses who aren’t able to make use of private medical offerings and facilities due to financial difficulties.

Psilocybin and its potential treatments remain in limbo, with its position in the experimental stage not allowing this psychedelic drug to see its full potential.

Promising Results From Clinical Trials Fail To Convince Westminster

Even with Miraculous Healing Potential, Psilocybin Remains On The Fringes Of Psychiatry

Groundbreaking new findings were reported by online news, which stated, “The latest clinical trial found that a single dose of the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, combined with psychotherapy, helped alleviate depression in nearly a third of patients with severe depression.”

In the same light, psychedelic drugs, including psilocybin, were actually found to effectively treat other mental conditions, including severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and anorexia. Even with medical marvels found within psychedelics, licensing rules and a lack of public funding still overshadow this ingredient’s healing potential and further development.

News sources report, “Research into such drugs involves obtaining a Home Office license. It takes months to find an importer to bring in psilocybin for a trial and costs tens of thousands of pounds to get the medicine from America.”

For these reasons, investment into this new medical drug has not been garnered, especially with the legal stranglehold surrounding this drug. Nevertheless, it is hoped that changing opinions and scientific evidence will remove these obstacles, bring about needed funding and bring forth the “psychedelic renaissance” in the UK and the world.

Failing to do this, along with the continuing pay-to-play model—which sees the rich visiting clients and having access to expensive medical treatments—will see the UK not only heading for the title of ‘Smallest Psychedelic Market In The World’ but heading straight for a disaster. It’s time the country removes pay barriers and moves this field forward.

Even with Miraculous Healing Potential, Psilocybin Remains On The Fringes Of Psychiatry

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