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Weekly Virtual Psychedelic Press Conference to Discuss Latest Psychedelic News Launches

Weekly Virtual Psychedelic Press Conference to Discuss Latest

Music Care Inc has announced the start of a weekly press conference to discuss the most recent developments and research in psychedelic treatment and therapy. The purpose of this virtual press conference is to provide a space for patients, family members, medical professionals and other interested parties to connect with one another and discuss their experiences with psychedelics. The online forum will also serve as an opportunity for guests to ask questions of experts in the field.

Who Is Music Care? 

Music Care Inc is a for-profit educational corporation that creates and delivers programs that teach tools for self-intervention with distress, depression and anxiety, as well as self-care and self-actualization using music.

Music Care is a proponent of holistic healing and alternative medicine, so it’s not surprising they’re spearheading the psychedelics conference.

Music Care Inc is a for-profit educational corporation

The Conference Details 

The company’s first event will be held on Tuesday, December 6th, at 12:00 pm Pacific Time, and conferences will follow in the proceeding weeks this December. This press conference aims to give people a chance to learn about alternative medicines and make their own informed assessments. In addition, the open Q&A sessions will allow the audience to ask questions and share personal experiences to help others in their journey toward knowledge from the comfort of their offices or homes.

One focus of the press conference is suicide intervention for military veterans, many of whom find themselves in a dark place when they take off their uniforms and try and pick up where they left off as civilians. Unfortunately, many veterans struggle with PTSD and other mental health conditions upon the completion of their service. The lack of comprehensive healthcare available to veterans has pushed many to alternative medicine, including psychedelics like Ibogaine. Ibogaine is one of the most promising alternative medicines for treating addiction. It has been shown to help people overcome opiate addictions, and it can also be used to treat alcoholism.

Unfortunately, many people have been denied this potentially life-saving treatment due to DEA scheduling and the heavy stigma surrounding psychedelics.

The Importance Of Open Discussions Around Psychedelics

The press conference on psychedelics was an important step forward for both advocates and skeptics of the medical use of psychedelics.

The fact that this kind of open discussion is now happening is itself a huge step forward for destigmatizing both psychedelic use and users. This type of open-source discourse is exactly what’s needed to push the needle forward while at the same time providing a safe environment for new consumers to learn introductory information from trusted sources.

More research is, of course, needed, but research wouldn’t occur without advocacy like this—and once we have more data, our cultural understanding will be enhanced as well. Ultimately, opening up the conversation around psychedelics opens up conversations around mental health, drug use, America’s criminal justice system, and even indigenous practices too!

For a Zoom link, email: thecausetheband@gmail.com.

Importance Of Open Discussions Around Psychedelics

We are living in a time when the legalization of psychedelics is becoming more and more common. More states are legalizing, the DEA increased production quotas for psilocybin, and the FDA has approved phase 3 clinical trials of psychedelics as a potential treatment for treatment-resistant depression.

Open discussion forums like this one are just part of the growing trend of pro-psychedelic activists in America. More and more people see psychedelic therapy as a valid form of medicine with benefits that far outweigh the risks.

Now that these drugs are gaining traction in America, it’s important that we continue to have open forums like these so that people know how to stay safe while using them responsibly.

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