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Young Adults Continue the Normalization of Weed

young adults normalization weed

Recent news reports and federal data show that young adults in the US are continuing to normalize weed and drive the growing trend of personal choice for marijuana consumption. A growing trend, as stated in news reports, “that points to a potential future of destigmatized marijuana across much of the nation.”

A Positive Direction For Choice, A Greater Impact On A Safer Society

Doing the math on what this all means, it’s easy to work out that the personal choice of a growing young adult population for weed consumption will see a safer society. And fortunately for the US,  there is a significant rise in personal choices being made.

Over the last 12 months, between 40 and 50 percent of US adults between the ages of 19 and 30 made the personal choice to consume pot. Along with this, a young adult population between the ages of 18 and 25 showed 52 percent weed usage. So, what is the outcome of rising personal choices? Let’s do the math.

The equation is simple: young adults are normalizing, and continue to normalize, weed. Other age groups are also choosing the plant over the bottle. And this equation renders a positive outcome for all, and one we advocate.

While many would gasp at the action to advocate for the continuation of young adults to normalize weed, health professionals, government personnel, and esteemed news sites are advocating for young adults in their movement too.

The Hill, in a recent article, revealed the changing US landscape and the acceptance of weed as a daily norm brings benefits for all age groups and society. These health and societal benefits far outweigh the moldy stigma associated with this highly beneficial plant and the negative effects of alcohol use.

Positive Direction Choice Greater Impact On Safer Society

Young Adults’ Personal Choices For Weed Over Alcohol

Not only is the normalization of weed paving the way for positive personal choices of younger generations, but it is these generations of the present that will positively impact the future. Personal choice is one thing; personal choice for public sake is another. And, more positive choices towards marijuana consumption over alcohol will inevitably see a positive impact on a society currently riddled with negative outcomes associated with the bottle.

Normalization of weed will see more groups jumping on the widespread bandwagon of weed over alcohol — a bandwagon already holding 64% of US adults who think CBD is safer than alcohol, as reported by Forbes Health.

While cliche, “Children are the future” is a quote more pressing now than ever before. Children are our future. So are young adults. And, should weed not be normalized and support garnered from all sectors for this normalization, the future is set to be pretty grim — and one fuelled by alcohol consumption.

The personal choice of the US population to consume alcohol rather than pot will see the continuation of a society bursting with violence, anti-social behavior, high crime, domestic abuse, and sexual assault, among other public health issues.

Choosing weed and supporting young adults and an ever-growing trend that sees a future of destigmatized weed across most of the USA, is a good thing. If a positive future for society is to be brought forward, it’s time to see the writing on the wall and no longer advocate for alcohol despite it being socially accepted. Normalizing weed will see fewer deaths, motor vehicle accidents and injuries, as well as reduced academic problems and a reduction in high sexual risk behavior. A better society overall, don’t you think?

Help Young Adults: Take A Hit, Not A Sip

So, let’s not follow in our fathers’ footsteps who all chose the bottle over the pot, but rather follow in the positive choices of young adults. And, with this, as reported, “As many as five more states are poised to join the recreational marijuana movement after the midterms. Recreational marijuana could transform cannabis culture in … states where only 10 to 15 percent of adults use the drug now.”

The realization of the latter and the enjoyment of pot will lead to better pastures, rather than states that go up in smoke thanks to alcohol consumption. Join the recreational marijuana movement, and enjoy a hit rather than a sip.

Young Adults Personal Choices Weed Over Alcohol

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