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11 Fresh Products to Take Your 4/20 to the Next Level

The biggest day of the year for weed enthusiasts is almost here. What allegedly originated as a smoke sesh for a group of friends in Northern California has transcended the mainstream, becoming ubiquitous in cannabis culture. 4/20 offers events, seshes, concerts, and celebrations in cities throughout the country—and around the world. 

Whether you’re heading to a massive smoke-in or a sesh with your closest friends, Beard Bros has something for you. From flower to e-rigs, accessories to pet products, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out our list of 11 awesome products sure to make your 4/20 one to remember.

That Good Good Farm Flower

Available in California


Grown off-the-grid in organic, living soil in the heart of Mendo, That Good Good Farm is craft cannabis at its finest. The woman-owned farm exudes legacy, having been established in 2009. Offering hand-trimmed bud cultivated with the utmost care, That Good Good Farm offers a taste of the Emerald Triangle in every hit.

With terpene-rich strains like Cherry Dosi, Horchata, Acai Sherbert, and Biscotti Pancakes, That Good Good Farm has something for everyone. The unique microclimates of Mendocino are captured by different cultivars throughout the season, with flowers grown just above the fog line. Celebrate the spirit of the Emerald Triangle this 4/20 with That Good Good Farm.

OCB Rolling Papers

Available Nationwide


“O” is for the Odet River. “C” for the Cascadec mill. “B” for the Bolloré family, whose passion made it happen. Born in France in 1918, OCB has more than 100-year history-making premium rolling papers. This 4/20, celebrate and save 75% on a kit that includes a bundle of their Bamboo, Brown Rice, Organic Hemp, and Unbleached papers along with a hand-selected, artist-inspired & designed metal rolling tray – all for just $4.99 – when you join the OCB community for information, news, and offers.

OCB Brown Rice paper is the latest in its lineup and is America’s only real rice paper. The GMO-free rice fibers are ethically sourced & responsibly harvested from France’s Camargue River delta and made with water from the French Alps. Unbleached and ultra-thin, these acacia-gummed papers deliver a premium rolling and slow-burning experience.

Cannascapes Bru N’ Bake

Available Nationwide


Brew and bake with the updated Bru N’ Bake French press mug by Cannascapes. Featuring a double-wall vacuum-insulated body and laser-welded durable handle, the Bru N’ Bake French press assembles to create a smooth-tasting brew. At the same time, the attached storage keeps extra coffee grounds or an eighth of flower fresh (we recommend the latter), crafted to keep out oxygen, light, and smell.

The Bru N’ Bake features a spill-proof combination press & drink lid so you can brew and go. Enjoy a perfectly smooth brew and bake—anytime, anywhere! The lid can be attached for left or right-handed drinkers. The device brews a hearty 16 fluid ounces, so you’ll surely have plenty of pep in your step after every Bru N’ Bake sesh.


Frustrated with having to go to different dispensaries all the time to find the best deals on your favorite products? The CliqueMJ app is the solution. With CliqueMJ, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to rack up cash back from your favorite brands. Simply:

  • Shop Featured Brands
  • Scan Your Receipt
  • Earn Cash Back

This slick app is truly the best way to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket where it belongs. Download the CliqueMJ app today at Google Play and Apple App Store to start saving —you’ll be glad you did.

Focus V CARTA 2 E-rig and SABER Dab Tool

Available Nationwide


Get everything you need for an epic sesh with Focus V. The CARTA 2 is the brand’s most futuristic e-rig to date. The unit boasts a larger atomizer with a 360° heating element and optimized airflow for the perfect dab every time. An OLED screen displays everything you need to know in real-time, from temperature to sesh time. Use the corresponding mobile app to customize your dab experience or create your own psychedelic light show via the unit’s addressable RGB LEDs.

Complete your collection with the SABER, an electronic dab tool that offers industry-leading features and ergonomics. With a long-last battery life that quickly charges via USB-C, you’ll never be left high and dry. The SABER features three power levels, an LED spotlight that allows you to precisely dose, and interchangeable tips that reach temp quickly. With one-button operation, the SABER is simple, convenient, and the perfect dab accessory.

Superior Molecular Cannabis Beverages

Available Nationwide


Whether looking for an infused beverage to bring to the 4/20 sesh or a variety of flavors to fill the fridge, Superior Molecular has you covered. Offering a wide array of CBD and THC drinks from craft brewing partners like Bent Paddle, Modist, Lupulin, and more, Superior Molecular has a tasty brew for every pallet. Using high-quality, locally sourced hemp, the company creates incredible offerings perfect for the canna-curious and heavy consumers alike.

With a combined 25 years of experience in food, liquor, chemistry, beverage manufacturing, and plant biology, the friendly and knowledgeable team’s 360-degree understanding of the nuanced cannabis space truly sets Superior Molecular apart. Every offering from the company’s catalog is a winner, bursting with flavor and potent effects. Cheers to 4/20 and beyond with Superior Molecular.

Kiva x Fatburger Cannabis Ketchup

Available in California


Offering the ultimate “cann-diment” this high holiday season, legendary edibles maker Kiva has partnered with the iconic fast food chain Fatburger to bring cannabis-infused ketchup to the masses. Each packet of ketchup contains 10mg of THC, providing the perfect way to elevate any meal. 

As more mainstream brands celebrate 4/20, this epic collab has gone viral thanks to its truly unique nature. Available exclusively at participating Artist Tree and Sweet Water dispensary locations in Los Angeles beginning April 6th, the Kiva x Fatburger cannabis ketchup is one drop you won’t want to miss.

Apex Ancillary The Stand

Available Nationwide


Apex Ancillary’s main goal is to make the life of every dabber more convenient; with any of their products on your dabstation you’ll notice an immediate upgrade in the process. The Stand is the perfect example. A sleek and convenient addition to any dabstation, with the Stand on hand, you never have to reach all over for the right tools—The Stand by Apex Ancillary holds them all in one place, ready to go when needed. 

To add to that, The Stand by Apex Ancillary has a hidden compartment drawer for all the little accessories floating around, jars, terp pearls, terp pills, and more. No more balancing your tools on whatever flat surface is floating around, or scrambling to find the right tool or cap when the temp reader beeps. Now you can grab whatever you need at a moment’s notice and get to the main event: the dab! Take advantage of 20% off from 4/18-4/22 using the code “Apex” at check out.

Cheeba Chews Trifecta Taffy

Available in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oklahoma


Cheeba Chews has been a favorite of edibles fans since the Prop 215 days. They’ve since evolved their product offerings (and market share), spreading the Cheeba love across the nation. The brand’s Trifecta Be Happy Taffy is one of their best yet, offering good vibes and great taste all in one.

The Trifecta Taffy offers a caramel sweetness that packs a punch with a 1:1:1 formulation of CBG, CBD, & THC in each gluten & peanut-free bite. The blend is ideal for improving your mood, no matter what the stars have in store for you. Available in seven states, Trifecta Taffy from Cheeba Chews is spreading love across the nation.

Bad Apple Pets CBD Dog Treats

Available Nationwide


Don’t leave your four-legged friend hanging this 4/20. Grab them a tasty all-natural treat from Bad Apple Pets! Handcrafted from human-grade ingredients, these CBD treats are beloved by pups thanks to their delicious peanut butter and pumpkin flavor. Infused with full-spectrum CBD oil from hemp grown in Wisconsin, the brand oversees every step of the manufacturing process from farm to pet.

Available in 2.5 mg or 5 mg varieties, Bad Apple Pets treats are great for any size dog. The brand also makes tinctures in beef, salmon, or chicken flavor for animals (cats included) who may need a more potent dose or who need their medicine mixed in food. Your furry companion can celebrate 4/20 alongside you, thanks to Bad Apple Pets. Use the code “beardbros” at checkout to save 20%!

Dab Rite

Available Nationwide


For those of you who still love an old-fashioned dab, the Dab Rite is a must. Capable of accurately reading the temperature of your quartz, titanium, or ceramic nail, this slick device will ensure you get the dab of your dreams every time. Simply place the infrared sensor under your banger and the LCD screen will automatically display the exact temperature. You can even custom-set the type of nail you have to get the perfect dab every time.

Utilizing high-grade industrial components and custom programming, the Dab Rite will alert you when the temperature you set to take your dab is reached, so you no longer have to worry about reheating your banger or taking a dab that is too hot. Say goodbye to chazzed bangers and say hello to proper dabs.

Enjoyed that first hit? Come chill with us every week at the Friday Sesh for a freshly packed bowl of the week’s best cannabis news!

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