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Second Annual, The Cannabis Science & Industry of the Americas (CSICA), Educational Summit to be Held in Costa Rica, May 4th-6th, 2023

Guanacaste, Costa Rica – The Cannabis Science & Industry of the Americas (CSICA) is thrilled to
announce its upcoming pre-annual “Open House & Education Day” from May 4th to May 6th,
2023, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This three-day event is designed to educate, network, and
expose those interested in therapeutic marijuana and industrial hemp through hands on
workshops, product demonstrations, and expert speakers.

Hosted by the producers of the successful Cannabis Congress event last January 2022 in San
Jose, (www.TheCannabisCongress.net) the CSICA Open House will feature one main day of
education, networking, media, and speakers and guests from around the world. Attendees will
have the opportunity to explore live hemp plants on display with cultivation experts from Vida
Afortunada and Roco Plants available to answer questions and share their experiences. The
event will also provide free industrial hemp seeds grown in the MAG research program for
attendees to cultivate themselves.

The event comes at a crucial time for Costa Rica, which has recently legalized hemp and
cannabis. “As hemp and cannabis are now post-legalized in Costa Rica, creating a platform for
education, training and community building is more important than ever,” said Dan O’Bryan,
Principal of Vida Afortunada.

The CSICA team is excited to welcome recent member addition Sara Rose Kennedy of In the
Weeds Consulting, LLC. Sara is an industry leader with years dedicated to the emerging plant
and fungi-based markets. She will support and help build the expansion and global network
positioning of CSICA.

In addition, CSICA Open House proud to announce its first year working with and featuring the
Skunk Village, a group of industry brands and experts who will be on hand to support the event.
Additionally, the event will focus on supporting the local farming and agricultural communities
through hands-on workshops hosted during the event and ongoing education, training, and
media events hosted at the CSICA location in Guanacaste.

“We plan a media division to produce video podcasts as well as showcasing industry relevant
equipment and support materials. Visitors will have the opportunity to view equipment in realtime use along with an active research cultivation operation,” said D. Cree Crawford, Principal
of Vida Afortunada.

About CSICA:

Founded by O’Bryan and Crawford, CSICA is a cannabis “center of excellence hub” that brings
together pre-screened and selected participants from qualified cannabis and hemp businesses,
products, brands, educators, and researchers. With a comprehensive approach, CSICA is
dedicated to driving innovation and advancing scientific research in the cannabis and hemp

One of CSICA’s primary initiatives is the organization of ongoing conferences that cover key
topics such as science, compliance, safety, technology, production, and product integrity in the
hemp and cannabis space. These conferences are designed to cover a broad range of subjects,
including cultivation, production, testing and analytics, standardization of manufacturing
practices, health and safety, and government compliance.

As the premier information and educational events in Latin America, CSICA hosted conferences
are essential for those who want to stay up to date with the latest developments in the
industry. The organization is committed to supporting the subsequent phases in both the Costa
Rican and Latin American cannabis/hemp and emerging plant and fungi industries communities.
Additionally, CSICA is developing collaborations with international industry trade groups and
academia to further drive innovation, advance scientific research, and promote best practices
in the cannabis and hemp industry.

For more information, media access, and to purchase tickets, please visit www.CSICA.org or
email Info@CSICA.org. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, network, and
explore the world of cannabis and hemp in Guanacaste, Costa Rica!

Media Contact:
Website: https://csica.org/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/csica.costarica/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cannabis-science-industry-center-of-the-americascsica/
Email: Info@CSICA.org

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