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Analysis Shows Record Number of Cannabis Studies Published in 2022

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Those in the cannabis community have noted for a long time that disorders like insomnia could be treated or minimized through the use of medicinal marijuana. While these statements have always been questioned by the medical world, we’re now seeing more and more studies backing up and confirming these anecdotal claims.

The Word Is Out

For the longest amount of time, cannabis users swore by the anti-insomnia effects of marijuana. Thanks to its relaxing and sedative qualities, cannabis has been a go-to cure for insomnia to smokers and edible-takers alike.

But the scientific community wasn’t convinced. And while there were literally thousands of people swearing by the sleep-inducing effects of cannabis, medical institutions were always slow to look deeper into cannabis as a treatment option for insomnia and other health-related conditions. 

That is, until now. Because while research into the potential medical uses of cannabis has been slow, things are starting to gain traction.

In 2022, we saw a record number of cannabis studies being published.

This spells great news for the cannabis community and humanity at large. Because more and more studies are being published and peer-reviewed, it means that we’re able to learn and know more about the plant in order to better utilize its medicinal potential and help more and more people.

A by-product benefit of the increasing amount of knowledge on the topic is that more and more people have access to safe, tested cannabis products. This offers people a healthier, natural alternative to pharmaceutical medications which often come with adverse side effects.

Nature Knows Best

We’re all for safer medications or medication alternatives. When it comes to treating disorders like insomnia, cannabis stands at the top of the list. 

A good number of people may still be hesitant to turn to cannabis when looking to treat a physical condition or ailment. Cannabis has been demonized and misunderstood for so long that it’s no wonder people might still be skeptical about using it.

But that’s why seeing a record number of studies on cannabis being published is so important and helpful. 

People are able to realize that cannabis as a medicinal substance is highly studied. Now, you’re able to find scientific studies published on the benefits and uses of cannabis, whereas before, the research would often seem grey and somewhat unreliable. 

Having more scientific studies than ever being published also shows that it’s being treated as a legitimate alternative to pharmaceuticals. This is a huge bonus when it comes to providing treatment options to people who haven’t considered cannabis before. As new or first-time users may be a little skeptical when looking at cannabis as a legitimate treatment option.

legitimate alternative to pharmaceuticals

It’s Time To Stop Pretending

Even with such a huge volume of scientific studies and papers being published surrounding cannabis and its health benefits, we’re still seeing politicians and health experts condemning its use and saying that there’s still so much we “don’t know” about the plant.

It’s time to stop pretending like cannabis is still some unknown, underresearched alternative to modern medicine and start treating it like the legitimate alternative it is. 

There are still thousands of people who are stuck on pharmaceuticals and won’t switch to natural alternatives simply because of the bad press cannabis has gotten over the years.

One of the trends we’re hoping to see this year is that cannabis keeps on getting the good publicity it deserves.

It’s Time To Stop Pretending

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